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His last wish

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Amaya is a mysterious boss lady who perfectly runs the largest company in town, being the boss lady, she was feared by her employees as she stands to be a no-nonsense lady. But other than her perfect career, she is a devil in flesh, a psycho, she is everything she acts she’s not. She is an obsessive lover. Five years ago, after the death of her husband, Charles. Amaya becomes extremely shattered, and sorrowful and swore to never look for another man. But what happens when she travels out and meets her obsession; a stranger who looks exactly like Charles?

Chapter 1

Who is she? she’s a devil in flesh, a psycho, she’s his worst nightmare. It is neither lust nor affection, it is nothing but an eternal obsession.

Five years ago, he got fed up with her madness, she controlled not only his body but his soul. she is crazy, and living with her was worst than hell. He preferred to die than to live in a mansion filled with nothing but darkness and lament.

As the rain poured, lightning danced across the cloud-blanketed sky. He had no choice but to leave the house before she was back. As he packed his clothes and was about to exit the room, he came face to face with his dreadful nightmare.

“Get out of my way” he yelled but she didn’t move an inch.

“I said, get out of my way” he yelled, yet, she stood at her position and made direct eye contact with him.

she would never let him go, he is all she has, he is her addiction she would die without him.

“Get out”he yelled as he pushed her out of the way, he rapidly walked through the hallway.

She watched him carefully with a smile on her face, as he walked through the hallway.

“He can’t leave me, I own his soul,” she thought

She walked gently closer to him, she watched him struggle to open the main door as she started giggling

“You can’t leave me, I have done so much to get you and now that you are mine I will never let you go”

He looked at her as she kept giggling loudly while weirdly twisting her neck, abruptly she stopped laughing as she took a knife from the dining table and walked closer to him.

“Don’t do this, don’t” he yelled

She smiled at him and placed the knife on his cheek before she whispered into his ear

“You are mine”

He instantly pushed her “You are crazy, I can’t leave with you anymore, you are a devil”

“You are mine and you can never leave me” she mumbled

“You can’t, you can’t leave me” she screamed.

“You are insane, you need help” he screamed as she walked gently toward him

“You won’t leave, would you? No, you can’t leave, can you”

He kept moving backward, as she walked closer to him. She turned her neck around continuously as she kept repeating those words.

“Look you don’t have to do this, we can talk this through I won’t leave, I will never leave you” he stammered as his back reached the end of the wall.

“Don’t do this, I know you don’t want to do this. I love you” for a moment she stopped as she smiled wildly

“You love me” she muttered

she instantly dropped the knife and hugged him before he dragged her hair and pushed her to the wall which made her hit her head

Her vision became burly, as she fell and didn’t move for a bit, it was like he killed her.

He was frightened to see that she wasn’t moving let alone breathing

“No No No! this can’t happen I didn’t mean to do this. She can’t die” he cried out

He hates her for everything she has done to him. What she did can’t be forgotten nor can it be forgiven, but he didn’t want to kill her.

He walked closer to her and knelt, everywhere was silent, as thunderstruck he shivered

“l can’t afford to go jail for something l didn’t mean to do” he thought

Immediately after he touched her, he felt a sharp pain in his arm. It was her, she wasn’t dead.

She instantly stood up and adjusted her dress as she held his neck and squeezed it tightly making his veins visible on his face.

“ Let…m..e.. go…” he struggled to speak.

She was stronger than him, despite being a lady she can destroy men with weapons.

She pushed him to the wall as she whispered slowly to his ears.

“I told you, you can’t leave me” she giggled loudly as she set him free.

He began panting “This isn’t the woman I married a year ago,” he thought

She carelessly left him on the ground with a knife laid by the side of his leg.

He is harmless, he can’t hurt her even if she put a pistol in his hands.

It took a moment before she came back, she held a rope in her right hand and a pistol in her left as she gently walked towards him, he began pleading for mercy, but unfortunately, it was useless because nothing can stop her from doing what she wants to do

“Don’t hurt, please don’t hurt” he cried out. She knelt next to him before she spoke.

“I love you, I can never hurt you,” she said as she instantly dropped the pistol. She used her hand and wiped his sweat, for a moment his heart was calm, he felt relief from death.

As she wiped his sweat she started giggling “Your heart belongs to me alone” she said as she took the pistol and hit it on his head which made him unconscious.

She dressed his wounds and placed him on a chair, she looked at him with a smile on her face “You will always be with me” she whispered, she began laughing when abruptly her mood changed and she began crying “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hit you with a pistol. Please don’t me mad at me”. She wiped her tears as she smiled at his unconscious body

She is obsessed with his soul, she owns him, and she had to do that to prevent him from running away from her. She took him her room closet and hid him in a secret room.

For years, he has been locked away from the world, from every one, no one knew where he was or what happened to him.

She is insane, She loved him because he looked like her late husband. She could do anything to get him, he is hers and will always be hers. Anyone that try’s to get in her way will pay the consequences.

She no worse than a devil, he was her eternal obsession.

Chapter 2


She woke up early on a cold morning, she wanted to dress up quickly and prepare her husband’s favorite breakfast. Today was his birthday, he was turning forty.

She use the back of her hand and rubbed her eyes before she let out a long yawn.

She looked at the time before she stretched a little bit.

Her room was covered with black wallpaper, the floor is tiled with black which has a tinge of white on it. At the center of the room is a white gothic double bed with a black striped duvet, by the side of the bed is a white gothic nightstand. The center of the room is covered with a hairy black and white rug, across the room is a flat-screen TV, and by the window, side are two black gothic couches with an incredible gothic-styled coffee table. Hanged on the wall was a black shelf that contained the different sizes of skulls.

One of her passion was collecting human skulls, she always felt good when she has a new skull to add to her shelve.


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