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His Curvy Obsession (BWWM)

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He left her. She was just a replacement. **** Angelina's life took a turn when she left her father's country for New York City because of a scholarship she received. With her drowning in her self-insecurities and anxieties about being a curvaceous biracial. Nathaniel, one of the eligible bachelors in the State with a killer smiling face and body. The sole heir to his family's companies and a loyal fiance to his girlfriend. His fiance left him on his wedding day with a breakup letter. Due to the paparazzi and public eyes, he needed a replacement. And she was the replacement. #notyourtypicalbwwmbook


Brittany Cole

Review after half of the novel

I have read this book on this platform and another and I have loved it since I got into it. This has got to be the best story and so is the other book with alternate story but the same characters. It's just so great and even if he only wanted her as a replacement she became his whole life and I just love it. The person who wrote this book I want to say Thank yo cause you have really done this story.

June 7, 2024

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