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Her Heartless Husband

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" Please baby, just one more, I can't help it, I'll miss you for a long time, you know I won't be able to bare that," Adrian said. " Adrian please, let me get going, I'm already an hour late as it is," Reeda said trying to tidy up her hair. Adrian came from behind her and hugged her tightly. " I'm letting you go, but promise you will come back to me," Adrian said. " I promise dear, you know that it's you that I love, remember I chose to do this on my wedding day, just to show you how much I love you. My parents can never decide for me who I should give my heart to. So please Adrian hold on a little longer, we'll be together in the end," Reeda said and kissed him on the lips, bidding him goodbye.

Chapter 1

At noon, the land was covered in darkness, heavy clouds hang dangerously on the sky. From a distance, the sound of thunder could be heard. It was in such a moment filled with turmoil that Samantha stood in front of a huge chapel with a bouquet of flowers in her hands which she clutched tightly. She glanced up at the building filled with emotions, her eyes tearing up. This was the place that would determine her fate." Please Samantha, let's go inside, it's about to rain," Herald pleaded."But dad, you know that I don't want this, how could you, my father let me marry someone even older than you. I'm just nineteen years dad," Samantha said with her tears falling freely." We have already talked about this dear, this isn't the end, you can always file for a divorce when our company is finally up and running. I hate to do this to you but there isn't any other way. My child, I'm begging you, don't let our company go to ruins," Herald pleaded." Alright dad, if this is what you want from me I can't possibly deny it, you gave me life, and I owe everything to you," Samantha said, her eyes soaked with tears. She wiped off the tears as she lifted her head staring forward. Since her mother's death three years ago, her dad suddenly changed. He no longer dotted on her like he used to, there were times he could sleep out for more than a month, until one day a woman and a girl older than her by a few years stood by their mansion. They had moved in, changing everything in her life. She had been turned into a maid in her own home.Herald wiped off his daughter's tears, though his heart broke , he had to do this, he had to make this sacrifice so that the company he had built with all his might would not go to ruins. The company was the only thing he had left of his beloved wife. And so, Herald held Samantha's hand and led her forward.Samantha made her way up the stairs which had been decorated beautifully, soft music playing on the background. She felt as though she was walking to her grave, but it seemed better than her home that had turned into a living hell. It was then that a glint crossed her eyes, Samantha made a resolution, whatever life threw at her, she would welcome it and use it to her advantage. She wiped off all her tears and raised her head high, this wasn't the end of life. With determination she made her way graciously into the chapel.At the same time inside the chapel Eliot Dantez had been waiting for almost an hour for the arrival of his bride, he was beginning to feel restless when his best man whispered to his ears and shown him something on his mobile. His aura changed suddenly and the room became chilly. The veins on his forehead popped out as he breathed fire. Those who witnessed this held their breaths, afraid that the beast might suddenly go out of control.Eliot was about to make a step aside when his guard rushed to him at the altar and whispered to his ears before showing him a picture he had taken on the screen. Eliot suddenly maintained his cool, straightened up his suit and held his hands forward like the calm and collected gentleman he was. He glanced towards the entrance awaiting his bride.The chapel door opened and Samantha let out a long sign as she made her way inside, she didn't want to look at her groom otherwise she might just break her resolve. Samantha was sure that all eyes were on her but she never bothered, no one truly cared, it was just her and the hell that awaited her.A few blocks away from the chapel at a hotel room, Reeda was getting dressed up after having her dose before she could go to her wedding." Please baby, just one more, I can't help it, I'll miss you for a long time, you know I won't be able to bare that," Adrian said." Adrian please, let me get going, I'm already an hour late as it is," Reeda said trying to tidy up her hair. Adrian came from behind her and hugged her tightly." I'm letting you go, but promise you will come back to me," Adrian said." I promise dear, you know that it's you that I love, remember I chose to do this on my wedding day, just to show you how much I love you. My parents can never decide for me who I should give my heart to. So please Adrian hold on a little longer, we'll be together in the end," Reeda said and kissed him on the lips, bidding him goodbye.Reeda rushed to the next room where her maids had been waiting for her, they had to do her makeup once more. In a minute they were done and the team rushed to the elevator to the ground floor. It was raining heavily by the time they arrived at the parking lot. Reeda searched for the limousine that was to take her to the chapel but it was nowhere to be seen. She began panicking and called the driver but the number was locked.Quickly Reeda scanned the area but there wasn't anyone around at the car pack, no taxi's were available either. With no other choice Reeda made a call to Eliot but his phone too was off. Reeda hurried back inside the elevator into the room." I can't wait to see the look on that bastards face," Adrian said over the phone.At the same time the door burst open." Adrian, I need your car keys," Reena said breathlessly. Adrian cut the line immediately before he turned to her." What? Aren't you supposed to have your bridal car," Adrian asked with a concerned voice." Would I be here if it were there, I need to go, just give me the d*mn keys, I'm already so late," Reeda said. Her eyes swept across the room and landed on the keys laying on the table. She picked it up at one go and ran out of the room.Adrian sat back on the bed with a triumphant look on his face.Back at the Chapel.Samantha glanced everywhere at the beautifully decorated chapel and the expensively dressed guests except her groom. She was sure all her resolve would be broken the moment she glanced up at that disgusting old man. Her father held her hand firmly as he led her to the altar. Samantha could feel how tensed her father was, but her world was a little thin to worry about him now.Her father had slowly given her away. Samantha lowered her head unwilling to look at the man who just held her hand.Eliot on the other hand was amazed at the beautiful and seemingly fragile lady before him. For the very first time in a long time a smile escaped his lips, it wasn't bad after all. He hurriedly took her hand and held them firmly, though she was looking down and never for once looked at him, he was sure that she was all that he needed, he had watched her make her way graciously into the chapel, glancing everywhere but him. This little kitten really amazed him. He had to rush everything before the mix up got cleared.The man Eliot had seemingly identified as the girl's father seemed to have noticed the mix-up halfway to the altar and had stopped in his tracks for a few seconds but Eliot's fierce eyes met up with Herald, warning him not to try what he was thinking. Herald had reluctantly led her daughter to the altar, a part of him relieved, but the other worried about what might become of his business and daughter.Everything was blurred for Samantha, whatever the priest talked about was just endless whispers to her head, until a ring slid down her finger. Still glancing down she took the ring held out for her and slid it to the hand held out for her." By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife," the priest said which was followed by a thunderous applause from the crowd." You may now kiss the bride," the priest said, those had been words that Samantha had dreaded the most, she had wanted to dig up a hole to hide herself, but all that was wishful thinking, the reality was there with her. Her heart began pounding wildly, she was running out of air, everything around her was suffocating, till she heard that magnetic voice that made her heart tremble." Could you please look up for once my dear wife," Eliot said.Samantha thought that she was dreaming, as far as she remembered that wasn't the voice of that disgusting old man she had met the previous day at their home. Unsure she raised her head for the first time and was met by a pair of blue eyes coupled with a young and handsome face . Savannah rubbed her eyes thinking that they were playing a trick on her, but the guy let out on a charming smile that her heart melted immediately. Not wanting this dream to disappear, she lifted herself up a bit and captured those beautiful lips for a kiss, her first kiss.Eliot captured those inexperienced but sweet lips, he had been caught off guard at first, but that was a feeling he never anticipated, his heartbeat quickened for the first time in his life.The two then held hands as they made their way through the hallway, Samantha glanced up at her father and was met with his tearful eyes, she rushed over and hugged him tightly." Thank you so much dad," Samantha said and hurried off, being pulled away by the husband she knew not, she could not even remember the name she had signed against on the marriage certificate.Outside it was raining heavily but Eliot didn't seem to care a bit. His black range rover was right in front of the chapel." This is insane but we must get out of here," the deep and energetic voice said. Samantha who was in her dreamland admiring the Greek god didn't hear a thing he had spoken till the cold rain hit her skin for a few seconds and she was inside the car. Eliot had been drenched in the rain but he didn't seem to care, he had shielded her from much of the rain .Sitting beside his new bride, Eliot took off his coat and white top that had been drenched and threw them aside, remaining bare chest before he took a bag from behind and pick up a white t-shirt.Samantha who saw his broad chest and well toned muscles blushed uncontrollably that she had to cover her face with her hands. That would be her first time to see a grown man bare chest, his perfect biceps screaming out loud. Eliot saw this and chuckled. He picked up his mobile and wrote a message " I want every information about my wife" before turning to his little wife ." How old are you?" Eliot asked glancing outside the window, he realised that the lady must be feeling uncomfortable with him. She was so young, a minor he thought." Nineteen," Eliot heard her say in the most angelic voice there ever could be." And what should I call you?" The deep voice asked again." Samantha Smith," Samantha responded curtly." I'm Eliot, nice to meet you wifey," Eliot said quickening Savannah's heartbeat once more." Why were you at my wedding? " Eliot suddenly asked. There it was, the question she had dreaded the most, even herself she had no idea how it all happened.It was at that moment that Samantha stole a glance at him. She could feel the sudden chill that had filled the room. His eyes darkened immediately as he stared ahead. It seemed he had forgotten about her as he was lost in thought.For the rest of the drive he had remained silent and so Samantha tried to make herself invisible as she coiled back to the seat and watched the colour of his eyes turn. He was so scary, his unfathomable gaze made her feel as though she just married a mafia lord, she didn't need to respond to his question, more like it reminded him that he hadn't married the love of his life.Samantha couldn't help but wonder if he regretted getting married to her. But why hadn't he rejected it early when he clearly saw that she wasn't the woman he was supposed to wed.Eliot on the other hand just remembered what had happened. He held his hands into a fist as he thought of the right punishment to inflict on her. He would make her regret the day she was born. How could she make him look stupid, he, the most feared and respected business man in the whole of Arizona.

Chapter 2

At Smith family mansion, Camille and her mother Dorca were enjoying their expensive wine as they laughed heartily, it had been easy getting rid of that pest from their lives." Mother you should have at least accompanied dad to his daughter's wedding," Camille said as she broke into laughter." Oh dear, you know that I can't allow myself to be embarrassed in front of everyone, I can't have myself associated with Samantha marrying that old fool, it would be a disgrace to our family," Dorca replied sipping her wine ceremoniously." I'm sure by now the wedding is already underway, the heavens too blessed their union since it can't stop raining," Camille said as she tried getting up, she was already drunk after consuming a lot of wine." Right now we have to celebrate our success, please call the maids to hurry up with my lunch," Dorca said. Her plans had been successful, she had been able to ge


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