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Her Disguised Spotlight

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Aurora Greyson a strong woman,who is hell bent on becoming a celebrity but doesn't have funds, sources or connection,but keeps wishing for until it became a nothing but a dream. But what happens when she meets a certain neighbour who brought back that determination and made her realized she could always make her dream become reality?... Watch out for uncovered lies, unexpected reunion,expected union and uncovered disguised. ........... After consuming 3 glasses of tequila,I decided to play some songs,to lighten up the atmosphere.I connect my phone to his bluetooth. I squeal as Celene Dion's music filled the air.I start swaying my hips to the rhythm while looking at Kai eyes to eyes,as if understanding my language he gets up to join me on the dance floor......

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

'Oh God no!'

''What's up Rora?'' My sister asked from the living room

''Um, nothing!,but have you seen my phone Allison?''I ask her because I have turned my room into an abyss while looking for that phone!

''Your phone's with me!"she yelled back

wow did you hear that?!.One look at the mess I made in my room and I walk out.

'Allison would totally take care of this' I mutter under my breath as I walk down the stairs.

"Hey Rora,come take a look at these dresses"I rolled my eyes at her giddiness.She might be my older sister,but sometimes I really feel like I'm wiser.

"Which one?"

"Take a look at these"She shows me the screen

"Oh my God! Allison!.I exclaimed

"What is it!"she asks in fright


"How can you call this dresses pretty,when the people wearing them are not smiling?"

"Did you not hear the rumors?"

Now she looks bored, but I carry on anyways because she always listens to my obsessions with celebrities.

"It is all over the internet that Reina Crown is dating our boy Asher Stones".

"Like that's so absurd!Asher has a chemistry with Chloe Mckenny,they look so in love,how can he just date that Reina girl?"

I ramble on about my hate for Reina,for stealing Asher, because deep down Asher is every girls sweetheart.

How can a girl be so d*mn lucky!?

When I stopped talking, Allison was already deep asleep.

So much for being a lovely listening sister!

"I'm off to school!!"I scream in her ears as I take my phone from her grip

And…She starts laughing

"You were faking your sleep" I point and accusing finger at her

"C'mon,you were giving me the long celebrity talk,who cares about them anyway"really!

"I do care about them, I'm an aspiring celebrity" that's right people

"Right right I hear you"she waved me off."now shoo"

"You talk like you don't like them"

"Of course I do"she says sarcastically

"What's with the tone, you're dating one, remember?"her face falls as she realizes that she's lost this time

"I hate you Rora"she pouted

"I love me too"I laugh as I try to kiss her pouting lips

"Oh no you don't!,you freaking kissing *ss" she says in laughter.

"You love my freaking minus the kissing *ss"

"Don't worry, I'm soo into hot guys"

"I'm hot too"she whine

"Then go take a cold shower"I sing-song as I leave the house


Oh miss you so much my baby SUV

Aurora!!! guuuurrr..What does she want now!

"Yes"I answer the shouting loud speaker a.k.a Allison

"Lady Nana said we would be having a new tenant in the next flat"

"Next flat!?"

"Yes he's coming for vacation and no!I don't know if he's hot."I roll my eyes at her over dramatic attitude.

But which freak would come to California for vacation? I wonder as drive towards school.

And oh! Lady Nana is my beautiful 80 years old neighbor.

Chapter 2

I spot my friend's cars as I drive into the restaurant we always meet before going to class.

Looks like I came early. Note the sarcasm

It's a five star restaurant and don't got the money,cos I don't have the money!One of my best friends Dominic is really rich, plus his mother owns this restaurant.

Let me tell you one thing about him.He hates being called Dom! you know why..

But I call him Dom to piss him off.

When I get to our table, I see him and Adara my other best friend in a deep conversation.They don't even know that I'm here.

"Hey Adara,Dom"I call for their attention

Gossiping about me?True

"Hey babes…You look gorgeous in that outfit"she stands to give me a hug

"Don't call me Dom,Rora"same old, same old

"Where's the fun in that?"

"And why should we waste our breath talking about you?" He adds



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