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Hearts Entwined

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Zara and Amir are cousins and have been best of friends since their childhood days. They're now grown up to adults. You can't see Zara without Amir, they're always together. Every one knows their unbreakable bond. On the other hand, Amir sees her as more than just friends, he liked her for as long as he could remember. Conflict arises when Zara falls for Fawwaz, her other cousin. Will that be the end of Zara and Amir unbreakable bond as they portray it as? Or will destiny play it part in their lives. Follow the story of the three cousins as love bloom in their hearts

Chapter 1

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It was late afternoon in the day. preparations have been taking place in the Abdallah house. Every angle was adorned with flowers and balloons. Happy Birthday Amir and Zara was embellished in bold on the milk concrete wall. On the other side dishes of different kinds were settled on the dinning. A man and a woman who look like couples were seated on the couch watching something on the phone.

Suddenly, a young girl emerged from the stair wearing a Navy gown. She's tall and has a slender body her hair wrapped around with a black scarf

"Mom, I can't find my earrings," She said to the woman sitting together with the man.

"How will you find it, when you spent one hour dressing up. The guest will be coming any time soon" The woman's attention now went to her as she scolds her. The girl's face fell.

"Let her be. Take your time Zara, the party won't start without you" The Man sitting beside her mom assured. Her face lit up, she knew her dad will take her side.

"Thank you, Dad. I love you" pecking her father's cheeks, she ran upstairs.


"What?" he inquired shrugging his shoulder while he continues checking his phone.

"Every time I try to get her on tracks you always make it worse" she glared at him, smacking him playfully.

"I didn't do anything and besides who is the one pampering Majeed" Talking of Majeed, a boy who looked the age of 6 appeared running towards them and settle on his Mother's body.

"Mom, when is the party starting?" he said in his boyish voice.

"Is my boy eager to eat the cake?" She mimics his voice pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Yes Mom, I want to be the one to cut sister Zara cake" he giggled showing his small whitish teeth.

"Alright then, now let go dress you up" buttoning his opened shirt, she pecked him on the cheek.

"You see, I said it you pamper this boy so much"

"And so? you also pamper Zara so let me do the same to my boy. right sweetheart?"

"Yes Mommy" the boy nodded his head in enthusiasm

"Whatever" rolling her eyes she held Majeed and they descended upstairs. Even after many years of marriage, they still fight on the smallest thing but on top of that, they love each other so much.

On their way to Majeed room, they stopped by Zara's room, seeing the girl standing in front of the vanity mirror.

"Ya Allah this girl, you're still dressing up?" She inquired, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Mom I'm almost done just some finishing touch" she mumbled enough for it to reach her mother's ear. Suddenly her phone vibrates from the bed. Checking the caller id, a smile made it way out of her lips.

"It's Amir, he must be on his way" Farah shakes her head. The two are really inseparable.

"Let's go my boy" closing the door quietly behind her, they made their way to his room.

"Where are you now Amir?" Zara questioned sitting down on the bed.

"We're almost close to your house," he said from the other end.

"Okay be fast, you know I hate waiting"

"Sure Troublemaker" Before she could reply to him, he ended the call.

*Just wait and see till I get a hold of you* she whispered the left side of her lips curving up.


The rest of the family members arrived safely, greeting was exchanged. The families didn't bother about the celebrant disappearance, as they knew how they can be inseparable.

"I hope you didn't forget our package?" Zara said placing her hands on her hips.

Amir's lips twitch up.

"How can I forget such an important thing. Here" he pulled out two bracelets, same colors, both their names written on it. He wore the one with her name and she did the same.

"It's so beautiful" she mumbled.

"Yeah, it is. So now we're inseparable. You can't take it off without my permission get it?" she nodded her head in answer, her attention on the bracelet, she was mesmerized by its beauty.

"Where are the celebrant!" They heard their names being called.


Due to the bond they shared, their birthday was celebrated on the same day every year, Though they have the same birth month different dates and Amir is one year older than her.

"You guys should at least finish cutting the cake before you disappear to wherever you want to" Yasmin, Amir's Mom said. The two smile at her words

"Okay now let's cut the cake" Farah interjected.

Everyone's attention was now on the celebrant. it was a small gathering with the family members only. Myrah and Khalid, Yasmin, and Marwan then Zara's parents. Their in-laws couldn't come but they supported them in every possible way they could.

As they cut the cake together with Majeed in between them. Everyone started giving them the present while wishing them a happy birthday.

"Congratulations on turning 20," Yasmin said, pulling Zara In for a hug.

"Thank you Aunt" She ushered back.

"You're adults, so quit behaving like kids" she scolded playfully, pinching Zara's cheeks slightly

"This is the gift from Fawwaz, he said I should extend my apologies as he couldn't come."

"It's okay Aunt Myrah, his support is even enough."

Fawwaz is on a trip for his internship as he's about to start working in his father's company. He's the quiet one, unlike the two troublemakers. Even back then he's not a social person. He hardly associates himself with people but of course, he can't do that with his family. Zara being the troublemaker is a replica of her two Aunts. Yasmin and Myrah, she wouldn't let him stay in peace.

The rest of the day went by with them chatting and reminiscing the old days. As it's getting late, they decided to call it a day.

"You go, I'm spending the night here" Amir announced, glancing at Zara who was seated beside her Dad a smirk playing on her lips. She knows the reason why he doesn't want to go back home together with his parents

"But you didn't come with extra clothes," his Mom said.

"Have you forgotten I have my clothes here"


"Yes Aunt Yasmin, let him stay the night, please. He's going to help me with my assignment"

"But I thought you're on mid-semester break?" Zara connected her lips in a thin line.

"Let him be Yasmin, you know when it comes to the two we can't do anything" her husband whispered placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Okay but don't disturb their peace," she said through gritted teeth. Glancing at the two suspiciously.

"I'm a grown-up man Mom, that wouldn't happen"

"Stop belittling your son, he's no more the troublesome Amir we know" Jawad interjected.

Yasmin heaved out a sigh, she knows what Amir is capable of doing. He's all grown up but in her eyes, he's still her baby Amir.

"Okay, Good Night" They exchanged farewell and left leaving Amir behind.

"Those two are really something. I'm thinking they're planning something that's why Amir refused to come home with us" Yasmin said as they made their way towards the car.

"You know no one can separate them, and besides we'll have the night all to ourselves"

"Oh because Siddiq is not at home you want to have your way with me right?" Marwan intertwined their hand placing a small kiss to it. Even after many years of marriage, their love is still fresh.

"Of course, you're my wife. If I don't have my way with you then who will I have with"

"Naughty Man" she giggled.


The room was a bit dark, The light from the window was the only one illuminating through the room. Soft music was playing in the background. A man was seated scribbling something on a blue file.

"So today is the last day for your internship right?" the man said, closing the blue file.

"Yes sir," The other person said.

"Fawwaz Abdallah, It's a pleasure working with you. Due to your hard work and dedication, I'll like to offer you a position." Fawwaz who was sitting across the man readjust his sitting position.

"I'll just go straight to the point, I would like to offer you a position of the project manager because I know you're skilled in that field" Fawwaz was happy about the position but he doesn't plan of staying more than he intended to in the company. He would work in his father's company.

"Thank you for the position Mr. Brad but I'll have to decline" The man stared at the boy in surprise. who in their right mind would decline a job and that a well-paid position.

"Do you have a reason for declining?" the man inquired. Fawwaz let out a smile.

"I just don't have an interest in working in your company. I'm sorry, I'll now take my leave" The chair made a screeching sound as Fawwaz rose from his sitting position. The man watched his disappearing figure. Indeed Fawwaz is nothing like his father. He's straightforward and quite unlike his father who is a charismatic and funny man.

Fawwaz went back to his desk, park the things that belong to him, and bid farewell to one to two people he works with. As he entered the elevator, he fished out his mobile phone from his jeans pocket, dialing his mom's number.

"Assalamu Alaikum Mom"

"Wa Alaikum salam my boy, how are you, are you on your way already?" The woman asked.

"Yes Mom, expect me within the next two hours"

"Masha Allah, safe journey" he could sense the joy from his Mother's voice. He knows she missed him, and he also missed his family so much.

"I can't believe I'm 20, it feels like yesterday" Zara grinned. They're now sitting in the living room playing games on the LCD.

"Look at you talking as if you're 25. Mind you you're still a kid" Zara passes him a dirty look.

"You're also a kid"

"At least I'm older than you," he said. A smirk appearing on his lips.

"Point of correction, one year older"

"Talking of it, Manal called on your phone earlier"

"Really? what did she say?" Manal is Zara's best friend, she couldn't come to the birthday as she traveled to her hometown since they're on mid-semester break.

"She's just wishing you happy birthday once again" he stated plopping the gamepad on the side table.

"Why did you stop? Are you finally admitting that you can't beat me" a smirk appear at the corner of her lips. Amir resists the urge to roll his eyes at her.

"uhuh... look who's talking, have you forgotten last time, you cried because I won over you?" he said with an amused smile.

"That was then not now" She spitted through gritted teeth.


"Are you challenging me?"

"Yeah bring it on" he reached for the pad, winking at her.

"Yes let's go" They started off smoothly, as Amir decided to let her win for a while but later on fired his skills, and their arguments begin.

"That's cheating" Zara yelled tapping her foot on the marble floor.

"You fail on your own accord, loser" he sticks out his tongue.

"Who are you calling loser" she reaches for the throw pillow nearest her and lunges at him.

"Zara the loser" he sings

"I'm not a loser"

"Yes you are"

"I'm not"

"Yes, you are. Zara the loser" he sings running away when he noticed her angry face, Which will explode any time soon. As he reached upstairs. He sent her one look and muttered again.

"Zara the loser"

"Amir!!!!" She yelled on top of her lungs.

Chapter 2

The light coming from the window made her groan. Peeling her eyes open she was met with the presence of her mother, hands placed on her hips with a look Zara knew so well.

"Good Morning Mom," she said a yawn escaping her. The woman standing a few miles away from her took a slow step towards her.

"Morning huh? Do you know what the time is now?" the woman inquired. Zara roams her hand on the rumpled bed in search of her phone. She managed to land her hand on it almost on the verge of falling on the floor. As she unlocked the phone, her eyes widened seeing the time, she squeezed her eyes with the back of her palm, trying to make out what she just saw.

"What says the time?" The distance left between them was a mere inch.


"Cat got your tongue?"

"12:00 pm" Zara muttered her head cast down.

"Because your father always takes your side is that why you're behaving like this


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