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He secret lover of my mother

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Luisana is a mature woman, married to a millionaire businessman who owns an important company throughout the country. Tired of his mistreatment and indifference, she decides to start a relationship with Armando, who is a young man much younger than her, who works as a salesman in the same company as her husband, where she is also his boss. But when she finds out that her daughter is in love with the same man who is her lover, she falls into a strong depression and seeks solace in her childhood friend Carolina, who helps her and gives her all her support, but Luisana discovers that all that I'm interested in helping her overcome her spite, it's because Carolina has been in love with her since they were children. For Luisana it is surprising news, however, she feels so good in her company that without realizing it she begins to have a forbidden relationship with her, experiencing sensations for the first time that she had never experienced before.

Chapter 1 A forbidden relationship

Luisana is a mature woman, married to a millionaire businessman who owns an important company throughout the country. Tired of his mistreatment and indifference, she decides to start a relationship with Armando, who is a young man much younger than her, who works as a salesman in the same company as her husband, where she is also his boss. But despite keeping that relationship a secret, everything changes when her daughter introduces her to the man she wants to marry, who to her surprise, is none other than Armando himself, her lover.

— Armando, please, this has to end, remember that I have told you a thousand times that I am a very old woman for you and, furthermore, I am married.

— Luisana, you drive me crazy, you are beautiful and that is just age prejudices. Plus, you look sensational. And you don't have to worry, since no one here in the company knows, this is just a secret between you and me.

—You made me fall into your trap, because when we met at the company's end-of-year party, you never told me that you worked for me. It was impossible to tell, there are too many employees in all sales departments here. And even knowing that I am the owner's wife, you took advantage of the extra drinks I had, you began to seduce me and that same night we got into bed until we devoured each other.

— Honey, since I came to work here as a salesman, and I found out that you were one of the owners of the company, I was overwhelmed by your beauty, and it was a challenge for me to meet you and make you interested in me.

— Please Armando, stop talking to me so close, look, someone could enter the office and take us by surprise. And also, I heard some rumors that you're dating a girl. I hope it's not from the company, because that would be too much abuse on your part, you've only been working here for a few months.

— Let's see...And what would happen if, due to things in life, I were dating a girl as beautiful as you?

— Nothing would happen Armando, from the first day I made it very clear to you that I am a married woman and that ours is only a fever that we satisfy from time to time. But there are many things that separate us, and the main one is that I can be your mother, you are practically the same age as my daughter. Can you imagine if this reaches my husband's ears? It would be a real scandal.

—I already know that perfectly, you have told me a lot of times. What happens is that I feel like I'm falling in love with you. And what I feel with you when we make love, no woman I've ever been with has made me feel. You are very hot, I don't understand how your husband doesn't realize what a great woman he has as a wife.

Armando felt a little disappointed, because despite the age difference between them, and taking into account that he was a simple employee, he felt like he was falling more in love with Luisana every day.

Seeing him so distressed, she approached him while she said, trying to cheer him up:

— Please Armando, you don't have to act like that, plus you're very young and you have everything to find a girl your age who can reciprocate the way you deserve. And I'm almost sure that this girl already exists in your life, because to be very honest, one of your colleagues recently made a comment and was very clear when he said that you were dating a young woman from a very good family.

Armando got a little nervous, because he didn't want to tell Luisana anything about his relationship with that young woman he had met recently, and who was not so indifferent to him. So he decided to tell her the truth, since he thought that what is the same is not cheating, Luisana was a married woman, therefore she had no reason to be upset if he had a formal girlfriend.

— It's okay Luisana, what you heard out there is true. I'm dating a girl who is a good friend of my sister. We met by chance at my mother's birthday party. And well…we decided to go out to get to know each other better.

- So it is true? And when were you planning to tell me? When I saw you with that girl somewhere there? I think we are confident enough to speak clearly to each other. But at least tell me, is it serious?

— Well the truth is that….yes, although I still don't know her family, but she is a girl who wants to get married, have a home. And we are the same age. But the one I want to be with is you. The only woman who makes me feel on cloud nine is you.

— I would like you to understand something, Armando, I cannot deny that you and I had a great time, that you have given me back the desire to live again, because my relationship with my husband is truly chaos. But unfortunately ours cannot be. And if you are already with that girl, it is best to end this relationship before someone can get hurt.

— Please Luisana, I don't want us to break up, and the fact that I'm dating that girl is no reason to stop seeing each other. You are also with your husband and yet I have had to accept it.

— Well, for me it is a good reason for this to end, I don't want to carry on my conscience that you are hurting that girl because of me. I have enough remorse for cheating on my husband Emiliano with you. And ultimately, it bothered me a lot that you didn't tell me the truth that you had a parallel relationship. I don't feel like having to share you with a capricious young woman who may not even have a brain.

Luisana, without realizing it, was furious and full of jealousy, even though she claimed to be clear about her relationship with Armando, knowing about that young woman's existence had made her uncomfortable.

She began to realize that a special feeling for Armando had been born within her, which went far beyond the sexual relationship they had. The most ironic thing of all was that she herself made it a condition from the beginning that they could not fall in love, and that the relationship was only going to be based on intimate encounters where feelings could never be involved.

Armando left the office very disconcerted and upset, since he did not want to lose the relationship he had with Luisana.


At night.

Luisana was coming home from the company, she was exhausted, but above all stressed with the conversation she had had with Armando.

Jennifer, her daughter, was reading a book in the living room and when she saw her mother arrive, she immediately got up from the couch and said very excitedly:

—How are you mom? I thought you would come with dad

— Hello daughter, your father went to one of his happy work meetings and left me at the company until closing. And why so much eagerness for us to arrive?

—Tonight I have a very special outing and I wanted you to lend me your red dress.

—And can we know who you are going out with?

—He's a boy I met at one of my friends' birthday parties. He is so cute! I swear to you that this is the right one to marry.

— Calm down Jennifer, you know that you have to know him very well before you get your hopes up. And that's fine, go and take the dress, but be very careful not to ruin it, see that it is an exclusive model. I just hope that that boy comes from a good family and takes you to a place worthy of you and the dress you are going to wear.

— It's okay mom, don't worry. Thank you, you are the best mother in the world.

Luisana was thoughtful when she heard her daughter say those words to her, she immediately thought:

"My God! I think I am the worst mother and the worst wife. If Emiliano found out that I have a boy who is our daughter's age as a lover, I think my family would be completely destroyed.”


Meanwhile, Jennifer was excited because that night she was going to meet again with the brother of one of her friends, a very attractive boy she had been dating for a couple of months.

Jennifer knew that he worked as a salesman in her parents' company, however she had decided not to tell her family anything to prevent them from stopping her from continuing to see him, since especially her father Emiliano was a man with many social prejudices and was not going to allow that the only heir to his entire fortune had a relationship with one of his employees.

And in the same way, she had also hidden from this boy that she was the daughter of the owners of the company where he worked as a salesperson, since she did not want him to feel insulted by seeing that she was a young woman with a lot of money, since that he came from a family of limited resources. But what Jennifer didn't know deep down was that the young man with whom she was so in love and whom she intended to marry, was none other than Armando Buenaventura, her mother's secret lover.


Chapter 2. Entre dos mujeres

Jennifer had been a young girl who had had the best education, she was always surrounded by luxuries and comfort, and especially her father Emliano, gave her everything in spades, she was his only daughter, although she always wanted to have a boy, but nevertheless, He overflowed with love and attention towards his daughter, whom he loved with all his soul.

For its part, the marital relationship between Luisana and Emiliano had cooled over the years. He was a man dedicated to his business and was also very ambitious and his only interest was to make his fortune grow more every day. Therefore, without realizing it, he had neglected his relationship with Luisana.

They grew more and more distant, they only saw each other at the company during work hours, but there was also a reason that made him stay away from Luisana, and it was because he actually had a secret lover. However, Luisana had already begun to suspect his existence, and deep down, full of spite and feeling incr


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