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The Rise of a Secret Quadrillionaire Heir

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"You're a loser, Thiago. You can't do anything for my daughter. She needs to divorce a useless husband like you," she spat with venomous contempt. Thiago felt the weight of her words crushing his spirit, the years of belittlement and disrespect from Theresa's family echoing in his ears. But this time was different. This time, Thiago stood tall, his newfound wealth empowering him to finally speak his truth. With a steely gaze, Thiago met Mrs. Darius's eyes and replied, "You may see me as a loser now, but I will prove myself capable of more than you could ever imagine. Your daughter may have once doubted me, but I will rise above your expectations and show her what true strength and resilience look like." *********** Thiago had always been the black sheep in his wife Courtney Darius family. They looked down on him for his humble background and meager income, treating him with disdain and disrespect. Despite his best efforts to provide for his family, he was constantly belittled and mistreated by Courtney and her relatives. One fateful day, Thiago was unjustly fired from his job, leaving him feeling defeated and hopeless as he trudged back home. Along the way, he witnessed a harrowing accident involving Ferdinand, a well-known wealthy man in their country. Without hesitation, Thiago rushed to his aid, saving his life in the process. Grateful for Thiago's heroic act, Ferdinand not only credited a substantial amount to his bank account but also generously paid for his uncle's medical bills at the hospital. Thiago's fortunes took a dramatic turn as he suddenly found himself in possession of wealth beyond his wildest dreams. As news of Thiago's newfound riches spread, Theresa and her family were quick to change their tune, attempting to worm their way back into his good graces. But Thiago had endured enough mistreatment and manipulation at their hands. He saw through their insincere gestures and realized the true nature of their intentions. With a steely resolve, Thiago turned the tables on his wife and her family, refusing to be swayed by their desperate pleas for forgiveness. He had finally found the power and control he had long been denied, and he wasn't about to let anyone take that away from him. In a stunning display of vengeance, Thiago exacted his retribution on those who had wronged him, leaving them to face the consequences of their actions. $$$$ As he rose from rags to riches, he embraced his status as a secret quadrillionaire heir, determined to forge his own path and leave behind the shadows of his past.

Chapter 1- Just a poor thing!

It was 5:30 a.m., and Thiago was still in bed, snoring like a piglet. Every day seems to be a tiring one for him, but his mother-in-law never cared about that. It was unusual for him to stay in bed for longer periods, but today, the unexpected happened.

Thiago was still in bed after long hours of delivery the previous night, and house chores he needed to accomplish were still left without his concern.

His mother-in-law, on the other hand,who had witnessed that he was still in bed, glanced at the wall clock and stood up from the couch, walking straight to her daughter to ask where that wretched husband of hers was.

"I guess that silly husband of yours is still not in bed. Thiago’s mother-in-law spoke to her daughter and barged into Thiago's room without waiting for a response from her.

"Thiago!, You're still sleeping by this time?", his mother-in-law yelled, and the echo of the voice woke Thiago from his sleep.

Thiago rubbed his eyes, and with a blurry look,he glanced at the wall clock to check the time. Then he stationed his view back at his mother-in-law as his vision became clear.


I'm sorry, ma'am; it's not going to happen again". He said this as he quickly got out of bed.

Sorry for yourself; aren't you getting to work? Do I have to remind you about what you are supposed to do around here every day?"

His mother-in-law barked, showing the anger in her

Thiago looked at her in a dissatisfied way, trying not to say anything that could cause a different scene. She noticed and snapped her fingers at him.

How dare you look at me in that manner? She grabbed his jaw and brought him close to her face. You know you are nothing but a piece of trash! You don't and will never come close to my daughter's standards.

In spite of her rage, she threw him backward with all her strength; he nearly lost his balance but was able to get a hold of himself. His jaw aches with pain; she must have squeezed it very much to hurt him.

She stormed out of the room, leaving him to soak in his thoughts for a moment, and then his wife. Cortney Darius passes by after her mother leaves.

Thiago tries to talk to her, but she leaves just before he can reach her.

He sighed and locked his door. He was angry—so angry that he fisted the door. The never-ending distance between him and Cortney made him feel incomplete. His unruly mother-in-law never missed the opportunity to humiliate him.

He endured everything she had done to him—a word he had never said back to her. Every time he was this close to losing his cool, he would recall his sick uncle in the hospital and the fact that he was staying at his in-laws house.

The thought alone made him swallow his pain and live with it. He donned some old, tattered clothes. He couldn't afford new ones for the time being.

He got out of his room, feeling the coldness of the tiled floors. His feet tingled from the coldness. He entered the kitchen, where dirty dishes lay around. Thiago made a low grunt as he stationed himself in front of the dishes.

picking them up with a little annoyance as he began washing them. One after the other, he made sure there was not a single dish left. He was just about to wash the last one when he saw his other mother-in-law's reflection in the plate he was nearly done with.

He dropped the plate and turned back sharply; his mother-in-law's towering presence made him flinch.

Why are you still washing the dishes? You ought to be done by now."

"Ye.. ye. yes---"

He wasn't done talking when a slap to the face knocked him down abruptly. He didn't see it coming; he never saw her slaps coming. This one was just harder than the rest!

He groaned.

Stop wasting time and prepare breakfast, you impudent fool! The next time I come back in here and you haven't prepared anything, I promise to make the rest of today a nightmare for you to remember."

'Regardless, it's already a nightmare, he said inwardly and nodded.

She left while he got back on his feet.

Regardless of her threats, Thiago didn't give in; the constant fear that seemed to grip him slowly vanished.

In no time, Thiago finished cooking up for the family and served the diners a series of dishes he had prepared singlehandedly without any assistance.

With that, he recalled the heavy laundry that was waiting for him. Everyone had piled up their laundry, awaiting Thiago to come get them.

From his annoying mother-in-law to his father-in-law and then Cortney. Entering her room to get her laundry made him feel down. This used to be their room, but she threw him out when she got fed up with him.

Thiago didn't know what he might have done to get kicked out of his wife's room.

Couldn't I satisfy her?

The thoughts made him groan in pain as he moved forward to pick up her laundry. When he checked again, portraits of him and her were no longer on the walls of her room.

Only portraits of her could be seen.

What went wrong?", he sighed, asking himself, and left.

Thiago!" , Theresa, Cortney's younger sister, spoke out from the top of the staircase. He stopped in his tracks and reversed his steps, looking up at the wh*r* in her towel. "You forgot mine,, she uttered calmly.

Thiago sighed. "I will be there to get it.


Thiago hurried to Theresa's room to get her laundry. On getting there, he knocked twice to alert her to his presence. She opened up.

How could you forget your favorite sister-in-law's laundry?"

Thiago pushed his way in; her laundry lay down there by the side. He gathered them up and sorted them out to leave without saying a word to her; she stopped him in his tracks.

Where are you running off to soon?", She slowly took the laundry away for him. "Let's talk, just me and you."

Thiago didn't like where this was going. The way she touched him was wrong. He tried to take her hands.

Maybe we can talk later; for now, I can't.",

She smiled. "Are you scared?"

" "

"THIAGO!.", His mother-in-law's voice intercepted their conversation. She was standing right there at the door. Her face reddens with anger. "What are you doing here?

I came to get Theresa's laundry,", he said.

No, mom!" , Theresa ran up to her mother. "He's lying; he tried to kiss me before you came in. He was touching me shamelessly; he nearly took off my towel! Theresa lied, acting weird all of a sudden with her towel nearly halfway down.

Thiago gasped. No, that's a lie! I came to get her laundry; he defended himself, but it was of no use. His mother-in-law was pouring out steam. She had to choose to believe her daughter over listening to a poor rat.

No, you have to believe.


Another slap intercepted his cheek. Swiftly, he looked back to see who had hit him; his mother-in-law wasn't the one who had hit him. His face turned pale the instant he saw who did it.

Mr. Darius, the old hag who was in her fifties, still had enough power to make Thiago's cheek hurt badly.

"How dare you!.",

"No wait--"

A blow intercepted his face over and over again. Mr. Darius soon dragged him out of his daughter's room.

You will regret what you have done."

but he didn't do anything.

He brought out his belt.

Mr. Darius, please!

Without further ado, Mr. Darius ignores his son-in-law's plea and proceeds to wipe him with his belt!

Cortney strolled out of her room; she saw how Thiago was being wiped! by her father with brute force. His cries didn't mean anything to her, nor did his pain.

Instead of intervening, she left him to suffer.

Chapter 2- Hard Times.

Mr. Darius hit him one more time and pushed him to the floor. "What did you do to my daughter?" He yelled at Thiago and released him while he took a breath.

"I didn't do anything to her, Mr. Darius; I just went to get her dirty clothes and wash them,that's all."

"He's lying to you, Dad; he forced himself on me. Theresa said it with crocodile tears, acting like it really happened.

Mr. Darius shook his head and nodded to what he was thinking in his mind.

"You know what? I have to spare you because the blows I've given you are already making you look like a dead person".

Mr.Darius said this and walked away with Theresa, leaving Thiago, who was lying on the floor.

Thiago took a deep breath, and before he could adjust himself well,his mother-in-law's voice was clear and loud everywhere.

"Thiago!" Mrs. Arnault exclaimed, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

He quickly adjusted himself well and went over to his mother-in-law's dinning hall.


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