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The Legitimate Son

The Legitimate Son

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"You drop the crown, the heir is here!" Everth was regarded as a nobody in society because of his poor background. But his story took a U-turn on the day of his mother's funeral when a strange man approached him with an irresistible invitation, revealing his unknown father's identity to him, which he knew nothing about. Everth finding out that he was a son of a multi billionaire and next in line to inherited his father's empire. But this caused a war between him and his two adopted brothers. The sons of his father's friend who refused to back down without a fight.

Chapter 1

It was raining heavily in sight. A handsome man stood in front of a graveyard, crying and souring in pains. He was all alone in the shadow of a grave. Those that were with him had gone to get shelter over their heads as they couldn't stand the heavy falling of the rain. It only started with little thunderous sounds, then came the rain making the people disperse for shelter.

Everth was still standing in that very spot under the rain, ignoring its heavy hits on his skin. In damp clothes and hair, it was a good thing that the rain was falling because it had washed away the tears from his eyes, the tears and the rain water mixed perfectly but still his eyes were still red, and the rain couldn’t at best wash his pains away also.

He just couldn't believe the fact that his mother had died. She was healthy and strong in the morning before he left for work. How did it happen? That was the question he was asking but there was no answer to it. 

The only thing the stupid witnesses said was that she had fell down and died just like that. 

He never believed them. His mother couldn't just die like that. Something might be amiss here. There might be something behind the death of his mother that no one was willingly to tell him about. They were all just coming up with different excuses.

Someone killed his mother and he was sure of it!

He tried getting the police's attention to it but they kept on saying the same thing that the stupid witnesses were saying. 

No one was helping and no one is willing to help!

He bit on his lips and clenched his hands together in a tight fist, staring at his mother's grave, different type of flowers all around it. 

"I promise to get to the root of this, mother. I promise" he said in a weary voice. 

He could still remember the beautiful smile on the face of his mother that morning. How she warned him to be careful and work with everything diligently. But never had he known that would be the last time he was going to see her beautiful face. 

He had told her many times to stop working at the garbage store and that he would carry the responsibility of the family, but his mother never listened. She didn’t want him to work alone, she wanted him to live like a king while she does all the work and chores of the house. 

Up till those days, he had never known why she kept on treating him like he wasn't born poor. But all he could tell was that his mother loved him so much as he loved her. 

What was the cause of her death was a mystery for him, which he was furious about. His mother was never sick, and there is nothing they are going to say that her death was caused by a sickness, because he knew very well that a lie. 

"Hey boy!" A voice called behind him. 

Everth turned and saw a man in his forties. Standing a few steps away from him. He was wearing all a black suit matched with a white tie, he was wearing a dark eyeshades, holding an umbrella over his head. 

Everth couldn't see his figure clearly because the rain was falling heavily on his face and it was difficult to even picture the man's figure. All he knew was that the voice that called on his name was that of a man. 

"Everth Samuel" the man called him by his full name. 

"Who are you?" Everth asked. And the strange man walked up to him, close enough for him to get a glance of him. 

"You look so much like your father" the strange man commented, ignoring Everth question. 

Everth looked at him stunningly. How did he know about his father, when he himself knew nothing about him? 

"Sorry, who are you?" Everth asked again. 

The strange man smirked and stepped closer to him, closing the little gap between them.

" Your father would like to see you. If you're ready to meet your father, call me" The strange man whispered and dipped a black card with gold lettering into Everth wet hand. Everth looked down at it, trying to study it but couldn’t.

The man take steps backward, and then he turned and walked away. Everth swallowed hard still in surprise, he couldn't say a word and before he could finally think of speaking, the strange man had left him. 

He looked at the man at a far distance, far from ear shot because of the heavy down pour sound, the man disappeared into the rain and into a car, Everth looked as the car passed towards him and out of the grave yard 

He looked down at the plastic card, It was a black VIP card that had a number on it. Who is the man and whose father was he referring to? 

Everth tightened his grip on the card. What was happening? He knew he had no father, so who was this man the strange visitor was calling his father? 

* * * * 

The next day, Everth arrived at work. He worked as a hotel service boy in one of the notorious hotels in the city. He knew coming here was wrong instead of him staying home mourning the death of his mother, but he was here not to work but to earn his salary for the month. He had no funds on him to keep him going and he was madly in need of money since the apartment he use to share with his now dead mother rent was due.

 The words of the strange man that approached him in the grave yard rang in his head, but he never considered them to be true because he knew he never had a father and his mother never told him anything about his father. It was just like a man who was never in existence. And if truly what the strange visitor was saying was true that he had a father, the so-called father should come and visit him. 

He strolled through the dancing doors and bumped into a slender gorgeous lady, who almost to fall to the ground, but Everth intervened before her butt hit the ground and he caught her by the waistline. 

"Madam, are you okay?" He asked. 

The woman was breathing heavily as fear clutched her. 

As soon as her senses returned, she screamed. "Get your hands away from me!" She jumped away from Everth. 

Everth, who did not understand her reaction, seemed a bit surprised, but not offended. 

"I'm sorry madam. I didn't see you on the way", Everth apologised and bowed his head.

The lady looked at him from head to toe and studied the looks of Everth, who was not dressed in expensive clothes. The lady saw him as a perfect tool to use for her humiliation. That would get her more followers on social media, which would boost her name. A mysterious smile washed her face as her mind flashed on the thought.

"You don't have to worry. I'm not angry" she said in a sweet voice. 

Everth, who wasn't aware of her trap, smiled at her innocently. Just when he was about to take a walk away, she dragged him and hugged him tightly.

"Madam, what is..." 

"What the hell are you doing with my woman?" A thunderous voice roared, in the lounge, cutting Everth off before he could complete his statement.  

"You're in trouble" the lady whispered into his ear and his eyes expanded at her words. 

What the hell has he gotten himself into?

Chapter 2

Everth was speechless with the way the lady acted. He couldn’t understand what she was really trying to do. Then, he forced his hands out of her immediately.

"What, what the hell are you doing madam?" He asked even more surprised but in a polite manner.

"How dare you raise your voice at my woman", a cubby man dressed in an expensive blue suit, and white shirt that was unbuttoned around his chest, showing his golden necklaces approached them. Beside this man were two extra men in black suit and dark eyeshades and very serious faces.

"Darling, he tried to take advantage of me!" The lady cried and ran to the side of the cubby man. Everth was stunned, he didn’t expect that from the lady. He hadn’t even done anything to her, so why did she have to lie? 

The cubby man embraced the lady into his big arms and glanced at Everth deadly. &q


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