• Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Jennakim
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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Reina is a woman who was abandoned by her everyone who knows her. When she is at her lowest point, the man that she had a crush on for five years proposes to her. "You need someone to protect you and I need a wife. Let's make a deal" he says. Reina happily agrees to marry him, thinking that she will be able to change his heart. However, reality proves her wrong. Her marriage leaves her even more broken than she was before. In the end, she decides to live for herself and get a divorce. Five years later, a small child appears in front of Lucas, the CEO of Thunderbolt Corp, the most powerful man in the country. "Get a divorce daddy so Mom can marry a handsome uncle" Lucas is enraged. With a grim look on his face, he pushes Reina into the room. "Woman, you dare to steal my sperm and run away. How do you want to pay me back?". The kid rubs his nose in shock. Daddy and mommy aren't getting a divorce but making a kid instead?!

Chapter 1 Let's Get A Divorce!

"Let's get married. You need someone to protect you from your horrible family, and I need a woman to act as my wife. This is a win win situation for the both of us" Those was the very words that her boss that she had been working for, for five years said to her.

Those were the very words that lifted Reina up into the sky there years ago. However, the same words plunged her into hell, destroying her life completely.

Reina had loved her boss Lucas for years. Even when he did not remember her, she stood by his side, playing the minor role of his secretary all these years.

When she was abandoned by her family, when she really felt like running away from it all, she stood by the side of the man.

It seemed that her years of waiting finally paid off and he asked her to marry her three years ago.

Reina was excited. Even when she knew that the man did not have her in his heart, she wasn't daunted at all. She believed that as long as the man doesn't have someone else in his heart, she will be able to move his heart.

However, she was wrong! Reality proved to her that she was very wrong!

Reina had a bottom line. She can put down her pride for the sake of the man she loves. She can stay hidden in his home as his trophy wife

But she will never let a man throw her away after she had outlived her usefulness!

Before that, she will leave, holding on to whatever was left of her fragmented pride!

Three years ago, when Lucas asked her to marry him, she did so without knowing the real reason he wanted to get married. However she found out over the course of thier marriage that he needs to get a wife if he wants fight for the rights to his grandfather's company.

The company that Lucas is currently the CEO of, Thunderbolt Corp, is the biggest conglomerate company in all of country M. It is a company that has lots of years of history. Even though Lucas did not have any direct siblings, his cousins were eyeing his position greatly. His grandfather gave him an ultimatum, get married, and he will give him all of his shares in the company.

His grandfather already had a woman prepared for him, but Lucas has never been someone to let himself be led around the nose by anyone else. He refused to marry the woman his grandfather arranged for him.

He found her instead…as stupid as she was, Reina really thought that she will be able to change the heart of this stone cold man!

But she was wrong! Really wrong!

A man like Lucas…it was her own wishful thinking to think that she will ever be able to get together with him in the real sense of the !

Reina held the phone tightly as she looked at the picture that Diana had just sent her.

She was attending a banquet with Lucas. She had her arm wrapped around him intimately. Even though Lucas had a dark look on his face, he wasn't pushing her away.

Reina knew that Lucas won't simply let someone touch him if he doesn't want it!

Even though she knew that Diana was doing this just to agitate her, she could no longer put up with it. She wanted out! She wanted out of this hellhole of a marriage!

Reina glaced at the document that was lying on the side table. Soon, very soon, all of this will be over! She won't have to stand the insults of these people!


"Lucas…Lucas…Lucas wait for me!" A woman in very high heels called as she ran after a man. She looked flustered. Everything had been going on well before, how did things change so suddenly?

Why did he get annoyed with her?

Lucas tugged at his necktie angrily. He really hated being used the most in this world!

He knew that things won't be so simple when his grandfather forced him to come to this damn banquet! To think that it was just an avenue for Diana to show off with him!

He was really pissed off!

Diana finally caught up to Lucas. She grabbed his hand like she was holding on to a life saving straw.

The man finally turned to face her. Diana felt her heart skipped a beat when his extremely handsome face came into her view. She met him once when he was fifteen and since then she had been obsessed with him. She will do everything that she can to get this man!

"Lucas, are you mad at me? I didn't mean anything by this." Diana's hand trailed his biceps, enjoying the feel of his muscular arms as it flexed. "We've been close and I just thought...." Her words got cut of by Lucas as he pulled away, turning to her with a harsh glare.

His dark orbs threw daggers as icy words left his lips. "I'm married. I'm sure you know that."

Diana felt something go off in her head when Lucas admitted that he was married. Even though she knew that he was married, she wasn't once deterred from chasing him.

She felt that his wife Reina isn't a match for her at all! She has never shown up besides Lucas once and she has always been the one who is seen with Lucas!

Who will believe that Lucas will have another woman besides her? No one at all!

"Lucas I…I just like you. I didn't mean anything else. I know that you are married. I just…" Diana did not get to finish her words but her meaning was clear.

Inside the car, Lucas' assistant who could hear the discussion was disgusted! This woman is really shameless! Even though she already knows that the boss is married she is still tailing around him like a leech!

"Diana, our families have always been close. Don't force me to do things that will have adverse effects for everyone else!" Lucas warned.

Diana pursed her lips, looking like she was about to cry.

She did not think that that woman Reina would ever be able to beat her! She is just an orphan with no background at all! Even Lucas' grandfather said that only a woman like her is fit to stand next to Lucas!

She wasn't daunted at all! She was sure that she would be able to win his heart!

"Don't attempt something like this ever again!" Lucas said. He got into his car and the assistant David drove off immediately.

Diana stomped her foot angrily as she watched the car leave.

But soon after, a smile played on her lips. There's no need for her to worry. She already has all her plans in place.


Inside the car, David did not know where he was supposed to go. He could sense that his boss was irritated and so he did not dare to even breathe loudly.

"Are we going back to the condominium sir?" David finally forced himself to ask this question.

Lucas frowned. For some reason, he thought of that woman.

She had not called him to pester him for a few days. For some weird reason, he found himself missing that feeling of her pestering him.

He used to think that she was too much trouble and that she was disturbing him too much! She won't even let him concentrate on his work!

But she had not called at all in a week! He could not help but feel that there was something wrong with her.

In the end he said, "Go back to the villa"

David was surprised when he heard this. He knew about the boss's wife who lived in the villa.

But he hasn't been there for a long time now!

In fact, in the three years that he has been married to Reina, he has only been there less than ten times! Why does he suddenly want to go there? What is going on?

However, he just does not have the confidence to question the boss. Even though he had so many questions, he shut up and drove to the villa.


Lucas pushed the door open and entered the villa. Whenever he came back there, Reina always had the lights on waiting for him. He did not understand why she did this. She doesn't even know if he will be coming back anyway.

But she did it anyway. But the lights weren't on today. It was as if she no longer cared!

She didn't call him, and she seems nonchalant about his existence! Wasn't she the one who so badly wanted to play the role of a good wife?

Lucas was convinced that Reina was just one of those women who wanted to suck up to him!

In the end, she was no different from Diana! At least this is what he thought.

Why did she….change so much?

Lucas made way to the bedroom that he was oddly familiar with even though he has only been here a handful of times.

He entered the bedroom and he immediately made out the figure of the woman sleeping on the bed. He snorted. Her husband is out there working and she goes to bed without a care in the world!

Lucas was angry for some reason that he did not even know. He walked over to the bathroom and took a bath.

Thirty minutes later, be wakes out of the bathroom. He was wearing a dark coloured pajamas.

He looked over at his "wife" who was sleeping in a silk nightdress.

Lucas felt hot even though he had already taken a bath a few minutes ago.

He is already a grown man of twenty seven and he knew what those feelings were!

He was someone who took pride in his self control. But looking at this woman now, he could feel the so-called self control crumbling down.

He looked down at the woman whose long and white legs were exposed and he felt his throat tighten.

His eyes landed on her pale and long neck and he made his decision.

Anyway, she is his wife! It's not like he's doing anything wrong!

Lucas walked over to the bed like a predator who was eyeing his prey. He got onto the bed. His lips crashed onto Reina's lips urgently.

Even though Reina was already asleep, she had a lot on her mind and she wasn't sleeping well.

She immediately woke up when she felt someone get onto the bed.

Before she could figure out that her husband was finally back, she felt his hot and thin lips crash on hers!

Reina was shocked! She could feel the man's ferocious desire! Her eyes flashed with pain. This man has only been a here a few times and each time he came, it was always to do the deed with her!

It seemed that she was just a tool to vent his sexual frustrations on!

Reina didn't want this! She didn't want this at all!

She protested immediately!

"Hmmm….hmm….let go…let go…."

Reina tried to push him away but he was too strong for her.

Lucas acted as if he could not hear Reina's protests.

When she opened her mouth to stop him, he took the opportunity to invade her with his kiss.

Reina bit his tongue angrily. Lucas unwillingly let go of her. He glared angrily at her.

"What are you doing?" He snarled.

Reina was too angry to think about the consequences of pissing this man off now.

"I said don't touch me! Don't! You disgust me!" Reina said. How can he come back to her after having a good time with Diana?

Lucas lost control of himself when he heard this.

"I disgust you? Well there's nothing you can do about it since you are my wife!" With that, he tore Reina's nightgown off at once.

Ignoring her pleas and insults, Lucas invaded Reina and had his way with her.


When Lucas woke up the next morning, Reina was already awake. She was dressed up and sitting next to the bed.

Seeing her cold look, he could tell that she was angry.

He rubbed his hair in exasperation. Last night, he lost control of himself and forced her when she said she didn't want to.

He felt bad for that.

"Reina last night I…"

He didn't get to finish. The woman threw a document at them.

Then she said calmly, "Let's get a divorce!"

Chapter 2 You Are Mine!

"Let's get a divorce!" Those words came out of Reina's mouth calmly. No, she did not feel wronged.

She did not feel as terrible as she thought she would when she finally talked to him about the divorce.

On the contrary, she felt as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

She has loved this man for eight years, since she was seventeen years old. She stayed married to him for three years, trying to salvage whatever was left of their waning relationship

But she is just human. And humans are selfish. She loved him while expecting something in return. She wanted him to love her back.

But it seems that in this life, something like that will never be possible.

After losing everything in one day, Reina has never asked for much before. She just wanted to find a man to live a stable life before she met Lucas.

When she met him, her entire life revolved around him.

She just wanted to stay back home to take care of


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