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Entangled With The Vicious Billionaire

Entangled With The Vicious Billionaire

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Pollen, the daughter of a single mother who can't have a say in her own life was coerced to a blind date —by her manipulative mother. Her Aunt, the matchmaker mixed up the address she is supposed meet her date. She ended up at the wrong address and met the devastatingly handsome billionaire —Raymond Beckham. Raymond also happened to be on a blind date mistook Pollen for the girl he was supposed to meet and politely rejects her instantly. Inorder to make up for her broken heart, he suggested they have a drink, little did he know it would cause him a life time mistake.

The Clash


As soon as my mother's car parked directly in front of our small apartment and came to a halt, I did not spare the slightest chance to jump out of the car and began to walk back into the house, ignoring my mother's calls.

"Pollen! Hey! You get back here!"

I hastened my pace as I heard her alight from the car and her voice drew closer to me.

"Are you crazy? Where do you think you're going?" My mother's voice came again as she tried to catch up with me. In a minute, I was in the house and as I walked into the living room, my younger sister; Laura was sprawled carelessly across one of the old cushions in the room.Eating from a bag of Doritos. She raised her gaze to me, a bland nonchalant expression written all over her face.

I ignored her annoying ass and was about to make my way into the room, already mentally planning on shutting myself indoors for the rest of the day to save myself from mother's troubles. But I was unlucky this time and my mother caught up with me on time, placing herself in front of me to block my path and stop me from trying to escape her any further.

"Mom!" I nagged at her, fed up with her petty troubles.

"Don't you dare try to pull the pity card on me." She gave me a hard stern look that warned me to keep shut if I knew what was good for me.

"What did you do that for?"

"Why did I do what?" I feigned ignorance, like it was not the same issue we were battling with in the car while we drove from the sorority meeting I was forced to attend with her.

"Don't give me that crap, Pollen." My mother stomped her foot to the ground and gave me those laser eyes that could shoot a bullet right through your heart. "How could you be so unthoughtful and shameless enough to go ahead and tell the women at the sorority that you were still single?"

I refrained from rolling my eyes at her. I did not understand why my life was always my mother's business. She had always been one to interfere in my private life and it was beginning to get suffocating. I wished she could just give me a break.

"But I am single, aren't I?" I replied instead and it clearly angered her even more. Her face reddened with rage and I feared she could explode any moment from now.

"You pathetic fool! How could you say that at the sorority, knowing that the rest of my friends' daughters were in a relationship. The least you could do was lie. How could you be so dumb?"

"I don't know why you're taking this too personal, mom. It is not a big deal. You're just being paranoid. And besides, I am still young and …"

"Oh, shut up! You!" She yelled at me. "You are just like your father. You are both self centred individuals who never consider the feelings of other people!"

This time, I felt a slight surge of anger wash through me at the comparison my mother had made of me and my father. It irked me that she could go as far as comparing me with someone as despicable as my him—that devil of a man.

"Don't you ever say that to me again, mom." My tone came off as a warning that caught her off guard. "Don't you ever compare me to that man!"

But my mother only scoffs at me and begins to pace around the room restlessly, her fingers diving a little too roughly into her hair in frustration.

"You want the other women at the sorority to think we are miserable women, don't you?" You want them to think we live a miserable life, don't you?" She was yelling again.

Before I could open my mouth to reply my mother, Laura's voice came in a reply. "Mom's right, you know. We really are living a miserable life"

My mother and I turned our attention to Laura's awful talk.

"I mean, let's be honest…we live in a horrible apartment. We can't even afford most of the stuff other families have. Dad's left mom for a richer, younger woman and Pollen has never been in a relationship her entire life." She chuckled and shoved another Doritos into her mouth as if she was enjoying the pathetic situation we were in. "Now, tell me a more miserable life and I will show you the place where the world ends."

"Shut that stupid mouth of yours and stop saying crap…" I tried to scold her but my mother jumped into her defence like she always did every single time the girl uttered her usual bullshit.

"Don't you even try to attack her, Pollen." My mother warned me. "You know she is right. All you have always done is be a disappointment and make other people think of us as miserable, pathetic people…"

"Maybe you both are pathetic people. But count me out of it, mom. I am perfectly okay with my life." I defended myself again. "Plus, if you had always thought I was a disappointment and Laura was the better one, why did you have to drag me along with you to the sorority instead of your perfect daughter?" I screamed back at her, feeling tired and frustrated already. I was already tired of my mother, my sister and this life they had subjected me to. I wished they could all just give me a break even for once and stopped dragging me for every little thing I did.

"You know I would if only she wasn't busy with school work and her part-time job at the at coffee shop." My mother folded her arms across her bosom and eyed me terribly. "On your part, all you've ever done is get rejected by every publishing company you apply your works to. And you still think your life isn't miserable?"

Shutting my eyes briefly and taking in a deep exhale, I concluded that I was tired of having this everyday argument with my mother. What I needed right now was a place to rest my head and forget about mother's madness for a moment.

"That's enough, mom. I'm done having this conversation with you." I brushed past her and headed for my bedroom but her voice still thundered and came after me.

"You can't escape this forever, Pollen! Unless you get yourself a goddamn boyfriend and stop embarrassing me in front of my friends. You know what I'm going to do? I am going to call your Aunt and get her to fix you a blind date, you stubborn headed child!"

I scoffed to myself as I headed into my room and banged the door shut behind me. Mom was going to call Aunt Margaret and get her to fix me a blind date? How ridiculous. I knew my mother was one hell of a dramatic woman, but going as far as meeting up with my matchmaker aunt and trying to hook me up with a total stranger? Nah.

That would be insane and absurd.

The Blackmail


The next day, when I finally returned home after a long day outdoor as a means to avoid my mother's troubles, I walked into the living room to see her seated on a cushion, a small printed piece of paper in her hand. She raised her gaze to me as soon as she noticed me walk in.

"Where have you been?" She asked, a brow raised inquiringly.

"The city park." I replied, trying the best I could to act nonchalant.

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes and threw the paper towards me. I eyed the paper and moved my gaze back to her and finally back to the paper again before crouching down to pick the paper then straightening my frame and proceeding to read the content of the paper.

Mason Chyna. Twenty seven.Accountant. Studied at Harvard University. A sportsperson.

Date spot: Blu Restaurant, Thursday night. 7pm on the dot.

A confused frown crossed my face as I read the details of the paper and I lifted


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