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Don't Touch Me, You Evil

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After ten years of infatuation, what she got was endless suffering. She shattered into pieces as a result. Elena finally gave up and completely disappeared into Logan's world."Logan, you want to destroy me and kill me for the woman you love deeply in your heart. One day, you will regret it!"But Elena didn't know. In fact, Logan had long regretted it. In order to revive Elena's heart, Logan was willing to do everything for her, even falling into a dark hell and never regretting it!


Agnes watson

Review after the novel completion

What this is the end .Will there be a 2nd story .there is no sense to the end .what happens to Fenny what happens to logan and kolbi who ends up married to who .so frustrating. Please let there be more every story I have read end,s the same way no ending that makes sense. Disappointed in this app thinking off beleting it as every story has no ending that completes the reading experience hope there are someone out there that can finish it

December 24, 2023

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