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Desire: Billionaires possessiveness

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“Miss Germ, we are sorry your parents are no more”. With that, her world came crumbling. She lost the only people who cherished and pampered her. But she couldn't decline much into recession as she had her brother to cater for. Wait did her uncle just betray her and take over her parent’s company? Not only that he also sold her to a slave organization. That’s where she met him and became the number one conglomerate, Jeremy Gary’s contract wife. She is being careful trying to take revenge against all those who hurt her. He pampers her and protects her everywhere to the extreme. Everyone said Jeremy Gary was inhuman and cold without emotion. He was the same husband who teases her and made her blush making her heartbeat, was he a fake husband? “Boss, there are rumors between mistress and the current popular male actor”. “Kill the actor”. “But boss that’s your cousin”. “Hell… Then beat him to death”. He was also clingy. Always wants attention and needs. She felt a movement on the bed. Without looking she knew who it was. “Jeremy Gary what are you doing in my bed”. “Babe, I told you to read the divorce papers without signing but you refused. Everything I have is yours now. My cars houses, business, and myself”. “Jeremy you are shameless”. “Only with you babe”. And with that, he eats her.

Chapter 1


I stormed into his office, looking at the godlike face that could bring down the fall of a country. I couldn’t help but stare forgetting my main purpose for coming there.

He has always, shown his indifference to my sudden outburst without any prior notice.

He just looked at me for a split second and looked away ignoring my presence in his office..

This was what made me hate him the most.

Who did he think he was?

He continued to flip through his documents without caring to ask why I suddenly came to his office unannounced, and I too as the prideful person that I was, also waiting for him to say something before I speak up.

But there was something about this arrogant self-centered person that I couldn’t


I could read someone with just a glance, but this person was very difficult to read. He always showed no emotions.

I’ve had enough, of waiting for him to make the first move.

“What did you do to my brother,” I asked with so much anger on my face.

He was so evil that he had to kidnap my brother just so I accept his ridiculous proposal.

He didn’t even raise his head or even reply to me after the outburst like I was one of his antique which was in his office.

“Don’t you think you are being too much Mr. Gray” .I was beginning to lose my cool.

He didn’t even care about the life of other people, forgetting he was a human himself.

“Jeremy, how many times should I remind you not to ever address me as such”.

Finally an answer from him. And it wasn’t even about the whereabouts of my brother but his d*mn name.

“I don’t give a f*ck about how to address you, where the hell is my brother”, I shouted on top of my lungs.

My patience has finally reached its limit. This guy was very unbelievable all he thinks about is how he is being addressed.

“Don’t swear at me Germ, it isn’t ladylike”. Jeremy calmly replied.

“The hell I care if I swear, I can swear as much as I want or like, release my brother this very instant”.

He ignored me yet again, placing a file in front of me.

“What is this,” I ask, not knowing what was in the file.

I had a bad feeling about what might be inside.

“It’'s a contract. I think verbally saying doesn’t seem to be your style. so I've drafted a proposal that I think would be of great interest to you “. He said looking at me with those eyes.

D*mn, Those eyes I'm always drawn to.

What was wrong with this monster?

And what was wrong with me?

Here he is, kidnapping my brother and giving me a proposal I've not even looked through and I’m being fascinated by his eyes.

Germ, I need to think straight, don’t get swayed by this evil monster. I need to calm down. I can’t lose my focus just because he looks good.

I took the proposal and what I saw made my blood rush.

“What the hell is this”.

“It’s exactly as you’ve seen in it. Be my woman for 2 years. That is being emotionally and physically attached to me and satisfying all my needs and I would set your brother free and as a bonus, I would help you get back your parent's company that you do dearly want “.

This imbecile of a a monster, I never knew he would go this far .

I didn’t even have a word to refute him.

“I never asked for your help with my parent's company and neither would I be your s*x thing, never, over my dead body would I be your plaything. Release my brother this instant”.

His indifference disappeared in a flash. He stood up and started walking towards me, I know that look.

This is the look I feared the most in the world, but I couldn't let him see the fright in my eyes.

“One more word from you about a dead body, and I promise you would see one. I am always a step ahead of my game, believe me when I say I get whatever I want and you are no exception. Continue to defy me and I promise you would never see your brother again and even if you do, it would be his corpse”. Jeremy said with much anger.

I couldn’t even believe he was human.

How can he threaten me with the life of my brother?

He sure knows how to get what he wants.


I wanted to refuse him as always but then I got trapped in his stare again.

Taking advantage of that I was lost in my thought again, he slipped his hands into my shirt.

Making me feel arouse and Itching for more of his touch.

I hated myself for how I always responded to his touch.

“You just can’t help yourself, “ Jeremy said with great lust in his eyes.

I wanted to tell him off, but as the aroused person I get with his every single touch, I couldn’t.

“I would…” and just as I opened my mouth he attacked my lips lavishly.

I could feel the desire and wants in his kisses.

But also his dominance and arrogance.

I wanted this to end but I couldn’t stop him.

As he flipped my shirt upward, I realize what was about to happen. I then pushed him away as he wasn’t expecting me to do that he almost fell.

That was when I knew I was no longer standing but was sitting on his table.

What was wrong with me, I came here to get him to release my brother, and here I was in his arms enjoying his every touch and taste.

He walked back to his seat like nothing happened ,and looked at me with a look I couldn’t explain.

“The choice is not yours to make, you became mine from the first time I saw you. And I would have you whether you sign this contract or not”.

I just looked at him and wondered what sort of a monster was this .


Germ you are already mine , you just don’t know it yet.

You have always been mine.

Chapter 2

I looked on my phone again ,

This was the hundredth time. I’ve lost count.

I graduated expecting my parents to be there at my graduation .

But instead of them being here for me, they were no where to be seen. But they promised to be here, and the time they said they would be here is far ahead.

My parents weren’t like this. This only meant something has happened to them.

My best friend, Nina saw how tensed I was , and tried to calm me down that my parents might be caught in a traffic or as usual ,my brother might have cause some troubles in school ,and that they might be trying to solve it before they come for my graduation.

Nina is right about my brother.

He was one who wouldn’t accept himself to suffer any grievances. If someone tries to bully him, he would fight back.

And because of this ,he is always in trouble as he also stands up for other students, who are also bullied.

I took a deep breath and calmed myself. It might b


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