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Deep love for the boss

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Emily loved Adrian for many years. In order to be with him, she was willing to be his mistress. She thought this man would eventually find her deep love to him. But she was completely wrong. Before her death, she still hated her...

Chapter 1Please stop!

“Ouch… it hurts…”

Emily was being forced to make love the man on her.

She grabbed the bed sheet hard with nails. she tried to endure the roughness, as well as the pain from her lower body.

“Emily… Cry loudly if you feel pain!” Adrian pressed her neck while moving his head beside her ear. Every word that came out of his mouth was so vicious, “You are getting boring and disgusting nowadays.”

Emily closed her eyes but she  couldn't hold back her tears.

Adrian’s movement was faster and harder. He deliberately tortured and hurt her.

“Emily… Cry out loud… Don’t be like a dead corpse! So sick!”

“Did you hear me?”

He grabbed her by her neck and gradually exerted his strength as if he would strangle her to death.

“Hurt…” Emily finally couldn't hold back and groaned out in pain.

Adrian seemed to feel a satisfied after hearing the groaning sound from Emily. He finally let go of her neck but started to slip in and thrusting her deeply in an aggressive manner.

Emily was almost fainting at that time…

But right at that moment, the phone on the bedside table rang.

Adrian stopped for a while and put his weight on Emily. He picked up the call.

“What’s wrong, Doris?” said Adrian in a gentle and charming tone, which was totally different from the cold and vicious one he said to Emily before.

Emily opened her eyes, and her hear was so hurt that she grabbed tightly on the bed sheets.

“Don’t be afraid. I will come to you soon… Alright, I will be there with you…” said Adrian gently before he hung up the call.

He stuck onto Emily’s back immediately to thrust her more vigorously so as to vent his lust on her quickly.

“There is a blackout at Doris’s place. She was very scared so I need to see her soon. Hurry up and please me!”

Doris needed him so he requested her to please him to finish the 'business' earlier. Then he could dart over to Doris.   

How ridiculous!

“Adrian, since you are in a hurry to meet Doris, why not stop and leave?”Emily sneered and felt extreme pain in her heart.

In his eyes, she was rubbish. And Doris was the precious jewel that he cherished the most.

“Remember clearly, Emily, you are a wh*r*, so what is your position to say what I should do?” Adrian turned her body over  and getting near to her. He stared at her eyes and said viciously, “I paid money to you, so you should please me. Isn’t this the main duty of a wh*r*?"

Emily closed her eyes in pain.

That was true… She took his money and deserved this now…

After seconds, Emily opened her eyes with tears. “Let’s end this, Adrian. I do not wish to continue this relationship with you anymore. And you are about to marry Doris, aren’t you? Well…You could live happily ever after with Doris without my existence.”

Adrian remained silent for a while. He just stared at Emily furiously and oppressively.

“End this?” He grabbed Emily's neck and squeezed hard. “Emily, how dare you to say this? You owe me not only money but also a life!”

His eyes were bloodshot and ferociously red.

“Nobody knows about my sister's whereabouts, and whether she is still alive! How dare you say that you want to leave? How could you say so? Emily Booth, you should make an atonement for the rest of your life!”

“The accident… I really didn’t do it…"

“Shut up, Emily!” Adrian tightened his grip on her neck. Emily’s face turned red immediately and could not speak. “I saw it. You were driving the car and crashed my sister's into the deep sea… I saw it myself, so don’t try to deny it… How shameless are you trying to deny what you have do!”

Saw it himself?

Emily opened her eyes widely. She didn’t drive that car that day at all. How could it be possible for him to see her with his own eyes?

“I am telling you, Emily. I am going to torture you for the rest of your life! Live in regret forever! This is what you deserved and owed to me!” 

Chapter 2 What were you doing here?

She owed him…

What did she owe him?

When she had a crush on him, she had been pleasing him all the time. She changed what he disliked and learned what he liked. She  tried her best to become his ideal lover.

For all these years, in fact she had never failed him…

And the car accident which happened two years ago, it had nothing to do with her! 

She was being framed… She was never the murderer…

But, Adrian never believed her. He thought that she was the one who had plotted everything.


The only thing she regretted now was falling in love with him before desperately.

Adrian did not continue. He left her body. “Boring.” said him with a cold voice.

He then went into the bathroom. After a while, he came out from the bathroom neatly.

He slammed the door and left directly without even taking a glimpse at Emily.

Emily closed her eyes in dismay. SHe listened to the clattering sound of the thunderstorm outside th


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