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Dark Secrets

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Nina Hilton is the girl that had everything, until she was found dead in a wheelie bin. Her father will go to the ends of the earth to find out what happened to his baby girl. Layla Romani is very good at finding out people's dark secrets and she gets paid well to find them. She isn't your average private investigator, her investigative consultancy has a track record for solving crimes that seemed hopeless. An invite to an exclusive members only s*x club will inextricably link these two women and as the truth begins to unravel, Layla finds herself in danger and her life turned upside down. Some people will stop at nothing to keep their darkest secrets hidden.

Chapter 1

Trigger warning, there are scenes of abuse and self harm in this book, if this is likely to cause you any distress please do not continue reading. Reading should be an enjoyable escape and I cannot wait to share my work with you all and read your comments and feedback but your wellbeing is most important. J.L.K . Follow me on Instagram @j.l.k_writes if you enjoy my writing and want to see what’s coming next. ♥️

Chapter 1

Hands on her body interrupted her dreams, she was disorientated for a moment, "Joel, I'm sleeping leave me alone." She said drowsily, batting hands away from her body. They continued to grab at her, not in a gentle way but aggressively, dominating, pinching her nipple through her thin vest, so she winced in pain. Why wasn't her brain working properly, it was so sluggish, she just wanted to succumb to unconsciousness.

She felt his hardness rubbing against her arse, "Joel, I said no." She felt more forceful that time, like her mind was coming back to her. She tried to make out her surroundings in the darkness, her eyes weren't working properly, she felt so drowsy. Lips started to kiss the back of her neck, nibbling at her skin, two hands came from behind pulling down her vest top and revealed her breasts pinching and tweaking her n*ppl*s painfully.

One hand made its way towards the band of her underwear, a finger running along her skin just inside the band teasingly."Joel, stop!" A groan of desire involuntarily came out of her throat as the fingers caressed her skin, she pushed her bottom back against the hardness that nestled against her, a finger ran down her stomach, dancing roughly over her cl*t, parting her lips and then plunging into her wet core. A voice whispered in her ear, "I knew you wanted me, you f*ck*ng b*st*rd sl*t!" Her eyes shot open as she tried to pull away, she was at home, in her bedroom and there was no way she would bring her boyfriend here. She turned to face her attacker, as she opened her mouth to scream a fist connected with her face, she fell forward, he straddled her from behind, leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "A word of this to anyone and I will kill your beloved mother." She felt a stab in her buttock, as tears dampened her pillow and as the darkness finally took over she vowed she would get revenge.

Chapter 2

Layla slid her key into the lock of her front door and turned it, she couldn’t shake the feeling she was being watched, she quickly surveyed the area. There was no one in sight bar a lonely black cat attentively cleaning his front paw in the middle of the road. She scooped up the post that awaited her on the door mat and placed her keys and the post on the sideboard that lined her beautiful hallway.

She had lived in the house for three years now; it had been renovated for two and still it took her breath away. It filled her with pride, she had bought this dilapidated place with her own hard-earned money. Growing up many of her friends boasted rich parents, who'd invested in trust funds, got shortcuts into careers and married wealthy husbands which certainly gave a little leg up in life. Layla was born on a council estate, got her first job at 11, her Mum made her homeless at 18, replacing Layla with her abusive, drug dealing boyfriend, there was no love lost there.


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