Daddy is a rich CEO

Daddy is a rich CEO

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: DR OLA
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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What was every woman's dream? to get married to the man of her choice. Natasha married the man of her dreams, but he crushed her feelings, leaving her to cater for her unborn twins all by her self. She traveled out of the county and began a new life. She gave birth to her twins, and catered for them well. But that is the problem! The problem is what if her children finds out that Daddy is a rich CEO? What will happen when she began working in her ex-husband's company? What will happen when the twins that 'Daddy is a CEO? not just a CEO but a billionaire.

Chapter 1

Natasha smiled within herself, as she kept gazing at the pregnancy test papers, her joy knew no bounds as she leaped in excitement.

She squeezed the papers in her louis vuitton bag, she had just planned to tell her husband that she was two weeks pregnant!!

She had been married to Alec for the past two months, she smiled to herself as she remembered how they were high school sweethearts, how she pursued him and finally made him hers, she rubbed her cheeks in contentment.

Oh! she couldn't wait to break the happy news to her husband, she was damn happy, her marriage to Alec had been successful for the past two months but there was only one problem.

Her Mother-in-law and sister-in-law didn't quite like her, they called numerous names and accused her of being a gold digger, Alec was a successful CEO but she was just an average girl from a low class family.

But still, her love for him blossomed everyday.

She smiled as she turned the doorknob of the house, the huge smile on her face remained there when she saw her husband, Alec, sitting comfortably on the armchair, swiping through his phone.

He had a straight face as he did so and she smiled, that was what she loved about him, his captivating poker face, that was what drew and attracted her, though he was a cold and stoic CEO with no emotions or feelings, but she loved that, she loved him just the way he was.

"Dear, I am home and I have some good news" She dropped the bag on the chair and moved closer to embrace him, but she was stopped halfway.

"Honey, what's wrong?" She fluttered her eyelashes, why was he like that? Normally, he usually allowed her to hug him, but he never retreated nor had he ever returned her love. He was just a cold ice block.

"Let's get divorced" He suddenly announced.

"What?" Shock, confusion and more flashed through her immediately, her throat hooked, did she hear it right? divorced?

"Yes, these are the divorce papers,hurry up and sign them" He brought out the divorce papers.

Her hands trembled slightly as she stared at the divorce papers in her hand, what in the heck was this? divorce papers? it seemed like her whole world was crumbling down in front of her.

"Why are you doing this to me, Alec?" Hot tears streamed down her face like a dam as she stared at him demanding an answer from him, her blue eyes stared dazly at his dark gray ones.

"Haylee is pregnant for my child" as he said those words, she felt dizzy, like passing out.

All these years, she had spent her time loving him, but he never loved her back, was it because she was from a low class family? Was it because Haylee was more prettier than her?

When they were in high school, Haylee was from a high class family, and she also loved Alec so much that she doted on him. So that was why! That was why she was maltreated by his family.

The tears streamed down her face but he didn't seem to care, not for once even glance up to look at her.

She held her forehead in order not to pass out, she stared at her flat tummy, how could she be pregnant with his child? This man was cruel! He was a monster!!

"So all these years in college, you two had something going on?" She asked, her voice trembling in anger.

"She's more deemed to provide the next heir of the Hart's" He just said something so casual.

Instantly, all the love she had for him turned into hate, all the love she had, turned to immense anger.

She flipped the papers away in anger, "I hope you have a nice married life" She went out suddenly.

And that was the beginning of her life.


Natasha swirled up from the bed all of a sudden, layers of sweat formed in the corner of her forehead.

She tried to calm herself down, by taking some deep breaths, it was just one of the nightmares again, damn.

It's been five years now since she got divorced from him, she pretended as if she was dead, she faked that she had a hit and run. She flew out of the country, changed her name to Cindy, and began a new life with her kids.

She gazed over to her beautiful adorable twins who slept soundly on the bed, their sleeping calmed her troubled heart, she felt at ease just by gazing at their cute faces.

They were her world now, and she could never trade them for anything in her life, after she got divorced with that scumbag, she wanted to get rid of them, but just by thinking of their innocent faces, she decided to keep them and that was what led to the existence of her kids, Niccy and Nikky.

Though she hated that they were his children, she still loved them so much.

She forgot about them and soon went to sleep but again just like other nights, she couldn't fall asleep.

Even if she tried to, the memories, his face kept appearing in her head and the only thing she felt for him was just pure hatred.

Finding it hard to fall asleep, she gently got up from the bed in order not to wake them up, she put on her flip flops and gently tiptoed over to the kitchen.

She opened the fridge and poured herself a glass of fresh milk, she held the glass in her hand and chugged it down her system in a go.

She returned the glass back to the fridge and walked back to the bedroom.

She adjusted the bedsheet and climbed up the bed. She covered her kids well with the blanket.

A sigh escaped her lips, as she just stared dazly at the ceiling, and at last, what seemed like hours but only minutes, she fell asleep.

Chapter 2

A low yawn escaped her already chapped lips as she flipped the pancakes in the pan. It was obvious that she was really tired, but for the sake of her kids, she had to be up and running.

The delicious smell of fresh pancakes filled the whole room, it made the twins skip happily to their mother in delight, they both had warm smiles that could melt any ice block.

"Mother, are those pancakes I smell?" Her son, Nikky excitedly asked, his blue eyes which resembled hers in every aspect met in contact with her blue eyes.

She squatted to his level and patted his blond hair dotting, "Yes, Nik, It's our favorite" She smiled at him constantly.

Gratitude was clearly shown in his face as he hugged his mother.

That mother and son duo went a long way, Nikky as he was fondly called resembled her in all aspects, from the skin color to the eye color and to every trait that she possessed, but the only difference was that he was a little too smart f


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