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Cupid's Cove: The Billionaire's Attention

Cupid's Cove: The Billionaire's Attention

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She has a secret. He doesn't care. All that interests him is bedding the woman he can't quite figure out. But what happens when taking her to bed once isn't enough? Supermodel Britney O'Prey isn't interested in the legend of Cupid's Cove. Visitors of the island swear that no guest leaves untouched by Cupid's arrow. But all Britney wants is to be left alone. Her aloofness attracts billionaire Will Hunter's attention, to the point that he can think of nothing but bedding her. But what happens when once isn't enough? What if he's not so content to let her keep her secrets after all?

Will —Be the gentleman you aren't

Will —Be the gentleman you aren't

"And that's ten," I said, approaching the girl by the bar, as she laid an empty shot glass down next to nine others.

"The drinks or the men?" she asked with a cheeky smirk.

I returned the light flirtatious smile with one of my own. She knew that I'd been watching her. So much for subtlety.

"Like what you see then, do you?" she forged on, turning her body towards me.

I let my gaze take a long, slow look at everything that was being presented to me. Legs that went on forever, hourglass figure, a sea of red going down her back. She'd dismissed nine men already this night. Were they watching us like I'd been watching them? Or had they somehow found a way to drag their eyes away from her?

"I wouldn't have been watching all night if I didn't," I admitted, smoothly gliding into the stool next to her.

She bit the corner of her lip, little sparks of frustration lighting up her grey eyes.

"Hey gorgeous," she said, motioning with her finger for me to lean in.

I did as she wanted, following her finger to my lips. Her gaze lingered on mine, making my heart speed up just a fraction. She hadn't spent this much time on the last guy, had she? Her thumb encircled my lips as she debated what to do with her latest plaything. Emboldened by her touch, I took her hand into both of mine and gingerly sucked her thumb into my mouth.

Surprise and excitement collided on her face as my tongue swirled round and round her thumb. "Charmed, Ms Britney O'Prey," I returned.

She startled at the pop of her thumb leaving my lips, but was quick to compose herself and yank her hand away.

"Britney O'Prey. That's me. You know my name," she said, looking down and smoothing out her skirt before looking back up at me.

"Who doesn't, right? Britney O'Prey, supermodel of the hour. Caught your big break when you debuted at fashion week in Milan two years ago. Beyond that, and your talent of course," I gave her a quick once over again. "The world seems to know precious little about you."

And the frustrated glint in her eyes was back, this time with a vengeance.

"So much for peace and quiet," she mumbled. "I thought this place was for the elite and famous to take a load off without being harassed." She signaled for the bartender to bring her another cocktail. The bartender locked eyes with me and I gave him a nod.

"Aah, that is the promise, isn't it? 100 elite celebrities and rich folk, hand picked and vetted by a billionaire, to share this extraordinary island with for the duration of your vacation."

She gave me a look of irritation when the bartender set down two drinks, her cocktail and my usual scotch on the rocks.

"Surely even such a promise should have its limits though, don't you think?"

"Easy for you to say," she scoffed, pulling the little umbrella out of her glass before raising the glass to her lips to take a sip. My eyes followed her movements of their own accord, lingering on her lips as she licked the alcohol off of them. "I swear I've had every man in the place hit on me by now and I just got here 24 hours ago," she grumbled, knocking back the rest of her cocktail. "What's a girl got to do to get some peace and quiet?"

At this claim, I flashed her my pearly whites and slid off of the stool. "Forgive my boldness, Ms O'Prey," I took her hands into both of mine. "But beauty like yours simply isn't meant to be ignored. I'm afraid your plight is one that you'll carry with you throughout your stay here."

"Think I can sue Mr Hunter for false advertising?"

A ghost of a smile played on her lips and her cheeks flushed a light pink as I made my way to the back of the bar. She raised an eyebrow at me in curiosity and, no doubt, shocked that I'd left her side of my own volition.

Britney O'Prey certainly wasn't what I had been expecting. I'd been watching her all night to see who would be the one to take her home. By guy number five, I debated throwing my own hat into the ring. Not one to mix business with pleasure, I resisted the urge. In the end, it seems that I ought to have trusted my initial instincts. Alas, no man was getting her between the sheets, not tonight. As much as it pained me, it was best to live to fight another day.

I spoke a few words to the bartender, and watched as the crowd thinned. Within half an hour, the restaurant was empty. She jumped down from her stool and took a look around the place as I approached her.

"How did you–" she began in an accusatory tone.

"While there's little even Will Hunter can do to make you less desirable, he does hope this offers you some consolation. If you'll excuse me, Ms O'Prey," I said, leaning in to kiss her cheek.

"Wait!" she called after me.

"Drinks and dinner are on the house," I called back.

"Where did everyone go? Where are you going?!" she persisted.

Unable to help myself, I stopped, turned and took one last look at her. Live to fight another day, be the gentleman you're not. I repeated this to myself on a loop, before responding to her.

"Why, to prepare my legal team for a potential lawsuit, of course," I said with a chuckle. She grimaced.

"You're Will Hunter, the billionaire who–"

"Owns Cupid's Cove," I finished for her.

She opened her mouth to speak, but I raised my hand to stop her.

"This is a tactical retreat. No promises about the next time we meet," I said.

The waiter came up to her with a menu, waiting to escort her to her table of choice.

"Until next time then, Mr Hunter," she said, her face easing back into a smile as she followed after the waiter.

Will — a deal with the devil

Will — a deal with the devil

To say that I was more taken with Britney O'Prey than any other woman on the island would have been a lie. Am I the cliché rich boy who wants what every man desires in a room, and yet cannot have? Yes, yes I absolutely am. So much so that I watched her and her alone for an entire evening like some depraved, primitive creature.

This behavior of mine I would have been ready to chalk up to a passing fancy of an admittedly beautiful woman, if the woman in question did not continue to pique my interest in the only way any woman ever has: by simply not showing herself. Absence certainly does make the heart grow fonder, even if it is only of the notion of taking a woman to bed.

"Have we heard back from the agency yet?" I asked absentmindedly, taking in the view from the balcony of study. Out here was where I did my best thinking. That is until I met Britney.

Over the last three days, all


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