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Controlling Mr. Coopers

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"You need to stay away from me to stay alive. Am I clear, Miss Bell?" He glowered at me and pulled the water gun from my hands. Well, what wrong did I do? I am just giving presentation with few realistic examples. One second... why are you spared of him, Rainbow! He is just a mere CEO and you are a ten letter long chairwoman. "Ahem... And you should stay in you limits to stay in the pompany at all." I finally pompleted the statement with confident stance but God bless me, I am so spared of this man from inside. Oh Lord, why did you throw me here? *** Keenan Coopers, who lived a life of royalty, born with a silver spoon and got everything he wanted. What will happen when nobody-like Rainbow comes into his life and turns it upside down? Rainbow Bell, a nurse by profession, is a kind and meek girl who aspires to become a doctor What will happen when she unexpectedly gets under Keenan's skin, not to mention the way she addresses him. The mistakes in the above paragraphs are not really mistakes, it is how Rainbow speaks. To know more, follow the journey of the opposite poles.

Chapter 1

Keenan Coopers Point of View

Money money and money.

The only thing that with gives you power, position, respect in the present world is money.

The more you have, the more you will be invincible.

And I am invincible. No one can cross me and live a peaceful life. Sometimes even I am jealous of myself for having good looks, better senses, great charms, wonderful smile, attracting eyes, every inch of me is a wonder of its own.

Not to mention, with Coopers name attached to me, world did, is and will always revolve around me. I was born to rule the world and being the CEO of Coopers Empire, I'm nothing less than a modern version of a king.

Well, ladies see me as prince charming which is partly true too.

"Mr. Coopers, we think you should recheck the deal quotation again." Mr. Smith, the director of Pacific Bank told trying to not meet my eyes.

I narrowed my eyes at the bold man who has audacity to recheck the quotation I made personally?

Did he forget whom he is speaking to? I am Keenan Coopers, for goodness sake!

" I - I agree with Mr. Smith. We cannot go with the deal with such a quotation where you are the one who bags most of the profits. This is clearly not reasonable at all." France Trevor, PA of Mr. Smith spoke which made me see red.

Is he questioning my capability?

And of course I plan to grab as much profits as I can but I am allowing them to earn the best too. It is not like I am taking away food from their mouths! I am being generous enough to give them more than they dreamt of and here, I am being questioned for my generosity?

"So what? We work hard to get profits and I work smart to get extra profits. But it does not mean you are not getting a share you planned to. You will get more than what you planned to get within the percentage I offer." I said confidently placing the contract paper before Mr. Smith.

I'm giving them an opportunity to work with me and they are complaining about the profit share.

D*mn. Doesn't these two know what kind of favors they receive by simply affiliating my name to theirs? They will be treated no less than royals.

Even governments nod their heads in positive when they see Coopers stamp on their papers. These people are clearly ignorant about me and the power I hold.

"That is not possible. To get the gain we planned in such small percentage... it's not possible." Mr. Smith said reading the clauses of the contract I produced.

And I am a God of turning impossible to something possible. Nothing related to Keenan Coopers is unattainable.

Even heavens, Gods and Fates knows about it.

"Everything is possible for Keenan Coopers." I said smirking at the old man and walked out of the meeting room with confidence that the deal is mine.

Dealing with Coopers is one thing and dealing with Keenan Coopers is completely another matter.

I am the dragon of business world, a new generation of smartness coated with smoothness.

"Mr. Coopers" "Mr. Coopers" My PA, Libra came running to me with a concerned face.

She's the usual f*** me type girl with exposing clothes and sultry looks.

I once did a mistake of sleeping with her and boy was it boring. She just looks s*xy but does not feel s*xy at all. S*x with her was such a boring sport. I wasted my time that night going for her instead I would have gotten a good satisfying girl.

Not to mention she was stinking. When I mistakenly asked when she bathes the last time, the answer was one freaking week.

She did not bath for a week and solely dependent on perfumes and the disgusting thing was I licked her over and over when I had her in my bed. I had to wash my mouth and take injections that night for keeping myself from infections.

Darn it.

From that day onwards, I hardly go ten feet near her.

"What is it Libra. I am not interested in touching you, groping you, kissing you and sleeping with you again. I had already established the fact that you are not exciting at all and not to mention too bland." She should get the hint when I tell her nicely.

I don't go for the same girl again and again I tend to have different taste buds that need different women every time.

"No no, that's not the case, Mr. Coopers. It's your grandfather - "She said to which I cringed when my grandpa was mentioned.

What did that old wolf did again. No offence, he loves me a lot after all I am his only grandson and heir of Coopers Empire. But then, he was bugging me to settle down from few years as I turned 29 already.

I am just twenty nine and at the prime of my life and I should be enjoying with booze and babes. Wife is a boring subject and settling with only one woman for years is absurd.

Like seriously, how can a man just look at one colour his whole life when there are rainbows at his every sight? We need different colors to have a good life and I am not getting down with one single woman who will just be a ‘boring wife’

So I decided to not succumb myself with the colorless life and just enjoy the rainbows.

"What did he do now?" I asked nonchalantly, walking into my cabin.

I have loads of work to do right now and I cannot get entertained with yet another of my grandpa's trick to get me settled down.

I am already pressured with work, contracts and deals; it’s a good thing that getting people inspired and impressed of me is an inbuilt charm, thankfully.

"No Mr. Coppers, you are in deep trouble this time. You grandpa... Mr. Senior Coopers... your grandpa -" she started hesitating and I am getting really irritated.

What is this girl's problem?

Trouble? And me? I am a personification of trouble so it is not possible for a trouble to trouble a trouble. Trouble, my foot! Nothing can mess up my life, plans and schedules. Not even my grandpa.

I was about to tell her to take her stupid presence away from my cabin, when the door to my cabin opened and entered a slightly familiar and a beautiful girl.

She looks slightly familiar.

Where did I see her?

I usually see women in my bed only and I don’t remember having her under me.

Was she one of my conquests?

Is she here to claim that I'm the father of baby?

“I don’t believe I am the father of your baby. Get yourself out.” I said diverting my attention back to work papers.

Many tried tying me down with a stupid excuse of having a baby with me but I don’t make mistakes.

She walked towards the chair opposite to mine and sat in it hesitantly. She looked confident but her eyes were shaking in fear.

"I am to be the new Po – Chairwoman from this moment." she said with a scared hesitant voice and produced a large brown envelope with shaky hands.

Like heck the New Po... Po? Did she mean Co-Chairwoman?

What the hell?

Is she on drugs?

There is only one Chairman and that's my wolf grandpa then how come this low life even entered this high profile office building?

I scowled at the stupid woman who entered my cabin without permission but still opened the envelope she gave me to see what it contains.

In the long brown envelope cover is a set of documents with a handwritten letter written by my lovely grandpa to me.

The documents are about Mr. Damon Cooper sharing his Chairman position with this young girl, giving her the authority and power above all in the company.

Power over all?

She has power above me too?

The heck is this? This is definitely a fake document and this young girl is a con artist for sure because no one can have power over me. I am the power generator here.

Exasperated with the sudden headache, I opened the white sheet of paper with familiar handwriting of my grandpa.

'My dear lovely grandson,

The young lady is from here forth the head of the company and will be working there actively. I order you to arrange a cabin for her right next to yours. You are to report her about the company issues and she has every right to take decision regarding Coopers Empire. You are expected t respect her and assist her for the well being of our Empire.

With Love

Your Old Wolf.'

I crumbled the d*mn paper and threw it in the dustbin, rubbing my head in utter headache. I looked up at the buffoon who came to act as per my grandpa and was awarded with a polite smile.

"Hello I am Rainbow bell, Nice to meet you Mr. Peenan Poopers"

Lord, this is not the rainbow I was talking about!


Chapter 2

Rainbow Bell Point of View

This is going beyond the limits of my patience. This person must have been my arphenemy(archenemy) in my previous life, otherwise how do you epplain(explain) the treatment he always gives me.

"Mr. Ponrad Bell(Conrad Bell), it's Thursday today so laundry is your duty. I pan(can) pompromise(compromise) on anything but not in doing laundry." I stomped my foot and huffed in epasperation(exasperation).

I prossed(crossed) my arms and raised an eyebrow looping(looking) at him challengingly, waiting for him to argue.

This man should learn to keep his promises. It's been twenty one years I was born to him and he barely fulfilled any promise given to me.

He said he'd pook(cook) a special pind(kind) of chicken dish when I was in sipth(sixth) grade for my birthday but guess what, he forgot the recipe. When my mother was teaching him how to mape(make) it years ago, he just romanced with her and so


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