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Contracted To The Billionaire Gay Lord

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Amanda's loving father is killed on Christmas Eve, the day of her twentieth birthday, and her mother falls into a coma. After this terrible turn of events, she finds herself in the clutches of her rapacious uncles, who seize everything her father ever owned and sell her to a prominent human trafficker in a foreign nation. She meets the brutal CEO of G&M Jewel House, one of the largest companies in that province, Gael Mordred, there. When Amanda foolishly agrees to an eternal marriage pact with Gael in exchange for being freed from the captors' bonds, her life takes a very different path. When Amanda learns that her contract husband is gay, what will she do, poor Amanda? Will she end the agreement? or will she become ensnared in his world? Journey with me and find out how Amanda's encounter with Gael unraveled dark secrets. Disturbing secrets that were intertwined with her family.

Chapter 1: The Bedroom Surprise



“Wake up, Amanda.”

I thought I just heard my name? Or was it just my imagination? I guess sleep had not released me from its strong grip yet.

My eyelids fluttered open and I rolled lazily on the bed, rubbing my sleepy eyes, and yawning like a hungry lion. I’ve never had a sleep so sweet like this before. I really enjoyed it. I wish I could just lie in bed for the whole of this week.

But that wouldn't be possible in this house. Mom was always around to bug my life. Even with my privileges as her daughter, she wasted no time in instilling the “waking-up-early syndrome” in me, because to her, character is first and foremost.

With reluctance, I forced myself to come down from my big bed that resembled a bouncing castle, and I headed to the toilet to pay my daily tribute to nature.

It's another freaking day of my life. A day to continue my life as Amanda. Amanda the only heiress of Lemuel and Sandra Coker, Amanda the snob, Amanda the pompous prick, Amanda this, Amanda that.

Believe me when I say that I bear not a single characteristics of what I just mentioned now. These were just people's perception of me, especially my classmates. They tend to misunderstand my introversion for arrogance. And my identity as a billionaire’s daughter did not help matters. Rather, it just worsened everything.

Everyone in my class looked at me like I'm shit, eyed me maliciously, and made wicked jokes about me. Jokes that pierced my core.

The only two people that sprung up to defend me when those verbal insults are thrown my way, are Louisa and Igor, the two dunces who always carried the class after examinations.

But I knew what they truly wanted. They were just basking in their hypocrisy in a bid to milk goodies and money from me. That was their true intentions.

No one truly cared for me. No one, aside my parents.

Sometimes I just felt like giving up on school, but i cannot because of my parents. They had given me everything I had ever wanted, so I would not disappoint them. They were both lovers of academics, and as their only child, I'm meant to become a sound scholar.

But something seemed off today. The mansion always bustled with numerous activities; butlers greeting me a “good morning” with a knock on my door, the excited whispers of cooks that was always accompanied with the clangs of metals, and mother's usual wake-up call.

But it was so silent today. And the shocking part was that my room was dark. This terrifying darkness fueled the eerie atmosphere which suddenly made me want to cry out in fear.

It looked like ghost riders had invaded our mansion and taken everyone with them to their realm, as I've seen in most horror movies.

It was strange. I don't sleep with the lights off? So who put out the lights?

Terror seized me immediately, and sweat seeped out from my pores, coupled with my urine that jetted out in fearful spurts. After urinating, I tiptoed quietly out of the dark toilet, searching for a light switch on the walls.

“Who’s there?” I blurted out, with my heart in my mouth.

Yeah, this was me. A fearful Amanda.

You wouldn't really blame me because having a rich father comes with many perks as well as many dangers. I couldn't even count the number of times that father had received life-threatening letters that came from anonymous senders. The last one that came was found underneath the gate. It was just a small, brown envelope, yet it disorganized everyone and made us overly conscious of our surroundings throughout that month.

I remembered how Mako and Ben, the chief guards, became hypersensitive that very night, and paraded the whole mansion, looking for any sign of threat. It was the same with dad and mom. They were so restless. But they both tried to act cool with me, without knowing that I already knew that it had happened again.

I just hoped that it was not what my mind was telling me. I hoped everyone was safe.

“Where's the goddamn switch?” I cursed quietly. “Dear lord, please protect dad and mom. Please!!” I prayed inwardly. My parents were my anchor and my world. I would never be able to stomach the pain if something bad befell them.

I continued tiptoeing around my room, swearing and cursing my bladder for becoming full again. Just then, my legs collided with an object and a small gasp escaped my throat as my brain wired a message to me.

That was definitely not an object. It was more like a skin.

And as a confirmation of my thoughts, I heard a short snicker that sounded from my left angle. Oh my God!! Was that... There was an intruder in my room and I had bumped into him.

“Dad-” I wanted to shout, but then, I heard a click and a blinding light filled my room.

“Nooo...” I palmed my face and screamed with everything I've got, jumping into my bed and covering myself with my duvet.

Poor me! That was all my brain could think of at the moment.

“Please don't kill me. Don't kill me. My parents will give you everything you desire. Just spare my family. Please!!” I wailed loudly, shivering like a cold kitten as I buried my face in my bedspread.


The loud shouts echoed in my ears and I carefully removed the thick material that veiled my face, creating a small opening that would enable me to have a peek of what was going on in my room.

“Dad! Mom!” I shouted, my anger roaring to the surface as I stared at the cakes and wrapped presents in their hands. They were clothed in their matching pyjamas that had a picture of teletubbies all around it, and their faces were full of happiness. But they were not alone.

Behind them, were the whole workers in our mansion who clapped their hands simultaneously, watching me with plastering smiles on their faces.

What was funny? Why were they smiling like morons that were gifted boxes of chocolates? I swear I don't know how to define what I was feeling at the moment. Not at all. I nearly died from a heart attack now and all they could do was laugh.

“What is happening?” I asked with a loud voice.

I watched with bated breaths as mom and dad advanced towards me with organized strides and a radiating face, not peeling away their excited gaze from my me. The happiness they were exuding melted my heart and temporarily made me forget how scared I was some minutes ago.

“Merry Christmas and happy birthday to you, my sweet girl.” Mom said and dropped the presents on my bed, before enveloping me in her warm embrace.

I blinked my eyes in disbelief. How could I forget this important day of my life. It was one thing to forget Christmas, but it was kinda disgraceful for one to forget their birthday.

Oh!! I prayed the ground would just open up and swallow me to save me from this embarrassment.

“I love you, my dearest Amanda. You mean the world to me.” She voiced out. Her declaration of love for me caused my face to become heated.

“I love you too, mom.” I said, palming my hot face that would burst from inflammation any moment from now.

Dad came too and dropped his gifts on my bed, and mom broke contact with me, allowing him to also hug me.

“Happy birthday cupcake. I love you so much. May today, being your birthday, usher in a new dawn of light into your life.” He prayed for me and my eyes watered instantly.

This was the best birthday gift I'd ever received.

“Happy birthday young mistress!!” The whole workers shouted and I hid my face in mother's chest. Their sincere cheerfulness gave me a toe-curling sensation.

“Dad?” I whispered into his ear, never wanting to end our hugging.

“Yes cupcake.” He answered.

“You could've had the surprise downstairs.”

“And why is that so?” He whispered back, his voice laced with mischief.

“I-” Before I could respond, He asked me a knowing question that sent shivers down my spine.

“Is it because of the panties I bought for you?” He asked, and blood flooded my cheeks again.

How on earth did he know that the reason for my coyness was because I was wearing nothing, save for my singlet and the new, lacy pant he got me last week?

My dad could be everything good, but he was definitely a razz man. And I love him.

Chapter 2: A Sorrowful Christmas


“...yeah just make sure you submit the files to Melinda before leaving.” Father said and brought his conversation to an abrupt halt. He just had an hour call in front of me.

All I heard from the female voice on the receiving end was just ‘yes sir’. She kept repeating the words with deference, and it almost sounded like she was kneeling down as she said those words. Father's power knew no bounds. It thrilled me and alarmed me at the same time.

Imagining that I would one day be the one receiving business calls like this, caused goosebumps to erupt on my skin. Me that could not even maintain a long eye contact? I sure had a lot of training to do.

“So how's my baby girl faring?” Father nudged me gently.

“I’m so excited.” I whined gaily.

“Sure you are. It's written all over your cute face.”

Now, that was my father. Always lavishing me with words of endearment.

I shifted my hands and placed them on the th


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