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CONTRACTED REVENGE: love and revenge

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Giselle Jones, known as Pamela Benson is on a mission to murder her parent's killers. All her plans are brought to nuts when she is diagnosed with amnesia. She is taken in by the Jones', being cared for until she is able to remember her past. She is employed as a staff member in a company. The CEO on the other hand is being pestered by his parents to get a wife. He thinks of what to do and brings Giselle in the picture, asking her for a contract. Months later, Giselle regains her memory before her marriage to her Boss. She resumes with her mission. However, I gets worse when the last man standing is her boss's Father. What will she do? Kill him?


Mrs. Benson smiled as she watched her little angel, Pamela, run up to her. It was a beautiful scene to behold. "Mum! Mum!" She hopped on the mat her mum had just spread and looked up at her excitedly.

"There's a cute little pond over there," Her hands were outstretched as she eagerly pointed her index finger towards an oak tree, a big one, and behind it was a cute little pond just like she said.

It was surrounded by cute tiny grey rocks and tall green grasses. Water lilies floated on the water. The soft rays of the morning sun penetrated the shallow water making it look more enchanting and beautiful.

From where they looked, the water bubbled and they both gasped as a tadpole hopped out onto a lily pad. It was such an adorable tadpole.

"Aww," Mrs. Benson cooed.

Mr. and Mrs. Benson had intentionally chosen the location as Pamela seemed to have a thing for nature.

She smiled as she looked back at her daughter.

Over the past years, Pamela had grown into a smart, sweet, and adorable young girl. She had been their only child and they showered her with so much love.

Pamela raced back to the pond but stopped to hide behind the big oak tree to admire the tiny fishes that had clustered there, and of course, the very adorable tadpole too. She took pictures of them and then jumped out to frighten them.

Mrs. Benson's eyes sparkled as she smiled. She felt her husband's hand on her shoulder.

"She's so full of energy," She muttered adoringly, gripping her husband's hand on her shoulder.

"I know, right?" Mr. Benson looked ahead, then bent to give Mrs. Benson a quick sloppy kiss on the lip, "she's the best thing that happened to us".

And both of them stared lovingly at her as she carefully and silently took pictures of the fishes that swam around.

"She'll be busy with lots of editing today," Mrs. Benson chuckled.

"Little me is growing up to be a badass editor," Mr. Benson commented as he watched Pamela take more pictures.

"Oh, now she's little you, huh?" Mrs. Benson softly pinched the hand on her shoulder.

"Ouch! Violence is never the answer."

Mrs. Benson giggled as she stood up and playfully smacked her husband on his well-muscled chest, "you're such a baby!" Then she sashayed her hips as she went to get more stuff from the truck, earning a lustful whistle from her husband.

Mr. and Mrs. Benson both got to work and got the place ready for their picnic.

"Pamy sweetie," Mr. Benson called softly, "come give mummy a hand here, will ya?"

"Yes dad!" she yelled back.

Mrs. Benson and her daughter got the steaks and snacks ready as Mr. Ben assembled the picnic table.

"Okay! Family!" Mr. Benson yelled as he stood in front of the truck with his legs apart and his two hands in the air, each hand holding a big toy gun. "It's picnic day, let's make it memorable!"

And so they did as they ran after one another and had loads of fun.

They had fun.

They feasted on Mrs. Ben's deliciously made steaks and ate to their fill.

Everyone was happy. It was obvious. They all smiled and laughed as they sat together on the mat, in the evening.

Mr. Ben's phone rang and he uncurled his hands from around his daughter, took a quick excuse, and went to take the call.

Pamela watched her dad curiously. He seemed angry, annoyed even. He grabbed his hair a few times then put his free hand on his waist and paced back and forth.

Pamela frowned and tapped on her mom who was so absorbed in what she was doing on her phone, all smiles.

"Mum!" Pamela called, slightly vexed.

She didn't hear her daughter as her smile grew wider.

"Muuuummm," she whined, tapping her again.

Mrs. Benson jerked back as she felt a tap on her shoulder, "Yes, love? Sweetie, what is it?"

"Mum, It's family time."

"Sorry baby, I just had to do some things. I'm through now," She finished, tucking her phone away.

Pamela smiled then suddenly frowned again immediately causing her mum's facial expression to match hers.

"I almost forgot," Pamela muttered, as she looked toward where her dad was standing again.

He wasn't there anymore. "He has probably walked away," She thought as she faced her mom.

"Sweetheart?" Mrs. Benson called worriedly, caressing her daughter's hair.

"I saw dad," She began. "His phone rang and he went to take the call but he seemed to be having a heated argument with someone."

"Really?" Her mum frowned.

"It seemed intense, mum. I hope dad isn't fighting with anyone," She said to her mum, worriedly looking around.

"No baby, No," Mrs. Benson also looked around as she assured her daughter. "Your dad is not fighting with anyone. Maybe it's just some negligent worker at work."

"I hope so," Pamela sings as she toyed with her camera, seeming less worried.

"Wow!" Mrs. Benson gasped, "are those the pictures you took? They're so lovely!"

"Look at your father, all smiles," She said as she looked at the pictures.

"This weather seems perfect. We should take more pictures. Where's your father?" Mr. Benson asked, looking around again.

"Wait here, baby. Let-"

Pamela interrupted her mum. "Mum! I'm not a baby anymore," She said giggling. "I'm fifteen," She said slowly, holding up a palm. "Before you know it, I'll be sixteen and I'll start dating."

"You're my baby, baby. You'll always and forever be my baby even till you get old."

"Oh please mummy, that sounds so cheesy," Pamela smiled.

Mrs. Benson laughed, ruffling her daughter's hair.

"Okay, I'll go get your father."

"Aye mother!"

Mrs. Benson laughed as she walked away, and Pamela looked after her. She smiled. Her mom has always looked so young and beautiful. Plus she's smart.

It's no surprise why dad loved her so much.

She is tall and slender with fat in the right places. She is beautiful, almost perfect just like dad.

But dad has once told her that no one is perfect as everyone has a flaw. It was hard to believe what her dad said as her life and family seemed perfect.

What Pamela loved most about her mum was the way she walked. With beautiful slender legs, she walks with so much confidence, she walks like she owns wherever she walks in, and she commands attention. Her mum is a very confident woman and she always prays that she'll grow into a beautiful and confident woman just like her mom.

She also never forgets to pray for a boyfriend just like her dad.

She smiled, said a short prayer, and went back to her camera, clicking random pictures of her surroundings.

"Ben?" Mrs. Benson called again as she looked into the small clearing where her husband stood.

Mrs. Benson stopped to admire the work of art she had been gifted.

He was tall, one of the plenty things she loved about him, was his height. Obviously, his height came with long well-muscled legs that went up to meet with lean hips and a muscled tummy.

And then his chest, wide and obviously, well muscled too. She loved it, it was so broad and she was always glad to spend the entire night there.

What Mrs. Benson loved most about Ben was his personality.

He was full of humour. The very first time they met, he got her laughing her *ss out.

He was patient, surprisingly patient, and calm. It's very rare to see Ben riled up or arguing with anyone.

Which brought a frown to Mrs. Benson's face.

"Ben," She finally walked to him.

He looked up at her and his frown decreased at the sight of her.

She put a hand on his shoulder, he was tense.

"Okay, I really would not want this to cause a rift between us."

He said to the other person on the phone.

"Okay then, bye."

"Honey?" She called worriedly, wrapping her hands around his neck, "is everything alright?"

He gripped her by the waist and lifted her then dropped her.

Mrs. Benson giggled, "you're not escaping the question, Ben".

Mr. Ben sighed.

"Who were you on the phone with?" Mrs. Benson asked.

"It's them again," He said simply.

"Oh no," Mrs. Benson moaned worriedly.

"But I don't want to ruin the day so we'll talk when we get home, alright?" He finished and kissed her on the forehead.

"Okay then," She agreed.

Mr. Benson looked up, "it's getting late. We need to get going".

"Yeah, Pamela is waiting. We'll take some pictures and get going."

"Yeah! Let's make more memories!" Mr. Benson yelled as he carried his giggling wife, bridal style, and ran towards their daughter.

Pamela saw them coming, her dad was carrying her mom and they were both laughing.

"Perfect!" She muttered as she stuck her tongue out and took a shot.

"Perfect! That shot came out perfect!"

She yelled excitedly.

Good and bad memories

"Picnic was fun!"

Pamela yelled excitedly as she hopped in the car.

"Thanks mum," She said as she hugged her mum.

"Thanks pa," She said to her dad too as she took the hand he stretched out.

"I took lots of pictures and they all came out really good. I think that area where we had our picnic is just so scenic. It's perfect for taking pictures."

"You see that one of you guys running towards me? It was the best!"

"So natural, unplanned. You both looked so carefree and utterly happy."

She suddenly gasped, "and you need to see the pictures of the pond and the lilies and the tadpoles and the fishes," She moaned, "ahh they're breathtaking."

And she rambled on and on clicking away on her camera.

Even as her dad's phone began to ring repeatedly.

She knew something was wrong. It was a gut feeling and her guts were always right.



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