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Come To My Bed, Boss

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Until now, I still felt that what happened to me was very ridiculous, because I cheated on him at my wedding. I was just an ordinary woman, and my lover was a well-known local tycoon. The reason why I could get in touch with him was all thanks to my husband.

Chapter 1 Faux Pas

Until now, I still felt that what happened to me was ridiculous because I cheated on my husband.

I was just an ordinary woman, but my lover was a well-known local tycoon. The reason I got involved with him was all thanks to my husband.

At that time, the company of my husband, Adonis Gould, was awarded a big project and he invested all his savings into it. As the project was getting closer to its completion, the other party decided to withhold the last 15 million dollars from the project fund for no reason.

During this period, Adonis had tried to reason with them many times, but they were tough and determined not to give it to him.

As his company was about to go bankrupt, the houses and the cars we owned would soon be impounded. I got so infuriated about it, that I decided to confront the owner of the company for the sum owed to us. However, before I could even enter the gate of the James family, I was driven out.

I tried every idea I could think of in the next few days, but none of them worked. Just when I was at a loss, I accidentally found out from Adonis that the leader of the James family, Kristian, was staying at Nimbus Hotel for a vacation.

At that time, I thought it was the only chance and I didn't want to miss it. Even if Kristian was a tiger, I would demand the money back from him.

For that reason alone, I specifically inquired for information about the room where Kristian stayed. When I arrived at the hotel, I went straight to the door of his room.

According to my original plan, I should have been knocking on his door without any hesitation. But at this moment, I suddenly felt a little nervous. Just when I was hesitating, the door suddenly opened by itself.

Then I was dragged in by someone huge and he cornered me against the door.

Instinctively, I wanted to run away, but I couldn't move at all when he had me pinned against the door. I saw his face clearly. It was Kristian. But the smell of alcohol all over his body was like an omen. I tried to explain but his big mouth blocked mine, so all my cries were muffled.

I struggled hard against his advances, but he picked me up and threw me onto the bed. He tied me up with the bedsheet. I cried and cursed, but my clothes were still torn off and thrown to the ground piece by piece.

The moment he entered me forcefully, I bit down on his shoulder hard. The metallic taste of blood in my mouth could not wash away my shame.

Tears streamed down my face as I allowed him to torment me. In the end, there was even a hint of indescribable joy in this overwhelming shame!

After the incident, Kristian seemed to be more conscious. He handed me a cheque and asked me to leave. Obviously, he thought I was a prostitute.

Feeling ashamed and angry, I tore the cheque in half, and ran out crying with only a towel wrapped around my body.

Even if I called the police, they would only find out that I entered his room willingly, so it'd be a losing battle.

My skimpy outfit attracted the attention of countless people on the road. When I got home, I was surprised to find no one there.

My mother-in-law was not at home, Adonis wasn't too.

Knowing that no one was home made me feel relieved. I hurried to take a bath and a long shower to get rid of the smell of that man.

I got changed and waited for Adonis at home. I didn't know how to explain it to him!

I cheated on my husband. Could he bear such cruel news now?

A few days ago, he tried to commit suicide once. If I hadn't found him in time, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Additionally, my mother-in-law was a very wise woman. I decided to just keep the news to myself.

I didn't even dare to ask Adonis about his night as he wasn't home. Fortunately, he didn't ask about my night.

When he heard that I was unsuccessful in my attempts of asking for the money, Adonis's face turned a little pale. He then suggested to file for a divorce because he didn't want to drag me into this mess.

"No, I don't want a divorce! We'll just keep asking for the money from them. If that doesn't work, we can take them to court. Worse comes to worst, we'll just start all over again!" I felt guilty. How could I leave Adonis at this time?

But no matter what I said or did to persuade him, Adonis was determined to get a divorce.

I could only ask my mother-in-law for help. She wiped her tears and said she wouldn't get involved between us.

I read the divorce documents. In the documents, it was stated that I would be given a small house, no strings attached.

Adonis was going to carry the blame all by himself. The more he behaved this way, the more uncomfortable I felt.

I had already made up my mind that we would not get divorced. I must find Kristian again and make sure he paid us what was due to the family.

Chapter 2 Cheating

That night, I accidentally left my phone and purse in the room.

So this time, I requested to see Kristian at the front desk and told them the room number and the date I visited.

I felt sad when the receptionist gave me a contemptuous look, but I was more afraid that he would not see me.

Half an hour later, Kristian's assistant, Gary Nolan, returned my purse and phone to me as well as the cheque from that night.

"Miss Cervantes, Mr. James doesn't wish to hear from you again!"

Obviously, he thought I was playing hard to get. If not, why would I deliberately leave my phone and  purse there?

I kept the cheque of one hundred thousand dollars under his contemptuous gaze and handed my business card to him.

"Please inform Mr. James that he still owes our family a total of four hundred and ninety thousand dollars!" Having said that, I decided to wait for him downstairs.

I had no intentions of leaving that day.

"If he doesn't want to see m


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