Captured - The Royal Obsession

Captured - The Royal Obsession

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Shruti Omar
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 9
  • 3.0
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"Move an inch and I'll kill you," She pointed the gun at him and gulped the breath. He watched her daringly, eyes squinting at her shivering hands and a smirk forming on his lips. "If you do that, I promise you'll never be able to walk straight again! So, I want my gun back and you... on the bed, sweetheart, because you've really pissed me off today!" *** When an unfortunate incident in the family brings Matsyaa Rathore into the land of Royals, she catches the eye of a notorious crown prince and becomes his untamed fantasy. His obsession has turned her life into a nightmare. She lives like a prisoner in her own house. To end this madness, she fights him, resists him, and challenges him. Just about everything she must not be doing. They say Ranvijay Singh Raghuvanshi is God for his people, and this time the 'God' wants Matsyaa; all for himself. Will Matsyaa be able to free herself, or will Ranvijay capture her for the rest of her life?


At that moment, Matsyaa recited all the prayers she remembered. Bribed the higher powers with the impossible and begged her fate to work in her favor as she jumped off the window, tightly holding onto the makeshift rope. She carefully started to slide down but while doing so, she forgot to keep herself steady and lost her hold clumsily.

“No, no, no, noooo!” Her terrorized screams filled the air around her and her delicate body floated down the height at the full tilt. She pressed her eyes closed, anticipating the hard collision with the unforgiving ground beneath.

But it never came. Instead, she felt herself being caught in a pair of… strong arms.

“I got you, sweetheart!” A velvety voice beguiled her in the false sense of security and her heart flipped in terror. She knew that voice very well. It was her bane.

With great reluctance, she opened her eyes and caught the icy, blue stare pinned on her face. It was so intense that she shivered to her bones. Tears pooled in her eyes because she knew that she failed. And, now, she was in the arms of the devil. His piercing gaze, teeming with fury, sized her up, possibly searching for the unpleasant damage.

“Your effort was great.” Ranvijay’s voice was a cold blend of danger and mockery as he assessed the height to the window, “But the idea was foolish. It lacked conviction. I didn't think you were so stupid!”

Matsyaa struggled to say something but her lips froze. She fought back a sob, closing her eyes. She knew she was done. He wasn't going to leave her, and if anything else, she had just moved her stars into the doom. He was a very dangerous man. One that she was beginning to fear.

“How can you forget it, Matsyaa?” All humor gone, Ranvijay leaned into her ear and whispered dangerously, “I will catch you. No matter where you are. Always. Every time.”

Heart pumping loudly, Matsyaa felt her world crashing down as he carried her inside his palatial universe with no intentions to free her, ever.

Chapter 1

It was her third visit to India.

Matsyaa was three when her parents took her to Jaipur for the first time to introduce her to the family. The second time, she was eleven and her grandfather had passed away. This time, she was a twenty years old, gorgeous girl—working towards her degree in Archeology—and flying to see her ailing uncle.

Her father’s younger brother, Indian Industrialist Ashish Rathore, was severely ill. He was due for a heart surgery and his chances of survival were slim. Her father had departed earlier to make sure his brother received the best medical treatment and she was leaving today with her mother, but the weather was dull just like her mood and their flight was delayed.

Even though she was constantly in touch with her cousins, she just wanted to get there as soon as possible because it might be the last time she would get to see her uncle. The latest news said that he had gone into surgery and they would have to wait fo


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