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Broken Dreams #1 / Slow Burn - Age Gap - Billionaire - BDSM

Broken Dreams #1 / Slow Burn - Age Gap - Billionaire - BDSM

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A slow burn romance with an age gap between a billionaire Dominant and a young submissive. FIRST BOOK IN THE BRAVE TRILOGY. ATTENTION READERS! A VERY NICE GIRL CONTACTED ME AND ASKED ME TO LEAVE THE LARGER CHAPTERS. SHE EXPLAINED TO ME THAT AS YOU PROGRESS IN READING, THE CHAPTERS COST MORE AND MORE COINS. AND IT IS GETTING VERY EXPENSIVE! THEREFORE, I AM JOINING TWO CHAPTERS INTO ONE. INSTEAD OF HAVING TWO UPDATE CHAPTERS WITH MORE OR LESS 1500 WORDS EACH, YOU WILL HAVE A CHAPTER OF 3000 THOUSAND WORDS. WELL, I HOPE IN THIS WAY I WILL BE COLLABORATING TO PROGRESS IN YOUR READING. SORRY IF THIS MAYBE A LITTLE CONFUSION. ANY DOUBT ABOUT WHERE TO FIND THE CHAPTER WHERE YOU STOPPED READING, LEAVE A COMMENT AND I WILL ANSWER PROMPTLY. SEE YOU LATER. SYNOPSIS: Maya Valentine is a young university student full of dreams. Her plans are: graduate from college, become a great doctor and find the perfect man with whom to share her glories and defeats. But life lays out plans for her that are very different from those laid out on a sheet of paper. Amid so many ups and downs, tears and pain, Maya will have crucial choices to make not only for herself, but also for her family. Choices that many don't believe are right. At the feet of a mature man, she will encounter many challenges and will have to learn to live in a way she never imagined, submitting to the whims of an experienced Dominator in exchange for the help she needs.

Chapter 1




Life is not made of easy choices. Sometimes there are times when we reach crucial points where we must decide between keeping our values imposed by a hypocritical society or risking ourselves for the ones we love.

It's hard when we discover that these will be the first to leave us behind, without making the slightest effort to understand the why of our choices.

To be judged and thrown into time by one's own luck, by those who have sworn to love and protect us from the beginning of our lives, is the worst pain and contempt anyone can feel.

Something I've learned from this, in a tough way, is that it doesn't matter how good you've been to these people. In the end, they will be the ones who will throw stones at you.


At eighteen I was accepted to the University of Houston in Texas on a full scholarship. A future doctor in the family was a source of great pride for everyone, especially my father, Teddy. He nailed my acceptance letter to the refrigerator door for months, displaying it to anyone who came to our house.

Every morning when he walked into the kitchen for coffee, he would look at her and smile like it was a signed check from many zeros on the right. I remember that the day I received the long-awaited mail, he spent hours on the phone telling everyone he knew that his little girl was going to college.

He was always a simple man, but owner of big dreams. The biggest one was that his only daughter could be someone in life with a diploma in hand. The second, he accomplished six years ago when he finally got the project off the ground and opened his own antique car restoration workshop.

But sometimes joy has an expiration date. His business hadn't been going well in recent months. Debt and more debt had been piling up since we found out my mother, Meredith, was sick. She was the best mother, wife, daughter, and friend anyone could have the pleasure of knowing.

He was torn between work and hospital, but it was tricky to do that with the help of a few and with me being so far from home nine months a year. He still said he didn't get tired or mind making sacrifices for her, after all, they swore to love each other until death separated them, but I knew how hard it was for him.

As a child, I always admired the affection of both, with each other. Despite the hardships they faced together, their love was still unique and beautiful. I always thought that one day I would have with someone what my parents had as a couple and as a family, but that's not how it started for me.

My love life started with Mark: my first boyfriend, passion and first sex. I thought that virginity was something beautiful and delicate, that it should be given to those who proved to love you, or at least to those who believed they loved you.

We met at the university's welcome party in the first week of class. He smiled at me with those perfect white teeth, and I reciprocated, of course! Who wouldn't match that seductive smile?

An hour later I was lying in an unfamiliar bed and under Mark. When things got heated between us, I had to tell her that I was a virgin and that I wasn't ready to have sex, especially at a party and in someone else's bed. He said he thought it was beautiful and promised he would deserve it. I smiled silly, innocent, and almost passionately.

Mark filled my ears with things any foolish girl would want to hear: “That's amazing!”, “You're wonderful!”, “You respect yourself!”, “Women like you are special”, and I believed it.

A month had passed since that party, and I had a beautiful boyfriend who prepared the perfect evening which I would give him what we both desired. My first night happened and it was all romantic and perfect. Mark took us out of town on a cabin in the mountains. We had a candlelit dinner, hot baths in the hot tub, and hot sex for three days.

When we completed nine months of dating, we were happy and fulfilled, I thought I had found the right person for my life, whom I would marry after graduation.

It was at the same party where my path crossed with his that I met Penny: the girl who became my newest best friend and confidant. She came over complimenting my dress and I complimented her shoes. We talked, drank a few beers and she introduced me to a few people. Penny was the kind of friend who got into trouble for you and who, when she did something stupid, she wasn't afraid to tell me. She completed my happiness away from home.

But the magical pink bubble of happiness I lived in for nine months burst when my dad left a three-minute voicemail message that changed my world. It was the sad news that my mother had stage two breast cancer. That same day, I returned home a week earlier than scheduled, prepared to face the diagnosis with my parents.

I was by his side during his recovery from a total mastectomy and all the radiotherapy and chemotherapy sessions that happened during my summer vacation. My father made a great health plan, which gave her a quick treatment and with maximum comfort. I knew it wouldn't come cheap and that it was beyond our pockets, but we couldn't measure efforts for my mother.

When the holidays were over, I returned to the university in early September with the good news that she was finally finding her way to heal.

With my father in debt, he could no longer help me stay in college. I made some efforts and gave up my curriculum of subjects to work at night. It was hard to get used to the new routine, but it was going well.

In the mornings, I attended classes. In the afternoons I studied in the campus library with my study group; and at night, she worked as a waitress at Roger's, a local bar near the university. The salary wasn't bad, but the schedule was tiring. However, the tips paid off, even more so on show nights.

Nine months later, when I least realized it, the holidays were approaching again. The tight routine only got worse. Classes in college got harder and harder and took up more of the time I didn't have. At work, I started working even on holidays, so I didn't need my parents' help. On weekends I didn't work, I just studied for exams and exams. I almost didn't have time to date anymore.

I wasn't putting Mark on the back burner; I just couldn't give him all the attention he wanted or got from me before. I know how annoying it was for him to be with all our friends at the bar on a Friday night when each of them was drinking and having fun with their girlfriends while he was alone, and I was serving them. But still, that was no reason for him to hurt me or betray me in my own bed.

There was a Friday when I forgot to bring my documents for Roger to renew my employment contract for another nine months.

“I can't wait any longer, Maya. Enjoy that the band still tidies up the stage and go get your documents. We'll open in thirty minutes!” he said.

“Okay. I go back and forth quickly” I replied before leaving his office.

When I got to the parking lot, I found Dirck, our bartender, arriving for another shift.

“Dirck?” I called him as I approached.

“What's up, baby?” he asked smiling.

“Can you lend me your car? I must go to the fraternity and come back in half an hour” I asked with a dull smile.

“Sure!” agreed by throwing me his car key and blinked.

I drove to campus and entered the house where I lived with fourteen other girls. I climbed the two flights of stairs that led to the second floor and by the time I set foot in the hallway, I could already hear groans and all exasperated calls.

“Mark! Please... fuck me hard!” begged the panting voice between moans.

“Mark?” I repeated whispering the name I had just heard.

With each step down the hall, the moans grew louder and louder. I followed the sound that led me to my bedroom door, and before I opened it, I finally recognized the voice that was screaming wildly. It was from Violet, my roommate.

I opened the door slowly and walked in, stopping at her doorframe. I couldn't believe what I saw. I felt the walls around me spin and my stomach wrap. They continued for a few more seconds, maybe a minute, until they noticed my presence.

Violet was the first. She screamed in amazement, pushing Mark off her and trying to cover herself with the crumpled, sweaty sheets. Mark stood up grabbing the pillow lying on the floor and covering his cock with it. Violet brought her knees to her breasts and hugged her legs as she cried apologetically. Mark was pale-faced and eyes wide, staring at me speechlessly. I waited for him to say something, but nothing came out of his half-open mouth.

I turned my back on both, but before I could walk through the door, I looked to the side and saw my bag on the dresser, reminding me of what I had gone to do there. I picked it up and slammed the door behind me. I walked down the steps slowly trying to digest what I had just witnessed.

When I got into the room, I heard Mark scream for me in the hallway. I hurried my steps and ran past the front door, going to the car and getting in fast starting the engine. The two left the house disheveled and poorly dressed, asking me to wait so we could talk. Ignoring them, I accelerated the car, burning the tires on the asphalt.

On the way back to work, I held back my crying and focused on how the night could fill my pockets with good tips. I parked the car in the employee parking space and walked into the bar, heading straight to Roger's office. I handed him my papers and went out grabbing my apron and tray over the beverage counter.

The bar was starting to fill up; it was concert night. Nights like this are usually the best, there are always handsome men with good tips. However, I wasn't in the mood to smile at them this one today. I was disappointed and heartbroken.

How can he betray me? I gave him everything I could, I gave myself body and soul.

I was halfway through my workday and hadn't given much talk to my co-workers, or the college ones who showed up. I remained quiet with a huge pain in my chest, which was eating away at me from the inside. I wanted to scream and punch those two traitors in the face, but I couldn't act angry. I tried not to remember my good times with Mark, because those memories burned my brain. No girl deserved to be betrayed or hurt by an idiot she loved.

Soon the end of the night came, and I had two hundred dollars in my apron pocket. That was undoubtedly one of the best nights at Roger's. After clearing the tables and putting the trash out, I handed the car key to Dirck and thanked him for the loan. He offered to take me to the fraternity, and I accepted. It was past three in the morning, and I was too tired to walk a mile.

“Are you alright?” he asked on the way.

“No” I replied sincerely, feeling a cake form in my throat and my eyes burn as they became teary.

“What is happening?” he asked, showing concern in his voice.

“I was betrayed” I revealed at once.

Dirck slowed the car down and looked at me as he stopped at the red light with a face of astonishment.

“Are you serious?” he asked incredulously.

“I am.” I leaned my head back on the back of the bench and closed my eyes holding back my crying. “But I didn't want this to be real” I whispered honestly.

“Wow... Maya. I don't even know what to say.”

“Okay. No need to say anything.”

“I'm sorry” he said as he parked the car in front of the fraternity.

“Me too. Thanks for the ride, Dirck.” I said goodbye to him with a kiss on his cheek and got out of the car.

Upon entering the house, everything was dark and silent. All the girls were asleep, except one who entered right behind me.

“Maya!” Penny called out loudly to me as she walked through the door.

“Wow!” I exclaimed when I saw her wearing a bright dress and high heels. “Where was it?” I asked curiously.

“With a guy” she replied, laughing out loud.

“Shhh... It's going to wake up the girls!” I whispered.

“Sorry” she said softly. “I drank.”

“I'm smelling it” I whispered back.

Penny hugged me and we climbed the stairs together. Her room was facing mine, and when we got there, I helped her open the door and put her inside, bidding her goodnight before leaving. I stopped in front of my bedroom door, not having the courage to enter. I was afraid that the two of them were still inside.

“All good?” Penny asked when she opened the door and still saw me in the hallway.

“Can I sleep with you today?” I asked staring at the white wood in front of me.

“Yes, you can. Of course.” he allowed.

We went into his bedroom, and I sat on the edge of his wide double bed. Penny slept alone. She could afford to pay the rent for a dorm just for herself, without having to subject herself to sharing it with someone.

“Will you tell me what happened?” she asked as he sat down in the chair at the study table across from me.

I began to cry like a lost child of his parents. I let the scenes from earlier that night roll loose in my head. I spent all night repressing them and trying to be strong because I needed to work. Penny knelt in front of me and held my hands firmly between hers.

“What happened, Maya? Is it your mother?” she asked worriedly.

“No” I said through tears, nodding.

“What was it, then? It's scaring me.”

“Mark betrayed me.”

“He what?” she asked loudly and incredulously. “When and with whom?”

“I don't know how long it's been going on, but I found out today when I caught them in my bedroom and on top of my bed.”

“Did that son of a bitch cheat on you with one of our sisters?” That's how she referred to the other girls in the fraternity. “Who's the bitch?” she asked angrily.

“It's Violet” I replied so low, it came out like a whisper.

“Violet?” She paused for seconds trying to comprehend what I had just told her. “Oh... but I kill that bitch!” she said hatefully.

Is... I wanted to kill her too, but getting my hands dirty with that wouldn't be worth it. Penny held me and comforted me, being a good best friend.

After that night, a few days later I returned home and began to enjoy my much-loved summer vacation with my family. The weeks went by, and I forgot more and more about the guy who hurt me. Soon it was time to go back to college and my arduous routine.

I moved into Penny's bedroom and even though she refused, I insisted on paying the other half of the rent. Violet began to avoid me in every way, but sometimes it was impossible not to meet since we lived in the same house. Mark tried to talk to me a few times, but I just ignored him entirely. It was hard, but I made it. Roger started doing shows more often, which was good, but more tiring.

Nine months passed and another school year was almost over. It had been a year since Mark and I broke up, but a few weeks ago I started having problems with him at the bar. He demanded that only I take his orders and always had a jealous rage after the fifth beer.

There was one night when he was very drunk and had just found out, through some damn gossip, that I was sleeping with one of his teachers. Not that this was a lie, or something hidden from him or anyone else, but it's just that I hated gossip, even more so when it ended up in the wrong ears.

Mark felt entitled to demand satisfaction from me and to play the bully when an old asshole put his hand on my ass and said disgusting things to me. I already knew how to settle with abusive clients, but my idiot ex-boyfriend didn't.

Last time, the old man abused. He gave me a hard slap on the ass, which made me feel a burning in my skin and pulled me by the arm into his lap. Mark got up from where he was and came towards us, in strides and hurriedly. He grabbed my forearm stupidly and pulled me off the old man's lap, pushing me aside.

He grabbed the man by the collar of his battered leather vest and got him to his feet, punching him in the wrinkled face, causing him to stagger back and fall onto the table, dropping the beer bottles over it. The men who were with the old man got up and a fight broke out.

Soon Roger appeared and Dirck jumped over the counter to help sort out the mess. Punches and bottles flew everywhere, hitting even those who weren't in the fray. I, from a safe distance, yelled for Mark to stop punching the old man, but he ignored me entirely.

Roger managed to contain the fight with a baseball bat in his hand and got everyone out of the bar. The old man and his gang, with Mark and his friends equally drunk. Another waitress showed up with cloths and shovels to clean up the mess. Dirck grabbed a cloth and lowered himself beside me, helping me gather the thousands of shards of glass strewn on the floor as I wiped away the spilled drinks mixed with the trampled food.

I apologized to everyone for what happened. I was embarrassed and feeling extremely guilty for ruining so many people's evenings, including my co-workers. Roger stepped back inside and walked past me stomping the hardwood floor, which creaked in tense silence.

“This is already the third time, Maya. There won't be a fourth!” alerted me.

“Damn!” I exclaimed softly, watching him walk nervously towards his office.

Chapter 2


Being in the third year of college is not easy at all. Even more so when you work at night. I was working harder than ever and studying madly for the final exams that would free me up for another summer. I was living a countdown to return home and accompany my parents who were going through another difficult phase in life. My mother was sick again. Now, the cancer was much more complicated than the previous one.

When finally, the final exams were over, I decided to take a break from the calculus teacher. Sex with him was cool, but nothing that surprised me or gave me the adventure I hoped to live with an older guy. As for Mark, after acting like a caveman a few nights ago, he didn't even try to apologize. Which proved he was dumber than I imagined.

It was Saturday night, and I was at home. Penny invited me to a party at a friend's house I didn't know. She said maybe I could find the adventure I was looking for and that's what convinc


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