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Boss, You Stole My Heart

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Marry the most powerful man in the whole country, and be the envy of everyone. Since then, Kairi's life had been going smoothly. She thought this marriage was a deal, both of them had their own purposes . Who knows that man affected her a lot and made her lose her heart... ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜

Chapter 1 Inspection

It was raining heavily and thundering.

In the luxury car parked on the side of the road, there was hot and heavy breathing. In the narrow space, the man pinned her down. He was not tired nor was he satisfied, he just wanted to have her again and again mercilessly.

"No—" Kairi was desperate, and suddenly she awoke from her dream.

Why was the incident that day haunting her dreams again?

Kairi bit her lower lip tightly as her heart seemed to be have missed a beat and her body trembled in pain.

She calmed down after a while and she looked around the strange room. After a few moments, she realised that tonight was her wedding night.

This room was her bridal chamber!

Kairi lowered her eyes as she thought about it. Her long and thick eyelashes covered the emotions in her eyes. She chuckled lightly to herself, she didn't know if it was a mocking laugh or a sad one.

A few days ago, she had just experienced betrayal, infidelity, and divorce. Fast forward to today, her parents had married her off to another person.

Who would have thought that this scarlet woman of the family would come in handy at a time like this. In addition to the handsome betrothal gifts for her family, she was also replacing her sister in this marriage.

She was married to this ruthless, malicious, and cantankerous man who was paralysed from the waist down. But, he was also the most powerful man in New York.

Suddenly, the door opened and Kairi instantly tensed up. She covered herself with the quilt and held onto the corner of the quilt tightly.

Kairi didn't dare to breathe as the sound of wheelchair rolling across the floor drew nearer and became clearer.

Through the darkness, she could see a figure looming closer and closer to her...

She was startled to feel a chill as the person approached. When Kairi realised that her feet were not covered by the quilt, she immediately withdrew them. At the same time, a big hand suddenly reached out and grabbed her feet tightly.

Due to the shock, her jade-like delicate feet recoiled tightly, and her pink and tender toes curled up together desperately.

Just when she was at a loss, she heard a man's light chuckle wafting over her head.

It was low, like a cello, with an irresistible charm.

"Stop, stop!" Kairi could no longer stand it and grabbed his big hand.

She trembled violently and said argumentatively, "Mister... Mr. Mccarthy, can you stop? I..."


Kairi's body stiffened. Through their hands touching, she could clearly feel herself shivering.

"Haha, you can really feign being innocent." The cold and deep voice was full of sarcasm.

Upon hearing his words, Kairi's pupils constricted as she remained on the bed. Could he possibly...

Chapter 2 Please Me

The man's eyes revealed a sharp gaze. Under his wolf-like eyes was an aquiline nose, and his razor thin lips curved into a mocking arc. Although he was sitting in a wheelchair, he had an intimidating aura, no one dared to get close to him.

"Is this the rumoured obnoxious person?"

Kairi was a little stunned momentarily. It wasn't until the air around her abruptly grew colder that she quickly covered herself with the quilt and sat up from the bed. She did not dare to look straight into the man's eyes and said sheepishly, "I, I am Dulce of course."

"Ha." Scott's gaze became more callous. He took out an envelope from his pocket and threw it in front of Kairi.

Kairi carefully picked up the envelope and opened it, only to find photos and information of her sister, Dulce.

So, he knew about her identity from the very beginning?

Kairi tightened her grip on the envelope. She bit her lower lip and glanced at Scott with her mirror-like, obsidian eyes.



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