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Billionaire's Lover

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July didn't believe in love until she fell into one with a hottie bachelor during their contract relationship. He wasn't only HOT, he was among the top richest in the city. Unfortunately, Damien wasn't the relationship type neither was she his type. After announcing the bad news to July-- she went home heart broken. She started thinking of her future letting go of every sad past. But what happens when her tomorrow turns out to be a play of the past? And her billionaire found her but his family was among the people that pushed her father out from his job. What fate is their relationship?

Chapter 1: Decision

The road is covered with old and new newspapers as the wind blows them to a different location, some fly and land in the dirty gutters while the remaining stay at the same spot, the bell rings from a distance, and birds fly helplessly chirping consistently; the street was lonely, dirty and quiet.

The buildings were all old and far from the mainstream of government, siren rings loudly as the corps' car zoom off the street splashing the dirty water over the rusty signboard "Dagenham Town, London" the letters show slightly blur.

Is this a rural district for peasants? One could tell with a look that it was an abandoned property.

The old Panasonic television lost signal and start making a funny noise while a young pretty lady shakes the antenna and signal wire annoyingly.

"July!" someone screams lovingly, she leaves the television and walks out of the room.

"Honey, why are you back so early?" a matured beautiful lady asks politely while her husband sits on the old rough armchair angrily.

"Mother, father" July calls as she walks into the living room and sits on the small cushion.

Mr. Thompson is the father to July and husband to Mrs. Sarah. He was a very wealthy man that works at the G group in Rollan city and urban city but was later fired for his incompetence, he moved to Dagenham with his family hoping on getting a new job but the result has always been futile thus he is currently jobless.

Mrs. Sarah Thompson is a full-time housewife and luckily she has the full support of her family but the money given to her isn't enough for the family's liberation.

July Thompson is their sweet understanding daughter, she is a successful graduate but unfortunately, her applications for jobs were not accepted in different companies. July is twenty years old, she loves writing novels, taking care of human beings and animals.

"Honey, you have to come up with a solution as our bills are increasing" Sarah complains sadly and Thompson sighs exhaustedly.

"Dad, is it your job again?" July asks sadly, Thompson nods resting his head on his palm sadly.

"If there is no solution, you should accept that of a security guard" July pauses.

"At least the pay can sustain us for months" July explains briefly with a sad smile.

"Can you hear yourself, July?" Thompson asks annoyingly.

"I, the former directing manager in G group should be a security guard!" Thompson emphasizes annoyingly.

"Tom!" Sarah snorts angrily.

"What did you call it? "Former" Sarah mocks slyly.

"It's the past. Right now, you have to take any job that comes your way else we will become homeless overnight" Sarah informs vividly and leaves the room, Thompson sighs sadly.

"I'm sorry dad" July pleads sadly.

"Desperate times demand desperate measures" July informs courteously with a small smile and leaves to her room.

July enters her room and falls sadly on her bed, she faces the ceiling watching the fan rotate continuously.

She quickly stands up and walks over to her small reading table, she login into her application portal but there was no reply yet.

She login into few novel sites where she had uploaded her novels for contracts and paid stories; two were marked unapproved and three were still under review, she sighs sadly in depression.

"When will they approve my novels?" she mutters to herself as she moves the cursor to another tab clicking on Wattpad.

"Urg! Still, on one thousand views" she complains sadly to herself.

"My beautiful babies, when will Wattpad audience and publishers notice you?" she asks sarcastically while admiring the cover page of her novels, then a soft knock comes from the door.

"Darling" Sarah calls lovingly as soon as she enters the room and immediately July closes her laptop.

"What are you on?" Sarah asks anxiously as she takes a sit closer to July.

"Nothing serious mum";

"Was just checking the news" she smiles.

"Not yet hungry?" Sarah asks as she arranges July's reading desk.

"Mum" July holds her mother's hand on the desk.

"You and dad should eat";

"I am fine" she assures with a small smile, Sarah nods her head slowly.

"I and your father are blessed by heaven to have a chivalrous daughter like you" Sarah caresses her hair softly.

"Don't worry. I will plead with the G group directors";

"Sooner or later your father will be called back to resume" Sarah informs confidently.

"In richer and poorer, I am with you two" July informs with a bright smile.

"Come here" Sarah happily spread her arms and July embraces her tightly.


A bustling city, Commercial buildings, Rollan city urban district in London.

A young beautiful girl prepares coffee perfectly and sets them on the tray as another waitress carries the tray and places the coffee on the table of each customer's seat, the plaque on the transparent glass of the shop reveals the name of the spot as "T's coffee".

"I want five cups of coffee" a young man stands at the side of the counter while the lady turns impatiently.

"Sire" she calls in astonishment and he laughs.

"Not again boss";

"Good day," she greets politely as she takes a book and starts flipping through the pages.

"Rachael, how are you?"

Rachael Dylan, a graduate of business management now working at T coffee owned by Tony Stewart. She is also a long-distance friend of July.

Rachael responds to Tony with a nod and he sighs disappointedly.

"Are you free tonight?" Tony asks anxiously.

"Mr. Tony, after here I have other things to manage" Rachael informs courteously and faces another direction as her android phone rings loudly, she smiles on seeing the caller.

"Hello, Julie" Rachael squeals happily on the phone.

"Hey Rach, how have you been?" July asks anxiously and they exchange pleasantries, greeting each other's parents and all of it.

"So Rach, how is the stuff I ask for going?" July asks nervously on the phone.

"In as much as Rollan city is rich, it is very hard to get a job here";

"How about coming to Rollan city and try your luck?" Rachael explains and suggests sadly.

"I will give it a thought";

"Thank you," July said sadly.

"Cheer up b*tch, I am done reading your novels on Wattpad" Rachael tries to cheer July up.

"You are the best Rach!" July exclaims happily.

"I can't wait to see you, Julie";

"It's been over sixteen years of mobile calls" Rachael bluffs impulsively.

"Me too Rach";

"Take care for now" the call ends while Rachael quietly stares at her phone with a bright smile.

"Miss Rachael";

"Two cups of coffee and two pineapple buns" the waitress informs again politely.

"Oh," Rachael gazes at her in surprise and immediately prepares the order.

In the large office with expensive office inventories, Mrs. Victor Gerber a mature woman crosses her arms confidently on the chair facing Mrs. Sarah Thompson who is sitting across the desk nervously.

"The only reason I am still keeping you here is that you are a woman," Mrs. Victor Gerber said annoyingly with her hands clasped to the other.

"Please ma" Sarah pleads sadly.

"Is there no position available for my husband?" Sarah asks anxiously in a fearful tone.

"No" Mrs. Victor Gerber snorts immediately.

"He is not only a thief but a blatant liar" Mrs. Victor Gerber added rolling her eyes annoyingly.

"My husband is innocent, he was framed" Sarah defends courteously.

"Leave my office this instance".


Mr. Thompson reads the newspaper and writes down contact addresses sadly as July comes out of the kitchen holding a plate that contains chocolate.

"Dad, can I talk to you?" Jul asks politely while sitting down as Thompson nods his head slowly and covers the newspaper.

"What is it?" Thompson asks anxiously in a low tone.

"I am moving out of this house" July pauses with a small smile.

"As an adult, I have to move out of my comfort zone" July added vividly.

"You can't July."

"It's impossible." Thompson disagrees sadly.

"I have already made this decision dad, all I want is you and mum's support," she said politely.

Chapter 2: Rich Town, Poor Girl

The G group is a large company in London that specializes on production of Noodles and bottling.

"Mrs. Sarah, I'm being lenient with you" Mrs. Victor Gerber clasped her hands.

"My husband is not a thief, he was framed" Mrs. Sarah explains defensively.

"Leave my office this minute" Mrs. Victor Gerber snorts annoyingly.

"But ma, plea—"Mrs. Sarah tries to plead but Mrs. Victor immediately call the guards.

"It's impossible"

"You can't leave" Thompson disagrees bluntly.

"I have already made the decision dad, all I need is support from you and mum" July informs politely.

"How will you cope?"

"We have nothing to give you at the moment" Thompson complains sadly.

"Father, I am an adult. I can take care of myself" July assures with a small smile.

"I will inform your mother when she arrives&quo


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