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Billionaire's Ex-wife

Billionaire's Ex-wife

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Twenty years old Elena Millers thought she was happy. She didn't think anyone would do this to her. Made her break up with Alexander Black, the man she was married to. A man she gave her everything to. The only man she ever loved, even ignoring the fact that he was seven years her senior. She was abandoned by her own family and left to fend for herself and her unborn child. Years later, he came back to apologize after discovering their break up was due to some unknown forces. Will she be able to forgive him and accept him back? And most importantly,... Who the hell did this to her?

Chapter 1 Prologue


Hi, lovely readers.

As you read this novel, I know you'll love it, and I hope you do.

The setting, plot, characters, lifestyles, and everything in general is purely fictional, and any resemblance to any work, people, materials are purely coincidental.

When you end up loving it, please remember to show your love by rating and commenting.



Elena came running down the stairs in surprise as to how her husband yelled her name in that deep, manly voice of his. The voice sounded like he was angry. She doesn't remember doing anything to put him in that mode. She always makes sure she didn't due to how seriously short-tempered he is.


He suddenly flung pictures at her making her furrow her brows in surprise. She looked at him in confusion, and her gaze then dropped to the ground, on one of the pictures.

"So that is what you've been doing when I'm not around, ah?" Alexander accused. He felt betrayed.

Elena picked a picture, her mouth gaping in surprise at it. It was her naked, having sex with another man. It confused her to the core. Sent shivers down her spine.

She swallowed and looked at him, shaking her head in denial. "I...this isn't me, Alex. Believe me, it isn't."

"It looks like you, doesn't it? How could you do this to me, Elena? I gave you everything and this is WHAT I GET?" He yelled taking threatening steps toward her.

Elena kept shaking her head wanting him to believe her, tears snaking down her eyes. "I didn't, please..."

"STOP DENYING IT!" He shut her up. "And don't shed fake crap you call tears, because it won't work on me this time."

Elena let out a shaky breath. "But what...what if it isn't real? What if..."

He scoffed at her in disbelief, and. "You think I'm stupid, ah?" He questioned. "Those pictures..." He trailed off, pointing at the pictures on the ground.

"They are all authentic. You have no idea what you're making me feel right now and I'm gonna hate you for that."

The tears were rushing nonstop from Elena's eyes. She didn't know what else to say cause her husband won't have any of it. She was deeply scared.

"You and I are DONE."

The words sent shivers down her spine. Her face fell as she stared at him. "What?"

"Why? You think I'm gonna keep living with a cheater?" He queried.

Elena swallowed, her face blanched. "Honey, I didn't cheat..."

"DON'T CALL ME THAT! It's Mr. Black to you from now henceforth." He said dangerously.

Elena let out a hard breath, feeling like her world stopped at that moment, she could feel her heart thudding in her chest. His actions towards her, the coldness in his voice, his eyes blazed in anger as they condescend to her. It was a part of him he has never shown to her. It was like she was in new territory in his life

She put her hand on his arm. "Don't do this, please. I'm pre..."

"I do whatever I want, Elena. You know me better than anyone, or was I wrong?" He asked, brushing her hand off him.

Elena gulped, giving him pleading eyes. She really wanted him to calm down and truly believe she didn't do anything.

"Before I step my feet back into my house, I want you gone with all your things. Get your ass out of my life." He ordered harshly, with gritted teeth.

Elena shook her head, beginning to cry. "Please Alex, please don't do this." She desperately begged, falling on her knees, and holding his pantsuit. "Please I beg you. I've got nowhere else to go, please."

Alex was kinda affected, but the anger in his heart was greater, it blinded him. It obstructed his heart to show the part of him that makes him vulnerable. The love and affection he has for the woman that took him for granted.

He snatched his leg back and glowered at her. "I don't give a damn, Elena. You should have known that when you go opening your legs to someone else. Leave my home before I arrive and it's a warning."

She looked up at him, her eyes glossy with tears.

"But I'm pre..."

"You'll see me soon and that will be due to our divorce and after that, it's over."

Then he walked out on her, out the door he came in from, and into his car, leaving Elena crying her eyes out. She angrily scattered the pictures out of her sight as she cried. The pain she was feeling at that moment was overwhelming.

This was the last thing she would have expected, or she wouldn't have at all.

Twenty years old Elena Millers thought she was happy. She didn't think anyone would do this to her. Made her break up with Alexander Black, the man she was married to. A man she gave her everything to. The only man she ever loved, even ignoring the fact that he was seven years her senior.

Who the hell did this to her?

Chapter 2



The happy voices yanked Elena out of her sleep and a frown formed on her face as her window started streaming bright blinding light from it. She looked at her left with narrowed eyes and tried using her hand to shield the sun from her eyes as her son struggled to open the blinds.

She sighed and looked at her daughter, Amy in front of her, sitting on the bed with a bright smile on her face. Their enthusiasm made her remember what she promised them. "Oh." She breathed out.

"Don't tell me you forgot, mom." Her son, Xander uttered as he walked towards the other side, and climbed onto the bed.

Elena chuckled. "Of course, I didn't." She sat up from the bed. "But you haven't even given me a good morning."

They giggled and immediately hugged her with kisses on her cheeks. "Good morning, mommy." They greeted in unison.

She looked to see they were bot


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