Billionaire's Dark Desire

Billionaire's Dark Desire

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Ameiry Savar
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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She never wanted him. He had been wanting her for too long. She was forced to marry him. He waited for her. She despises him. He desired her. How long can she stop her feelings if she was slowly falling in love with the man who causes her pain? Would a man who had dark desires, can really fall in love… gently? ~~~ “I can’t wait that long, Miss Lichter.” “But why? I am not running away! I will do it! I will marry you!” Mateo’s ear rang when he heard Beatrice. He felt like he was begging Beatrice to marry him. He smirked and shook his head. He slowly looked at Beatrice with a grimace on his face. His pride couldn’t take what he had just said. “Beatrice…” Mateo whispered. “M-Mister Bruce.” Mateo blew on Beatrice's neck. He smirked when he saw her tiny hair stand up. “You smell so good, Miss Lichter,” he said. Then he gave her a kiss on her neck. When she didn’t move, he did it again. This time, Beatrice reacted and tried pushing him but he didn’t move. “P-Please…” Beatrice trembled. “Remember this, Beatrice. You needed me as much as I wanted you.” Mateo smelled Beatrice for the last time. “You wanted this marriage too. And you will want me too.” Billionaire’s Dark Desire © 2022 by Ameiry Savar

Chapter 1

“This is your fault! You witch!” Veronica shouted at her most while looking at Beatrice who was also crying. “If my husband dies! I will kill you!”

“I-I’m sorry, Moth–” Beatrice felt a hard thing land on her right cheek. It almost knocked her out if it were not because of her friend, Javier.

“Don’t you dare call me mother! I despise you!”

“Auntie! It’s not Beatrice’s fault! Why are you blaming her?” Javier said. He holds Beatrice and puts her behind him.

“Is it not, huh? Will you shut up, Javier?” said Clementine. Beatrice’s step-sister. She was standing on Veronica’s side and also torturing Beatrice.

Beatrice's father, David Lichter, got in an accident with Beatrice. Beatrice survived it but David did not and was in the emergency room now. Beatrice was running away from their home because she could not take the constant humiliation that she received from her stepmother and step-sister. Beatrice was the only daughter of David Lichter who owned the biggest and most successful resort in Armscombe. Lichter's are one of the prominent families too. But as the years pass, their money slowly runs out because of the lavish life of David’s new wife, Veronica Brown. And when this happened, Veronica wanted Beatrice to marry a wealthy man who she never knew. But Beatrice and David were hit by a car whose driver lost control when they were going home.

“If you only did not run away, David shouldn’t have followed you! He wouldn’t be in that car with you! This is your fault!” Veronica was once again enraged.

Beatrice could not say anything, just cried. She too has been blaming herself. She was furious with everyone because even her father wanted her to marry a man she doesn’t know. She shook her head and pushed Javier. Then she ran out of the hospital.

“That’s it! Go away, you shameful woman!”

Javier cannot believe Veronica’s words. He followed Beatrice and saw her in the park of the hospital. She was sitting on the benches crying herself out. Javier sighed and slowly walked near Beatrice. He sat down too.

“You know it’s not your fault, right?” Javier asked.

Beatrice sniffed. “How come it’s not my fault? If I didn’t run away. My father wouldn’t be inside that emergency room fighting for his life! It’s my fault, Javier. He was just worried for me.”

“You did not want that accident, okay? Come on. You should be checked by them too.”

Beatrice has wounds on her arms and forehead. Her arms were aching too but she did not mind it. Her father was the most important to her. The truth is, Beatrice is the only blood of David. Her biological mother died in labor. She was six years old when Veronica came into their life and Clementine was eight. They never had a good relationship even though Beatrice tried for her father.

“I’m okay.”

“Come on. Don’t be hard headed,” Javier insisted. Javier was the son of their maidservant. But Javier was one of the scholars of David that's why he becomes a fine man now. He had been a friend of Beatrice since they were kids.

“I-I just don't want to marry a stranger, Javier. Why couldn't my mother understand that? I never wanted to hurt my father.”

“I know… I know.” Javier put his hands on Beatrice's shoulder. “Let's go back inside first. I'm sure that Master wouldn't want to see you like this if he woke up.”

Beatrice nodded. She wiped her tears and walked while Javier was helping her. They went back inside. The nurses immediately helped her and cleaned her wounds. Luckily, she didn't get any damage from the accident. She was not surprised because her father hugged her when the accident happened.

'I'm sorry, Dad. I didn't mean to hurt you!'

Hours passed, and Beatrice went back in front of the surgery room where her father was still inside. Veronica and Clementine had been glaring at her since then. They cannot believe that Beatrice still has the guts on facing them after what happened.

After a while, a doctor went out of the room. Veronica immediately faced him and asked him worriedly.

“H-How was my husband? Is he okay now? Can we see him?” Veronica asked while crying. Clementine then was on her side trying to calm her.

“He is okay for a while. But he will need surgery again. And sadly, we cannot do it here.”

Veronica frowned. “What do you mean? I thought you already fixed him?!”

“The accident harmed Mr. Lichter that much. We had fixed his inside. But his brain is still bleeding and we still can't do brain surgery here. You will need to bring him to Bruce Medical Hospital in the next City. That your family surely can afford.”

Veronica was stunned because of what she heard. Bruce Medical Hospital was the most prominent hospital in the country. Just a night there costs up to fifty thousand dollars, and surgery causes almost half a million dollars. Just thinking about all the money they would need makes Veronica feel dizzy. She might not be a good stepmother, but she does love her husband.

“Mom! Mom!” Clementine panicked. She tried to catch her mother but she too was also in shock. Luckily, Javier helped and brought her to a room and let her rest.

Seeing this, the doctor went to Beatrice who was still standing on the side shaking.

“Miss. You are Mr. Lichter's daughter, right?” the doctor asked.

Beatrice tried to calm herself and nodded. “Y-Yes.”

“Please tell your mother when she calms down that your father needs to be brought to BMH tonight. We will need you to settle everything here first and you should ready your money for BMH. They will ask you for the first payment there. Do you understand?”

Beatrice nodded even though she was out of her mind. She can’t stop thinking about her father’s situation.

“I will go now. Someone will come here to help your family with the papers. We will prepare Mr. Pitcher too.”

“T-Thank you,” Beatrice answered.

The doctor nodded at her and then went away. Beatrice's knees shook and she sat down on the waiting chairs. She cried again, blaming herself because of what just happened to her father. Now his life was endangered because of her. She might still be studying in college, but she already knew that their family business was failing.

“You!” Veronica shouted.

“Mrs. Lichter! You need to go back to your room and rest!” Javier was trying to stop Veronica. As soon as he put her to bed, Veronica woke up again raving. She was looking for Beatrice.

“Mom, please! I don’t want you to be in danger too because of that woman!” Clementine cried.

Beatrice gulped and stood up when she heard her mother. Veronica did not listen to them and rushed to Beatrice. She immediately slapped her in the face. Beatrice fell down and cried.

“This is your fault! If you only agreed this would not happen anymore! How can we pay for your father’s hospital bill now? How can we bring him to that hospital for his surgery?! You are a stroke of bad luck to this family! I hate you!” Veronica sat down without thinking her red gown was damaged. She keeps on striking Beatrice who was not saying any words anymore. She was just crying herself out thinking of her father’s situation.

Maybe, she should have agreed with her mother. She doesn’t want to marry because of money but now… They need it.

When Veronica calms down, she sits on the waiting chair.

Javier then helped Beatrice to stand up. Her arms were more aching now because of what Veronica did. But it does not compare to the pain in her heart now. She still has a lot of dreams for herself and her father. When she finished college, she helped in their company. She was so sure that she would be successful in time. But how can she do it? Her father will be dead because of her not doing anything. Causing the accident was already too much for her. She must do something for her family.

Beatrice gulped and wiped her tears. Then she looked at Veronica with her teary eyes.

“F-Fine. I-I will do it. I will marry him.”

Chapter 2

“You don’t have to do this, Beatrice!” Javier was trying to stop Beatrice.

They were in the hospital’s comfort room. Beatrice was cleaning herself because they were going to Bruce’s mansion. The place where the man who wanted to marry Beatrice lives. Beatrice never minds if Javier is also in the comfort room. She was changing her clothes in the cubicle and Javier was just outside waiting for her. It was okay for her because Javier was a good man. She treats her as the brother she never had. Also, she always felt safe when she was with him.

“Then what should I do, Javier? I cannot let my father die. He is my only family,” Beatrice answered. She grunted when she tried to wear the dress brought to her by their maid. “I need to do this. At least for my father.”

“No. This is never for your father. You know that your stepmother–”


“Fine! Mother. You know it is her that will be happy only. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself!”

Beatrice went out


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