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Be my slave for a night

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Angela has been having a hard time finding a job. It's unknown to her that Jeremy, her ex-fiance, has been the reason behind her application rejections. Almost giving up on her career, she receives a call to come back from Benedict, her former colleague. After typing her application letter, a feud of encouragement and discouragement arises between her two best friends. Tired of watching the two fight over her application letter, Angela summons the courage to end their friendly argument by clicking the send button on her keyboard. Maya is in total disagreement about having their friend open herself to what she considers would be another job rejection. Amelia chooses to oppose Maya's weak assertions. However, as the application letter was already sent, Maya had to heed to the support your friend syndrome by opening an aged wine, one she has been guarding close to her heart, just to celebrate Angela's Zeal to continue sending out applications. The girls got drunk but decided to continue their evening enjoyment at the skyrack night club. It is there that Angela met Rex who asks her to be his slave but for a night. The duo enjoyed their passionate night, with Angela losing her purity. A week later, Angela finds Rex to be none other than her new boss, the handsome Billionaire CEO of Rex-afield. But In a company where office relationship is highly prohibited, these two fated lovers will have a hard time banging out Rex's love for kinky s.x lifestyle, as well as maneuvering through Rex's enemies and all the workers his absurd company rules stopped from pursuing the love of their lives. Warning! this book involves matured contents meant for adults alone.

Chapter 1

“Are you ready to beg for it now? Will you submit your sexual gratification to me?”

Rex pinched my right bosom at the same moment. A yes escaped through my lips. What a cheating boss, a dash to my left n*ppl*s, and I am once more moaning out a yes.

“I did not hear you.”

He tells me. This second and with my mind made up, I said yes to becoming his submissive.


A few weeks ago,

Everyone has always hated me until one lucky period. I had already given up on myself and my career. But at that one day, my world turned into a fairy tale. It only took a phone call from a dear friend to renew my hope to embrace the zeal to race again. Today, I am prepared to change my cursed destiny and discover the reason behind my existence. Still, what is left to be done is for me to find the courage to hit and send in my application letter. I guess it's part of growth, especially when one takes many life rejections, even that one has low confidence in themselves.

Warning! This book is a product of imagination, involves s*x scenes meant for 18+ readers only. I shall appreciate no misinterpretation of its art.

“Angela, beat that lever. Just press post and then wait for your application's response.”

“What do you mean by she should smash the forward button and without cross-checking if we placed all her words correctly?”

“Just how many times do we have to go through this application letter? The expressions itself are sweet to the ears and knowing how many denials Angela has faced, she is out to slay this time. ”

Well, you have a point there. But you must not forget that those rejections could have incurred her insecurity? What if she does not get accepted into this dream company of hers? Is this not ample reason for her to reflect on this unique project proposal?

“It's indeed true. But differentiate between the lines of boots and the need to create improved chances. If Angela cannot send in her letter, she has everything to lose. However, if she can hit this send button, she creates the chance of marketing herself out there and waiting for the good.”

“You are incorrect,”

“Oh no, you are the one who is so misguided.”

“I am telling you that you are false and….”

Oh gosh, the voices above belong to my two close friends. Though they sound like the devil and angelic forms of my existence, I, however, love them both. It's true that I fear becoming rejected by yet another communication company. but Benedict's call has me hoping. Torn between the known and the unknown, I summoned the courage to end their friendly argument. I moved my fingers and keyed the send in button.

“Now, can you two please knock it off?” I said out to them both. My shouting was loud enough to draw their attention, but a look at their faces had me bringing my puppy eyes to display. I care about each one of their opinions and this is to hope that Maya will not take offense, towards me putting my feelings out to the world.

“No, you didn't,”

Well, yes I did. It's done. I will either become accepted or face another rejection. Who knows? I said, shuddering my two shoulders together and in a confused stance.

But then, I have always tried to put up my best into what I do. Yet, there remains a secret, one that I couldn't tolerate telling my friends. I am a dreamer of good tidings. And most people depend on hope. To me, it's better to let the doors accessible than to oblige myself to wonder what it could have been like if only I had followed my instincts and to trust again. And so, sending in this application memorandum became my much visible door to a beautiful future.

“Look, Maya, I understand your concerns. You care about me, and this I cannot dispute. However, Amelia is correct today, and to me, it's better to put in my application than to conclude that this is what this modern company will also do to my memo.”

Well, excuse me please, but just what did you mean by 'I am true on this one?'.

Amelia said to me, not pleased. I, however, squinted my eyes in an unfriendly manner. It became enough to shut her up. Of course, she knew I was saying the obvious. Amelia is the type to over-hype things on each occasion, but then, to this point, I have to give it to her, especially now that she shares the same view with me.

“Before you two can get to arguing who is wrong and right, could you all just pause and allow us to toast to Angela's new application letter?”

Maya expressed, diminishing the growing tension between me and Amelia. A look at her hands got me and Amelia gasping out in shock.

“Maya, you didn't have to bring in your aged old wine to have us celebrate what could be yet another job failure.” I said.

“Yes, I notice you weren't supporting Angela by sending out another application letter, but this here is too big for us to accept. Maya, you couldn't even bear yourself to open this bottle on your birthday last weekend, but you are…”

“Yes, I appreciate, and realize that you two might be the most shitty friends any girl can get, but you guys are also the people that I'm privileged to roll with. I wasn't saving it for myself, but for the day that we all deserve to have it in merriment.”

Omg, she's been guarding this drink as long as she has been a kid. It is the last memory she has of her household. And right now, I am finding it hard to control my still hung lips, less any flies make it to my mouth, all thanks to the shock of her gift's worth. But also, and for the first time, I noticed a tribe is not by blood alone. Maya has been seeing us as a clan, while I have been just friends with her and with Amelia as well. Oh gosh, what sort of friend have I been?

Chapter 2

“This has been one heck of a surprise, but I vote we drink this aged wine before Maya gets to change her mind.”

Amelia said, to this we all agreed to be the truth. Before long, I was clinging and clanging in a toast with my best companions. Well, this is hoping that I get this dream job of mine.

“Heck yes,”

“Hurray and hurray.”

My baffling but delightful acquaintances chorus.

Raising my hands to the tribute has my yellow spotted in short blue gown going above my knees. While none of my chums cared to have noticed this, I couldn't help but gosh over Maya and Amelia's clothes. Yep, I concluded that indeed I am surrounded by splendid looking and handful of girls as my best companions.

We were all in doors and draped. Amelia dressed in her navy sleeping gear, whilst Maya had a short pink—sleeved top and shorts to showcase her lovely long legs, one so tempting even to a girl.

We should go to the sky racks and celebrate the night.


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