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Barren Heiress Returns With Quadruplet

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“Sign them. Now!” He threw the papers across the bed and they fluttered in front of me, taunting me with words boldly spelled on them. Divorce. My blood had fizzled out. I refused to believe this was happening. I had never filled myself with delusions of Ezekiel ever loving me, but I had truly believed we could both tolerate our obligations to each other. Perhaps I was just blinded by love. “You're breaking this marriage because of Ellen? Because of my sister?” **** As though the death of her grandmother and a painful divorce weren’t enough torture for one day, Camille Manor stands frozen in the face of a family annulment. Letting go of her past life, she leaves for the States where she aims to start life afresh and raise her children not even the father knew about. Things change when she receives a shocking letter that changes everything. Now, after four years of staying away, Camille must return to London to face the lurking shadows of her past. But with her ex-husband back in her life, will her plans for revenge go smoothly? In the midst of exposing buried family secrets, she struggles to tame the feelings she still has for Zeke despite his betrayal while hiding his paternity over her children. Meanwhile, she takes down the Manor’s one by one in a bid to reclaim the honor that was once hers. Delve into the soul-gripping romance between Kamille and Ezekiel as they navigate a web of lies, betrayal and deceit within family ties. As well as unravel a secret nobody saw coming.



Review after half of the novel

I really like this novel,, I still have a long way to go, hoping to see Kamille's and Zeke's happy ending.. Ok, I just realised I needed 80 words so here we go. I really like the author 's writing style and this is definitely a hit on my books. I would really like it if the author pay a little more attention to the emotional conveyance because there are some scenes that have the potential to make the reader's heart ache, some instances fell short,, still the potential for this book is limitless, I'm definitely gonna finish this book...😁😁😁

May 29, 2024

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