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Arranged Marriage with the Cruel Mafia

Arranged Marriage with the Cruel Mafia

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Selene Wright witnessed the suicide of her parents and the decline of her family. She was ridiculed and tortured, with no chance of surviving, when Lyon Armstrong, the ruler of the Armstrong family, saved her. Lyon brought her home and demanded that she get married to him in exchange for her parents' vengeance.

Chapter 1

In the late evening, everyone in Armstrong's courtyard could hear a loud slash of flogging.

Lyon Armstrong screamed, "Bullshit!" as the whip swung once again on the servant's back.

Because of what had happened, he was unable to contain his rage. Selene will be kidnapped by his opponent if he is late.

Then, at the earlier memory of the incident, Lyon clenched his fist.

(FLASHBACK- Afternoon prior to the incident where Selene was nearly kidnapped by his opponent)

"Ma'am Selene, please eat your dinner. Master Lyon ordered you to serve on time." one servant said as she laid the food tray on the table inside the room.

Selene signed while clutching the servant's hand. "Can you help me get out?" she begged, her eyes welling up, "Promise I'll be back before Lyon comes back."

The servant's expression broke into panic, and she hastily removed her hand. The servant's face panicked, and she quickly removed her hand. "Master Lyon has told you that you may not leave the house, ma'am Selene,"

"I know, but he'll never know... promise, I'll be back before Lyon gets home," Selene argued.

She tried to dismiss the servant's sympathy for her, saying, "Madam... I-I enjoy my work and life, so please don't ask me to help you."

"I just wanted to see my parents," Selene explained, noting that she hadn't been out since her marriage to Lyon Armstrong.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but I can't help you..." the servant quickly responded before walking out of the room.

"Then don't bother me! No one may enter my room until I say so!" Selene stated sternly.

"Certainly, madam," the servant responds politely before closing the door.

Selene tightened her grip, smirking. "Lyon won't be mad if he doesn't know I left."

Selene carried out her plan after changing into new clothes. Despite her concerns, she exited the room, unconcerned about what would happen next.

Selene made sure that no one could see her, and it worked because she entered the open area without being noticed.

Perhaps the maid is so relaxed that I won't even consider leaving without their permission. With a smile on her face, Selene opens the gate.

But that smile quickly faded... Black cars approached in less than a minute, and as soon as they stopped, the passengers—all of whom were dressed in black coats—sprinted along the road.

"Shit," she thought to herself as she watched the car approach.


"Master, it's been a week since you've left, so I'm sure the lady is looking forward to seeing you."

Lyon Armstrong stares out the car window, emotionless.

He doubts that ...

Because his relationship with Selene is not like that of other couples who have fallen in love and married.

Lyon is certain that even if they don't see each other for a year, Selene will never miss him.

Without speaking, the driver/bodyguard observed Lyon's expression and kept his eyes on the road.

When they arrived in the village where the mansion was located, the driver/bodyguard turned pale when he saw what was going on in front of the gate.

"Master, vehicles are approaching our port!"

Lyon was already aware of this, and the figure of a woman who just came out from the gate could not escape his attention.

"Selene!" he yelled.

Lyon Armstrong never lost his temper, but he was furious this time.


Selene quaked in fear as she asked the anonymous man attempting to grab her, "Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"Go get her!" one of the men orders.

Selene came to a halt when the two men grabbed her arm and dragged her inside the car.

Selene cried out, "No! Please! Let me go!" as tears ran down her face.

No idea what was going on or who these people were. Selene attempted to resist, but she was met with a hard slap on both cheeks that nearly put her to sleep.

"You're too loud!" retorted the man, raising his fist once more to punch Selene in the stomach.

Selene closed her eyes and waited for the violence, but it never came.

"You have no right to touch my wife!"

Selene didn't even need to open her eyes to figure out who was speaking in the stern voice.

"How dare you disobey me..." A strong, lean arm wrapped around her body with this remark. The hands that had been restraining Selene were violently removed.

Selene, on the other hand, was unsure whether she would be happier or more terrified because the person who saved her was even more terrifying and ruthless.

Selene smiles and says, "Lyon... You're back."

His icy stare was enough to make Selene gulp one after the other.

"Looks like you're not happy to see me... Is it because you bypass me?" Lyon asks coldly.

"I wanted to visit— "

Lyon grabbed Selene and dragged her into the yard, stopping her explanation.

Leaving, the group of people continued the fight.


"Wait! Let me explain ... I'm not running away; I just want to visit my parents ..." Selene explained nervously.

Lyon, on the other hand, is too enraged to pay attention to her. When he got to his room, he immediately threw Selene on the bed.

"What I hate the most is not following my orders! I'll make sure you will never disobey me again!" Lyon declared without warning, torn Selene's dress.

Selene's eyes widened as she covered her nakedness. Lyon's rage gives her a creep because it is so strong.

Selene took a step back, pleading, "Lyon, please," as she watched Lyon remove his clothing, her entire body trembling.

Selene tries to get out of bed, but Lyon is quick to pin his naked body to her, forcing Selene to stay under him.

"You are mine!" Lyon exclaimed, violently claiming Selene's lips as his hand stroked the sensitive part of her body.

Selene's efforts are useless because Lyon is bigger and stronger. "I hate you, Lyon Armstrong! Stop please!" exclaims Selene. She can taste the blood in her mouth because Lyon bit it a few times.

"You are free to despise me, but you can only do one thing: obey me," Lyon says before placing his hand on Selene's breast.

Selene didn't know what to do; the sensation caused by Lyon's tongue was new to her. But Selene would rather die than let Lyon see that she is affected by his caresses.

"Remember, you are now my wife! So you can't escape me... No one can escape Lyon Armstrong!"

"Ah!!! Damn you! You're killing me!" Selene exclaims in shock as she feels pain in her heart. Lyon's full potential is within her. Because it was her first time, she almost passed out from the pain.

On the other hand, Lyon froze on Selene's top. He had no idea it would be her first time. But he also couldn't stop in the middle, "I-I'll try to be gentle ..." he whispered before moving again. Lyon's movement was more careful this time, but it wasn't enough to relieve Selene's pain.

"I will never love you! Lyon Armstrong!" Selene exclaimed in tears.



Lyon signed and then threw the whip away.

Selene is now in the room with Gemma, who is administering fever medication. Selene had been claiming her carelessly when she passed out and became sick.

Chapter 2

"How is she?" Lyon asked upon entering the room.

"Don't worry; it's just a regular sickness. I gave Selene medicine to lower her temperature, so make sure she gets enough rest," Gemma responds while packing her equipment.

Lyon sat on the bed and nodded.

Before leaving the room, Gemma exclaims, "Your wife goes through so much, so be good next time!"

Lyon clinched his hand and fixed his gaze on Selene, who was fast asleep. Her skin was dull and sweaty.

Lyon realized what had happened earlier and that he had made a mistake. Every time he remembered seeing her outside, he was irritated.

Lyon murmurs, "It's your fault..." as he lies down beside Selene. I'm not sure how long he'll be in that position. The only thing that matters is Selene in his arms.

Lyon then recalls the month since Selene became his wife.



"You can do everything except


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