Anastasia: His Illicit Desire.

Anastasia: His Illicit Desire.

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Ethel's Ink
  • Chapters: 6
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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Him. Watching someone from afar and fantacising about them is seen as something extreme right? But for me, it's not. Especially when she should have been mine in the first place. Mine to hold, mine to love, mine to cherish and mine to keep. One silly bet, one silly bet and i let her slip out of my grasp. I've been waiting ten years and just like that one bet, I'm waiting for one opportunity. Although she belongs to another but when I get that opportunity, i'm never letting her go again. Even if i have to take her by force. Her. I made a one time silly mistake with a stranger but I am in love with another. After that, eveytime he comes close, i am tempted to give him all of me without holding back. Surely one more time wouldn't hurt right? It just has to be our dirty little secret.

Chapter 1

Anastasia's pov

"Hey Anna. i've got to go now, i have some unfinished work from the office". Another guest says.

"Hmm". I nod my head in approval and watch her leave as i gulp the remaining alcohol content in the glass.

Why me? I wonder as fresh tears fill my eyes for the hundredth time tonight. I'm supposed to be happy today, i'm supposed to be celebrating my first year anniversary with my husband but he is no where to be found.

"Anna". My best friend call and engulf me in a really tight hug. "I am so sorry he had disappointed you again".

"No". I sniff, trying to stop more tears from running down my face. Maybe he's just busy with work, you know there's so much traffic now due to the road construction, maybe he's stuck in traffic.

Sofia let out an annoyed sigh. "Stop Anna!! This has to stop. You keep making excuses for this man while he's out there doing whatever, it's clear he has ditched you again to be be with some other bitch. He is always doing it, when are you going to open your eyes and see".?

I shake my head in disapproval, what she's saying is not true, Dexter is perfect, he has no flaws. I can't let her get to me, i can't let her quench the love I have for Dexter.

"Stop Sof". I raise my hand I objection. "I can't have you talk about my husband like that, you can do it elsewhere but not to my face".

I look around and the so much effort i put into designing our home laugh at me in mockery, i did so much to make it perfect, to make it match his taste but where is he?

He's not with another lady is he? No, he can't be with another lady. He promised me that he cut all ties with Dora, his secretary. He began sleeping with her immediately we got married and i went through a lot to get her out of his life, our lives.

How about, Cynthia, Felicia, Muna and the rest of those other ladies he had an affair with in the twelve months of our marriage.

If he's with another woman, then it's all my fault. He complains about my bedroom game and i know i need to practice more. I do all manner of things, even take online lessons but still he seems insatiable.

"I won't let you drown yourself in sorrow like this". Sofia says pulling me out of my thoughts. "let's go somewhere".

The drive to wherever we were going didn't seem to end, Sofia kept on driving and driving and it increased my curiosity.

"Sofia". I call out of the blue. "Where are we going"?

She glance at me and still kept silent.

She pulls over in the parking lot of Silver Feather hotel and in a minute, we are already strolling towards the reception.

As we reach, the lady in charge quickly hands over a card to Sofia and receives an envelop in return. Sofia drags me through the exquisite hallway and stops in front of a room. She puts the card and the door it clicks open. We tiptoe through the entrance bit by bit.

"What are we doing here Sofia? This is someone private room and its called invasion of privacy. We could get arrested for this you know". I whisper gently.

"Only if we get caught". She replies with a smug smirk.

"Still, its isn't right to invade someone's privacy like this".

"It isn't invasion of privacy if it's Dexter's privacy, we are invading.

A look of confusion crosses my face and i pull my hand away from hers. "What do you mean by that"?.

She inhales sharply and turns to face me. "Dexter's business is your business, and you deserve to know what goes on in his life just as you fill him with details from yours".

"No Sofia, this is wrong, he's probably just in a zoom meeting with some investor from his company that's why he chose to do it in a hotel".

"Is he"? Sofie asked with a pitiful look on her face. "First you said he was stuck in traffic and now this"?

What is she saying? Yes, he might be with another woman but i am going to give him a benefit of doubt tonight, afterall it's our anniversary.

I make my way towards the entrance and it hits me. That sound, that familiar sound; Moans, claps. calling of names, familiar names; Dexter, Cynthia.

"No,it can't be, not again". I first have to confirm that it's him, damn getting arrested.

I make my way past Sofia into the main bedroom and the sight shocks me to my spines, words become stuck in my throats and tears are the only thing i am able to form. Cynthia is on the bed with her legs raised unto Dexters shoulders while he is kneeling in between her thrusting hard and fast like he has never done with me before.

"Dexter". His name involuntarily escape my lips and i immediately place a hand over them. The look on his face is that of shock while Cynthia just stares at me mockingly. To further spite me she places her hands on his area, gently rubbing to and fro.

A moan escape his lips and immediately he realises what he did, he quickly rises to his feet scrambling around for his clothes. "Anna, i am so sorry, i don't know what came over me, baby please, i don't know what came over me. You believe me right"?.

He comes in front of me, staring into my eyes pleadingly while the slut lay on the bed unmoved. isn't she aware of the fact that this could ruin my marriage to Dexter forever? Isn't she aware of the fact that the both of them have hurt me more than words could ever say?.

Before i can reply, a heavy blow from behind me lands on his face and he stumbles backward in shock. In another second, Cynthia starts to scream from the bed, she quickly takes off in her naked state into the bathroom still screaming.

I stare ahead and widen my eyes in shock. Sofia held a pepper spray in her hand. Oh no, she didn't, please tell me she didn't.

"Sofia you......."

"Shhh baby". She cuts me off "i'll find the bitch myself and take her to hell". She faces Dexter. "And for you, i promise you won't get aways with this".

She pulls me out of the room and like lightening, we already hit the road, turns out she's afraid of getting caught afterall.

I stare at her in appreciation. If not for her, i probably would have cried my eyes out in presence of my husband and his lover, totally making a fool out of myself.

She has always had my back since day one and i'm really grateful for a friend like her.

We pull over for the second time in front of a bar and something in me wants to strongly object but maybe i do need a drink, to get wild and forget what a simp i am for Dexter, Maybe a drink would get me my senses back.

As we enter the bar, wild music hit my ears and i absolutely love it. We make our way towards the club and Sofia orders the strongest wine.

After drowning my sorrows in the wine, it resurfaces again and i burst into tears. "Sof? Why am i not enough for Dexter? Why does he cheat on me and why do i keep forgiving him each time he does

"Because you're stupid, that's why". She hiccups.

"Maybe i do need to up my bedroom game a little, i am not so good in bed". I whisper in her ears.

She looks at me with suprise, her head dangling all over the place in drunkenness. "Why do you think so, do you have sex with yourself".

The question sounds stupid. Don't get me wrong, even in my drunk state I know the difference between right and wrong. But somehow the question feels correct, how exactly do I know that i'm not good in bed?

"I don't feel confident in my own body, I don't have the right sizes for every thing". I move my head closers to hers to ensure that no one will hear what i have to say to her. "Plus my boobs are like tiny little pickles".

We both burst out laughing.

"Then you need someone to make you confident, someone that adores and worships your body. You know what i think? let's go find him".

She pulls me up against my own wish and we begin to make our way through the crowd, going to 'God knows where'.

"Remember when we were in Highschool and you wore a breast pad to school trying to seduce Dexter and instead they fell out on the field while you were skipping"?. Sofia snorts.

"Argh". I groan in embarrassment. "Don't remind me of that". She's always teasing me about that one incident. Bitch!!.

That day was very embarrassing for me, I have been in love with Dexter long before he noticed me, did a lot of stupid shit for him to look my way. He finally did and I'm not letting him go, no matter what he does.

"We stood up for you remember? Myself and that nerd guy..". She scratched her head, trying the details. "What's his name again"?

"Josh". I chirp in "The quiet guy who was obsessed with me and always said 'Once, I have you in my hands Stacy, I'll never let go'.

"Yes, that one. If you had married him maybe you'd be happier than ever".

"Never, that guy was way too nerdish for my liking, he couldn't even say the word 'sex'. I bet our sex life would have been boring".

"Like it isn't with Dexter". She says in sarcasm.

Standing in front of a door, she pushes me forward "Now, you'll go in there and whatever guy you find, say to him 'Hey you!! i want you to give me the best night of my life'.

She staggers, closing and opening her eyes like a flashlight. She smiles at me and says. "Go in there and make me proud, i'll be waiting for you downstairs".

I watch as she disappears from my sight. There is no way i'm doing what she just said. I love Dexter and no matter what he does, i'll never cheat on him.

I stagger a few feets from the door and look back again. I really want to feel what it's like to have someone who adores and worships my body, Dexter was my first and he doesn't make me feel that way. Is it me or is it just him?

"Here goes nothing". I whisper to myself. I push the door open and walk into the room. I see a guy sitting by the corner of the almost dark room looking graceful, although his face isn't very visible, i can still make out the features.

I managed to straighten my posture as i point towards him. "Hey you, i want you to make tonight the best night of my life".

"Sure.....Stacy". He calls me by another name, only one person calls me that and he's from high school.

"No way". I gasp.

Chapter 2

Anastacia's pov.

I can't think straight as the strong arms of this handsome stranger pulls me in for a hug. I try to stare at him but he gives no room for me to do that.

He dims the light further and that action leaves me wondering what this sinfully handsome stranger is up to.

"You want me to make tonight the best night of your life right."? He asks huskily. "Then i'll make it the best night of your life".

He pushes me softly to the bed and i gasp slightly, surprised. Before i am able to say a word he captures my lips in the most thrilling way. I try to meet up his pace but who am i kidding?.

After a while, he lets go. He places his forehead on mine as we both catch our breath.

"Relax baby. He says, his voice soft. "You don't have to do anything tonight. Allow me make you feel special".

He places me properly on the bed and runs his fingers, in the most sexual way along my body, from


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