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"I...I.." Dawn bit her bottom lips lost in thought, it was a very bad attitude that she had developed over the years when she was lost for words. It caught Stephan's attention and he smirked going back to take his seat in front of her. "I will give you 48 hours." "120 hours," Dawn negotiated. "72 hours, and if you fail you will face the consequences of my contract." * * * * * Dawn Hemlocks, a fashion design student tries her hand on hacking and gets caught in a web of love, deceit and secrets that might take her life. She negotiates her options and signs an unknown contract given to her by the well know heartless billionaire Stephan Klar. Will she be able to break free or find herself tangled into a web of love, murder and deceit?

Chapter 1

The smell of chloroform filled the air softly as Dawn tried to open her eyes slowly, but she was welcomed with nothing, just utter darkness. She tried to stand up, but felt her hand tied behind her tightly on the chair. She winced at the pain caused by the tension on her wrist, and on her legs. The last thing she remembered was having a cloth over her nose when she had gone to take something from the fridge.

She couldn't remember much afterwards, only the fact that she had struggled a lot but eventually gave in. She heard the door opening slowly as the lights came on, she felt her blindfold come off as she tried her best to open her eyes. She stared around the room to get a better view of the environment, in hopes that it would be useful for her incase she had plans to escape later on, as it was getting clear to her that she had just been kidnapped, and for reasons she couldn't quite put together right now.

She didn't remember doing anything bad or going to any place bad that would warrant her being here in this position. She had been in her apartment, made sure she locked all her doors, and still yet she had gotten kidnapped with so much of a struggle.

She turned back around to stare at her abductor who was sitting next to her already. A very handsome man she finally concluded. Blue eyes, fitted suit, long legs and black silk like hair. Was this really her abductor she wondered looking around, but there was nothing.

"Miss Dawn Hemlocks," she finally heard his voice softly yet seductively. Why was the sound of her name on this man's mouth different?

Dawn stared at him wondering how he knew her name and if she knew him from anywhere before, but she didn't , one couldn't just forget such a handsome face like this. If she had ever come across this handsome face, she was sure she wouldn't forget.

"Poking into others business comes with repercussion, Miss Hemlocks." He said, "Why did you do it?" He added.

"Do what?" Dawn asked, still not knowing why she was here and what he was talking about.

"I do not have time for games!!!" He snapped, not batting an eye from Dawn.

"What did I do exactly? I swear, I have no idea," Dawn admitted looking at her toes, already feeling sweat forming on her forehead, she couldn't bring herself to look at him anymore. There was something about the way he stared at her that didn't sit well with her.

He snapped his fingers together as a man came out of the shadows scaring the shit out of Dawn, she nearly gasped at the sight of the man who she hadn't noticed had been lurking in the shadows all along. How come she didn't notice him earlier? She pondered as he stepped at the side of her, opening a folder on her lap. She stared at him through the side of her eyes, he was tall, well built and was also on suit. She couldn't really see his eyes because of his dark shades.

The fact that they didn't cover there faces was something that still baffled her. Didn't kidnappers cover there faces so there victims won't report them if they never escaped, or wasn't she getting out of this? She gulped at the thought of it.

"It is stated there that you mailed a letter to someone, and also delivered some goods to the address that was sent to your mail." The sitted handsome man informed her, as the folders on her laps were filped opened by the other, slowly revealing pictures of her delivering a package, as well as images of her emails. They were keeping tabs on her, why?

"So what?" Dawn asked, finally staring back she didn't understand what all this had to do with her being here strapped like a fucking animal.

"What is the name of your roommate?"


"And where is Miss June right now?"

"I don't know."

"Alright," he sighed standing up from his seat and heading for the door, was that it? Dawn questioned in her head. Was she free to go? She remembered delivering some packages for June and doing some hacking jobs for her, but she had never thought about it to be something bad. She was only helping a friend, a roommate. She corrected.

She didn't know so much about June, just basics stuffs.

Dawn felt something warm on her head as she felt her body shiver.

"Wait!!!" She screamed as the handsome man turned around to stare at her with a glare.

"I...I..." She stuttered.

"You what?"

"I can find her for you, I know her and her favourite spots. I can be of help." She replied not knowing why but she couldn't believe that they were going to just blow her brains out just like that, for something she didn't know about. This monsters.

"And?" He asked impatiently putting his hands into his side pockets staring at her.

"I...I.." Dawn bit her bottom lips lost in thought, it was a very bad attitude that she had developed over the years when she was lost for words. It caught Stephan's attention and he smirked going back to take his seat in front of her.

"I will give you 48 hours."

"120 hours," Dawn negotiated.

"72 hours, and if you fail you will face the consequences of my contract."

"Yes...yes Sir." She nodded.

"Matteo," Stephan signalled as Matteo removed the gun from the back of her head getting a sigh of relief from her.

Matteo placed the gun back into the inside pocket of his suit and lossened the ropes on her hands, dropping back the folder on her laps as she massaged both of her wrist slowly wincing in pain at the tension.

Light strokes of the ropes were on her wrist as she massaged it slowly, she felt the handsome man grab her right hand, took the thumb, poked it with a pocket knife and pressed it at the back of the folder which Matteo opened quickly.

"Are you nuts?" She yelled in pain, grabbing her hand back from his grasp and sucking her bleeding thumb. If they didn't have a pen, she would have waited for one. Dawn thought angrily.

She felt him lean forward towards her as he handed the files to Matteo.

"72 hours," He warned.

She opened her mouth to say something, but felt her nose covered with a piece of cloth as a sack covered her head immediately.

Chapter 2

Stephan was definitely shocked when Matteo informed him it was a woman who had hacked into his accounts. He had sworn it was a man, not that a woman couldn't do it, but he still couldn't believe it. A whopping five million dollars was transfered in a blink of an eye and his fucking security team didnt notice it, till it was too late.

It was the audacity for him, that someone would do something like that and believe they could walk away freely from him. It wasn't even about the money, but his reputation, and news moved fast. The last thing he wanted was anyone thinking of him as a weakling. He needed to find this person to serve as a scape goat to others, who were probably planning the same thing.

He stared at the file on his desk; Dawn Hemlocks, student, fashion designer.

"Boss," Matteo called out entering his office. " The package has been delivered," he muttered taking a seat opposite Stephan.

"Good!" Stephan nod


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