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Accidentally in Love with My Best Friend's Brother

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"What about you? You know you can't just drink your troubles away." "Hey, don't judge me! I've had a crappy week," I scowl back at him defensively. Betrayed by a boyfriend and fired by the company. Worry clouds in his eyes, but it's gone in a blink of an eye, replaced by a mask of indifference. Suddenly, I fall out of the barstool, and strong arms swiftly wrap around my waist, stopping me from embarrassing myself further. "Woah, you okay?" his warm breath fans against the nape of my neck, sending tingles up my spine. Or maybe that's just the alcohol. He pulls me closer, his arms wrapping tightly around my upper body to keep me steady. I can feel the firmness of his abs pressing against my back, and I gasp. "That's enough for you, ma'am. Do you have someone to take you home?" the bartender asks. I would call Candy, but she's probably busy at work and I know after seeing me hammered like this, I would have to open up about my f*ck*d *p week and I'm still not looking forward to that. So, my only hope is the s*xy stranger. I try to ask him to help me to my car, but my slurred words make it uncertain if he understood. He glares down at me, nostrils flaring, and firmly states, "No. I'm taking you home." *** Kiara Black and Trey Thompson have a one night stand after meeting each other at a bar, attempting to find solace from their personal problems. Days later, Kiara attends a welcome home party for her best friend's brother that she's never met before. After finding out that she accidentally slept with Candice's brother, she makes it her mission to avoid Trey at all cost, but he's determined to make her fall in love with him.


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Review after half of the novel

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June 24, 2024

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