A shade of Love

A shade of Love

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Glory Bernard
  • Chapters: 6
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"I had one rule: Don't ever fall in love with a grump. Then I met my boss, CEO Sterling Enterprises". He was an absolute jerk the first day I met him. When I found out he's my new boss my instincts went on a red-alert. Except he was no stranger. He is Alexander Sterling, the only heir and CEO Sterling group of companies and the most grumpy, annoying human I've ever met. He softened just a bit only when he realized he needed me to do the work. While dealing with brokenness from his past relationship, family and work, Alexander needed a place to mend and a home to call his. Soon we found love and agreed to sort out our differences this time In a more decent way. Perhaps it was time we both faced our past and took a chance at love and happiness. "I'm going to do it right this time, June" he whispered softly into my ear, as he pulled me gently to himself… But will he take me back after finding out about the pregnancy?...

Chapter 1


I was on my way to the interview of a lifetime when I first laid eyes on him. I was running late, as usual, and sprinting through the bustling streets of NYC in my high heels. That was when I collided with a solid wall of muscle and a harsh, deep voice growled, "Watch where you're going!"

I looked up, ready to apologize, but the words died in my throat. He was tall and broad, with dark hair that was styled in a messy, just-got-out-of-bed look that was both disheveled and wildly sexy. His eyes were a deep, stormy grey and his scowl was so intense that it would have made a lesser woman cower. But I was made of sterner stuff, so I stood my ground and shot back, "You should be more careful. You're lucky I'm late for an important interview."

His expression softened slightly and I saw the faintest hint of a smile playing at the corner of his lips. "An interview, you say?" he asked, his voice dripping with amusement.

I nodded, smoothing down my hair and trying to regain my composure. "Yes. I'm applying for a job at Sterling Enterprises."

His expression darkened again and he looked down at me with something akin to disdain. "You're applying for a job with Alexander Sterling?" he asked, his voice cold.

I frowned, taken aback by his sudden change in demeanor. "Yes. Do you know him?" He snorted, sound full of derision. "I know him all too well," he said before turning on his heel and stalking off, leaving me standing there, stunned and more than a little confused. I watched him move fast into the crowd, his shoulders swaying in perfect rhythm. The thought of his cute lip and eyes stuck to my memory. I almost forgot I was hurrying to meet up with my interview time. The deafening honk from the approaching train got my jerking back to reality. I turned left and right searching with the corner of my eyes if anyone was looking at me.

Huh! I inhaled and exhaled immediately before dashing off, almost stumbling over a stone placed by the wayside. I walked as fast as I could ignoring the loud noise from moving vehicles and pedestrians like myself. Sterling Enterprises is just a few blocks away and since I had enough time on my side I decided to walk down. I arrived at the premises at about 8:45. I was welcomed by a Chubby lady who later introduced herself as Maggie. Maggie was a 5'5 lady with blonde hair which was neatly styled into a dough at the top center of her head. She seemed to be the only staff Who had a smile the moment I walked in.

'You may have a seat, ' she said softly with a smile. . Then went in shortly through the neat hallway. I watched her walk in until she disappeared into one of the offices. A few minutes later she came out and asked me to go in. I walked in through the hallway checking on the numbers pasted on the doors. It wasn't long until I found the man's office. I took a deep breath and said a brief prayer in my heart before knocking three times on the door. I heard him grumble words that sounded like come or something. I didn't wait for another response. I cracked the door open gently then slid myself into it like I wasn't sure what to meet. Of course I wasn't. I step inside with a smile spread across my two cheeks and hold out my hand to him for a hand shake. He got up from his seat and took my hand in his, he had the stiffness of a strained neck. His office is a really cool space and big enough to contain four extra tables. It has very fancy seats and a desk, its color is completely a blue- grey shade, it's kind of creamy-dreamy just like a beautiful cloud making it appear really chic with the touch of navy patches at the bottom.The color is translucent and warm. The office also has a three door filing cabinet on the wall and a good number of compartments in it where she could put in some of the files and books.

Wait a minute. Aren't you the guy from the street a few minutes ago?

He shrugged his shoulders as though to say 'and so what if I am'. But for some unknown reason he didn't let the words out of his mouth. He examined me for a short while then pulled in his seat behind him and sank himself.

Take a seat, Ms-

Ms. Camila Harris, I told him.

Yeah, he nodded.

I listened carefully and took the seat in front of the desk he was sitting behind and as I took a closer look at him, I saw just how fine and attractive he is for a man in his early forties. He seemed calm and watched me as I adjusted myself on the seat. The grumpy man wore his hair in a hard part simply styled with some gel that made his hair shine brighter than usual. A dark medium length stubble rested on his jawline. A set of finely cut dimples rested on both sides of his cheek. He didn't need to laugh for one to notice them, they were an illumination to his facial beauty. But the part that got my cheeks sissling with blush was his eyes. Eye bags settled perfectly underneath his grey colored eyes which made it look as though he hadn't slept in weeks. I haven't seen such a set of beautiful yet mysterious eyes before. Everyone had pretty eyes but he had me so engrossed. They were definitely a different kind from everyone else.

Ms. Harris says Sternly, waiting for me to reply. I hadn't even realized he had asked a question.

'You have really nice eyes'. I said and he didn't respond. He gave me the most difficult look I had ever seen. It was meant to bring me back to my senses but for some reason I find it attractive. Just maybe there's something about his personality that had my feet tingling and heart racing as he spoke softly with a deep radio voice. I had only been with one man who was a few years older than I am and he certainly was nothing compared to the man sitting in front of me.

The night before James told me he loved me, I had been talking to him on the internet for about four months. I was twenty one. Now, thinking back on it, that obviously wasn't the best idea. Then it mattered so much and it made some much sense. One day, he decided to meet with me and I was exhilarated. When we finally met he convinced me to give him my virginity. He promised to marry and give me everything afterwards but after that morning he blocked me on every platform he could and I never saw him again. This man is nothing like that, he is way older than I am but he's got looks most young women my age would crave for.

Ms. Harris - he called out. His deep voice made me jerk back to reality.

Yes boss, I answered.

He gave me a growl and a stare that cuts deep into my skin. My heart leaped every moment he spoke to me. He's got fine lips as well, thick and masculine. I watched them move slowly as he spoke the words out of his mouth.

'He would begin soon', he said.

He brought out a file from his drawer attached to the table in front of him and placed it on the table, then searched briefly for a pen in his breast pocket. When he found one he scribbled a few words I couldn't read from my sitting position into the paper. Afterwards he turned on his laptop and scrolled through. The light from the screen illuminated his eyes and gave it an even more sexy look.

I giggled at my thoughts, he paused, frowning at me. I covered my mouth with the back of my palm while I tried to comport myself so I wouldn't burst out laughing too loud into his face.

Are you alright? Ms. Harris? he finally asked.

'Yes I am'.

Do you realize you are here for an interview? From the look of things and the attitude you've been exhibiting here I don't think you're ready for an interview just yet or Maybe I might ask you to leave my office'.

I'm sorry boss, I said.

'I'm not your boss until you're employed and we aren't sure about that yet'. He scuffed.

As he spoke his shoulders swayed gently as he spoke. I have heard so much about him, everyone talks about how good and professional he is in his field so when the opportunity came up I didn't hesitate to send in my application. He had my CV in his hand now.

'Shall we begin Ms. Harris'. He said and took a deep relaxing breath.

Chapter 2


Wait! I said handing him the coffee I had placed on the desk, then I hurriedly damaged my bag for the muffin, then I pushed both the muffin and coffee in front of him. "I got you breakfast",

He stared at the coffee, his face emotionless as though what had been done was weird before his very eyes. I still didn't mind. He squinted his eyes and let out an unusual frown, the same as the one he's had since the moment I first met him.

I am certain he'd look much more adorable if he'd smile just a little.

I didn't ask for any of these. He said anger began to form in his voice.

I know you didn't ask for it Mr. Boss but you and I know that every single human on planet earth loves coffee and muffins except you're…

He didn't wait for me to finish my sentence before pushing it back to me. I said I don't want it, don't you get it?'



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