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The Beautiful Kidnapper

The Beautiful Kidnapper

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Spencer Shay owns her own textile company, it is very successful and allows her to live a life full of luxuries, spend and spend millions non-stop and never go bankrupt. He is a thirty-year-old bachelor who is quite sought after by the women around him, they all want to marry him, but he feels that he is not yet ready for commitment and wants to live to the fullest. Everything is going well in his life until one day on his way home he is kidnapped by a group of men and is taken to an abandoned warehouse where he comes face to face with his kidnapper; a twenty-five-year-old woman, blonde, blue eyes, and a seductive body that Spencer had never seen before.Little by little, thanks to the small and tortuous encounters between Spencer and her kidnapper, the young man manages to fall madly in love with her, and she, without wanting to, also falls in love with him.Will they be able to live their love despite everything?

Chapter 1

The company workers were already leaving after the meeting with the investor ended successfully with a signed contract and with more millions of dollars in his bank account.

It was six in the evening, Spencer had finished analyzing an accounting report that her accountant had given her in the morning, showing her the number of expenses, amount of money, and resources that had come to the company this month.

Spencer was satisfied with himself, with his workers, and with the success of his company, and to celebrate it he planned to go home, call Kathia, his friend with benefits, and spend a very passionate night with her, and in the middle of the work that was about to Finishing it up, Spencer picked up her cell phone and sent a message to the sexy brunette on her contact list.

"See you at my house in an hour, get very sexy just like you know how to do it" the message said.

"Perfect darling, I'll see you in an hour" the girl replied minutes later.

She hurried to shut down her office computer, grabbed her things, stood up, walked to the door, and turning off the lights, locked the door behind her.

The office had already been completely deserted, except for the parking lot guard, so Spencer shouldn't have stayed to say goodbye to anyone and she almost ran down the stairs from the third floor to the basement.

He arrived with his heart racing and his breath racing, walked over to her truck and climbed into her, revving her to the exit.

He said goodbye to the guard and took over the streets heading to his house.

He turned on the radio, put on his favorite station, turned it up a bit, and started singing when he came to a traffic light that was changing from green to red.

He was so engrossed in her song, singing it with his eyes closed, that he didn't notice that a black truck parked next to him, stopping abruptly and from inside it, 4 men dressed in black with hoods covering their heads got out face of him.

One of the men got in front of him and banged on the door as he tried to open it.

Spencer immediately got scared asking what was wrong, the man didn't say anything and just hit her hard on the head with the side of his gun causing Spencer to fall to the ground losing consciousness.

Hours later, Spencer woke up with a little cloudy vision and little by little it became clearer until she could see that he was tied to a chair, he could not move his feet or his hands, and he could see that the place was quite dark, old, with an appearance of abandonment, but immense.

In the distance, a light came on revealing a quarter of the place and Spencer heard heels click as footsteps advanced toward him. His kidnapper was a woman, and to Spencer she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

She had a slim build with a nice butt and breasts, with little curves, blonde hair, and blue eyes, and she was wearing a red dress that fell to her heels.

Spencer's jaw dropped, and the woman noticed it, she immediately smiled with a seductive look that would hypnotize any man, and with the point of her weapon, she shut the captivated young man's mouth.

“That your mother didn't teach you a saying that says: Shut your mouth or flies will get inside?” Spencer didn't answer. He continued to admire the beauty of the woman.

“I guess not, don't worry, I've just taught you, now, let's get down to business. Do you know why you are here?”.

"No," Spencer replied. "Well, I'll tell you, you're one of the richest men in the world, you have millions in your bank, a company, a mansion, cars, trips, no children, I want you to give me a good amount to leave you free and at peace.

“How much are you talking about?” Spencer asked.

“$30 million” she says.

“That? Have you gone crazy?” Spencer complained.

The woman quickly approached Spencer putting her gun ready to fire under his chin.

"Do you want to die tonight?" I promise to do it quickly and painlessly.

She approached Spencer, she seemed about to kiss him, they both looked into each other's eyes, she saw Spencer's cute light brown eyes and felt as if thousands of butterflies were fluttering in her stomach.

The same thing happened to Spencer when he looked into the girl's blue eyes.

Likewise, thanks to her cleavage, Spencer managed to see her pretty, medium-sized breasts out of the corner of her eye. Perfect for him.

“No, I don't want to die, but I have a better deal for you. Do you want to negotiate?” Spencer says.

“Negotiate? Speaks” she says.

The woman moved away from Spencer and she stayed in front of her, she crossed her arms as a sign of waiting and paying attention to her proposal.

“Well, since you already know my life, you know that I'm not married, my mother expects me to do it this year, I propose a deal; let me go and marry me in two weeks” she says.

“That? Marry you? You've gone mad? You don't even know me” says the woman, surprised and a little upset.

“No, you are the most beautiful woman in this world and I want you as my wife if you marry me you will have many benefits”.

“Which is it? You can be a partner of my company and work there, access my millions, and spend them on whatever you want, just please me as a woman and you will have the life of a queen you deserve”.

The woman remained silent and thoughtful, no one had ever proposed this kind to her if she had had other kidnappings that asked her to sleep with them if she wanted their money and she had to accept them, that's one thing, but getting married is a very different one with someone you don't know and be the beneficiary of all your assets.

“I have to think about it, for now, you're kidnapped and until I make a decision, it still stands that you should give me money... So, Elias!” Shouts the woman, her echo resounds on the walls of the place.

A tall, thick-set man with brown skin approaches her.

Chapter 2

"Tell me ma'am" says Elías.

"You know what you have to do" says his boss.

The woman walks away until she gets lost in the darkness of the hallway.

Elias smirks and begins by hitting Spencer hard in the face.

The blow caused a slight bleeding in the nose that was the area hit, it hurt Spencer, and a lot, but by her own intuition she preferred not to complain, endure the pain, show that she was a real man and thus impress her new love .

Elias stopped hitting Spencer and then settled two meters away from him, interlocking his two hands and staring at him, preventing him from trying to escape.

Meanwhile, Spencer's sexy kidnapper was drinking a glass of wine and looking out at the street from inside her room; a lonely street and wet from the rain that was falling at that time.

She couldn't stop thinking about her kidnapped proposal, would he really be able to marry her? or Was it just a strategy to be able to es


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