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A Marriage Contract With Secrets

A Marriage Contract With Secrets

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Marcus Dupree A possessive billionaire, With Money, Fame and power, He had an issue believing in love, His heart Has been Turned down By so many women he proposed to, only to find out their only after his money and not to be with him. After his previous heartbreaks He Vowled never to Trust any woman until he met Theresa Dorsey an innocent young lady who had sworn in her heart to never fall in love with any man, but unfortunately Dorsey's Father Run out out of Cash in Business Flow, So he has to Borrow up to sustain the The Business Growth. Dorsey's Father has no choice than to offer her Daughter to Mr. Marcus for The sake of the Business Growth, A marriage contract brought this two together. Deep within their union is a mystery yet to be uncovered.

Chapter One

Theresa Dorsey lifted her hand in front of the tall glass shop of the mini cupcake shop, her short blonde hair falls to her shoulder with a little strand of it almost blocking her view. She changed the sign. We're Open.

She sighed slowly and turned toward the counter but was shocked by her mom's voice, coming from the door to the storage room.

"Theresa, how long does it take you to change the door sign?" She shouted her voice sounding hoarse.

Theresa rushed to the room almost tripping as she met her mother's gaze. "I'm sorry, mom."

"Put your hair into a ponytail and come help me put these cupcakes in the oven."

She packed her hair up and tied it into a neat ponytail before grabbing the tray of cupcakes, as she made her way to the oven she almost tripped and this time she had a feeling it was a sign that things might not go well for her that day.

After putting the cupcakes in the oven, she grabbed the tray and headed back to the store. Her mother was standing behind the counter organizing the boxes.

Her dad came out from the back room holding his coffee mug in one hand and in the other he held a small piece of paper. He shook his head and took a seat in one of the chairs Close to the Shop.

"What's the problem?" Mrs. Dorsey asked as she hovered over where her husband was.

Mr. Dorsey glanced over his wife's shoulder to check if Theresa wasn't eavesdropping.

"I received this letter from Mr. Alberto this morning, he wants us to pay back his money We lend from him for The Business before the month ends," he said, sipping on his coffee as his fingers were drumming restlessly on his thigh. He looked exhausted and overwhelmed, Mrs. dorsey was short of words at that point, then she broke the silence.

"That means the money is overdue, we have to do something about it soon or else..." She trailed off.

"Dad, is there a problem?" Theresa asked as she put the freshly baked cupcakes into the display case.

Mr. Dorsey brightened up with a smile and walked toward his daughter. "Oh no, no problem here at all!" He patted Theresa on the shoulder. "We can make this workout if it has to when the time comes, you'll understand better my daughter, you don't have to worry about me, I'm Fine" He then left the store.

Mrs. Dorsey stayed silent until her husband closed the door behind him. "Is he going to be alright, she asked with concerned in her eyes, Theresa had never seen her father in such a mood, she felt something there're not telling her.

"He'll be fine, just tired," Theresa assured her. "Mom, what's going on?"

"Nothing, honey. Everything will be alright?" Mrs. Dorsey sat down, she hate telling her daughter that everything is alright when she knew well that it isn't.

"The meeting starts in six minutes, sir," Maureen said as she pushed open the door to Mr. Marcus' office.

"Okay, tell Fredo to come to my office now," Mr. Marcus said as he typed calmly on the laptop. Maureen nodded and stepped outside closing the door behind herself.

A few minutes Fredo walked into the office with a file in his right hand, he looked stressed out as ever. "Good morning, sir," he greeted, bowing slightly before his Boss.

"Fredo, did I ask you to sit down?" The tone in Mr. Marcus' voice told him that he was very angry. "Now sit down." Fredo obeyed, taking a deep breath and sitting on the chair opposite Mr. Marcus' desk.

"This is confidential information about an internal issue that requires our attention and it is none of the business of anyone else." Mr. Marcus stated sternly.

"Yes sir," Fredo responded instantly.

Mr. Marcus looked at Fredo, his gaze sharp and penetrating. "I need you to cover up the mistake made by Alberto and his gang, make sure no one knows about it. I need the document of the company in Alaska, from now on I'll have it." Fredo blinked, surprised.

"Okay, sir." His voice sounded hesitant. The most difficult thing to do is get himself caught in the war of CEOs, trying to ruin each other reputation.

Mr. Marcus sighed. "I want you to track Alberto's gang, I want to know why they are doing this." He explained. Fredo's eyes widened in shock at hearing what he had heard.

"I'll get right on it." He stood up and bowed slightly again before walking out. He needed a few moments to process what had been said, he had so much to do and Alberto is a very cunning man with devious plans.

"Marcus Dupree, take a look at this whole mansion of yours. Just you and your bodyguards looping over everything, when will I hear wedding bells." Marcus' dad said as he walked into the living room with a glass of champagne, he was old with gray eyes and bald hair.

He set his glass on a table in front of him as he walked toward his son. The mansion was decorated beautifully, there was a small piano in the corner near the window which gave light through to the living room. The entire place is filled with the brim of expensive items.

Marcus collapsed into one of the couches and signal his bodyguard to give him privacy with his dad. His father sat opposite him. "Marcus, I've watched you grow up. You have so many responsibilities and yet I still see you as a child."

"Dad, you say it like I committed a crime by growing up," Marcus said as one of the maids filled a glass of champagne and hand it over to him. He looked at his father who had his hand resting on his cheek looking relaxed.

"Son, if only you would allow me to keep a close watch over you, I would protect you more than anything."

Marcus' eyes sparkled with a sense of concern. "But you don't trust me enough to let me watch over you. It worries me."

He took a sip of champagne. "Your loneliness is getting out of the real world, son. When will you introduce a lady to me for marriage, whatever reason why you decided to stay alone is not worth it." His father raised his glass signaling their toast and drank it quickly.

"Dad, marriage is something I'm dreading. I don't want to end up with a woman who wants nothing more from me than my money. I'm not ever taking that risk." Mr. Marcus' lips twitched with humor.

"You know what I think, son. I think you should give love a second chance, and I'm sure you'll find the right woman who will Love you for whom you're and not what you have. This may not seem like it, but I care a lot about you."

They fell quiet for a moment. Marcus couldn't hold it anymore and broke the silence. "Alberto's gang attacked the company again, and this time they almost stole the document to the Alvero's fortune," He whispered.

His father leaned closer. "What? How could you be so stupid?!"

Mr. Marcus winced. "I didn't know how to break them, you know how I hate confrontation."

His father waved his hand dismissively. "Never mind, it's better you got the document out of the equation." They stared at each other, neither wanting to admit that they were both relieved, but neither wanted to admit that this time it was serious. Marcus finally broke the tension.

"Thanks for being so understanding . I appreciate it." He smiled and his dad smiled back, his dimples deepening and making Marcus feel warm inside.

"Anytime, son."

Chapter Two

Mrs. Dorsey just finished attending to a customer when Mr. Alberto walked in with his five bodyguards, the way he walked created fear in anyone that he approaches. He was tall with brown curly hair, piercing hazelnut eyes, and pale skin; he is known for wearing shades of purple and blue.

She saw him walking toward her and her heart started beating so fast. She felt nervous, this time she couldn't avoid him. She stopped working on the cupcakes and wiped the beads of sweat on her brow. He approached and pulled up a chair next to her desk. She froze.

"Hi, Mrs. Dorsey, how are you today?" He asked smiling at her. She could see the hint of mischief in his eye. He was probably there to collect the money he loan them to run the business.

"I'm good, thank you. And you?" She answered cautiously. The rest of Mr. Alberto's bodyguards settled themselves in the nearest seats to the window.

"I came here for the money, my money. You


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