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A Kiss For The Night

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Meredith just finished high school as one of the best student and was awaiting admission letter from one of the universities in Italy. She was to move from New Orleans to Italy and she was pretty excited. She was a nerd and got everything right but she had no social life. She decided to take a day out with her friends while they celebrated their graduation. They went partying in a big club, she was a bit tipsy, but she knew all what was happening around her. She stumbled into one of the rooms thinking it was the restroom, and she witnessed a murder by a mafia boss, Fabian Salvatore who was apparently the owner of the club. Fabian on the other hand was the most feared Mafia boss and he was to get married to Mariana to seal a deal with another mafia boss before he finished him off. Everything changed for him when he saw Meredith who was a witness and was on the run to school because they were after her. She thought she was safe in Italy, but her past caught up with her when until she saw Fabian again.

Chapter 1


Time was running so fast that I could barely wrap my head around it. Only a week ago, I was valedictorian and read out the speech only one student could read every year. The feeling had been bliss, but the moment I stepped down from the podium, I'd fallen into being a regular student with just a little social life. But the past week had changed everything, and tonight would have just the same effect.

The same day I made my speech, I also got the admission letter to study at the college of my dreams in Italy, and I'm leaving tomorrow. So little time for so much fun

Mom had been a little too over the top in her excitement about letting me off for college; even I couldn't deny the fact I needed a fresh start.

"Edith, some alcohol to warm your belly," Jayden offered, handing me a small red cup.

I bumped into the cup a little from all the bouncing around to Selena Gomez over the club speakers.

"Thank you," I murmured, drowning out the last part of my sentence with the cup on my lips.

"Sweet heavens, what is this? This is the sweetest thing you've given me all night," I yelled, and he shrugged.

"Cocktail," I said, licking my lips, drowning out the contents. I had a flight to catch tomorrow morning, and here I was feeling tipsy but couldn't stop myself from drinking. I was going to have a massive hangover and severe jet lag.

I was drinking for fun reasons, while Jay was drinking to feel a little more loose so he could ask the guy at the swimming pool out. He'd been eyeing him all evening.

"Hey, why don't we head to the swimming area? It's less noisy, and my head is starting to bang." I suggested pulling him towards the pool. Once we got there, he fetched me another cup of the same sweet cocktail and joined me on a bench.

"I’m so glad you could come out to have fun for the last time," he said, and I smiled. "Why wouldn’t I come?" I said I wouldn’t miss my last day for anything in the world, especially when my flight to Italy was the next morning.

"I don’t mind travelling with a massive hangover." It’s not even about that. It’s about Lewis; you two have been split for almost a week. Chances are he’d be here and...

Christ, Jay, I do not f*ck*ng care. If he’s here, fine; if he isn't, great," I said and took a swig of my drink.

Lewis was my ex; he’s my past. He cheated on me because, according to him, there was no better way to tell me he wasn’t interested in doing long distance. Part of the blame was mine to swallow, believing that a former star basketball player who could lift his head up from the past glory he had obtained before his injury would be sensible enough to keep up with me abroad.

"Sassy," Jay cooed, and I was forced to slap the back of his head. My feet wobbled as I moved away from his reach, finding myself crinkly and staggering.

Look, I’m fine; just walk over there and talk to that hot piece of *ss; once you’re done, let me know how it means," I advised, and he grinned at me.

"Meanwhile," I paused to chug down the rest of the cocktail. "I need to use the bathroom; see you later." I clumsily dropped the glass cup on the table and walked away, trying not to fall with my shaky legs.

By the time I reach the stairs, I’m seeing things twice their actual size. It was not a good sign, but I made a mental note to drink water when I made it back downstairs.

I decided to take the elevator instead, and when I got in, I aimed to punch the first floor but ended up hitting the last one. I groaned and was frustrated. I stomped my feet to slow down the pressure I was receiving from my bladder.

The elevator finally dinged, and I ran off, stumbling into the first door on the left, and to my surprise, it gently creaked open.

Had they left it open while they slept?

When I looked up into the room, a chilling sensation ran through my bones.

A man dressed in a black suit was holding a young lady slumped to the floor with a knife cut on her neck, and in his hands was the knife dripping with blood.

I gulped noisily, and he turned his head to get a better look at the intruder. My eyes fell on the dragon tattoo running from his ear down to his neck. And just before his face turned completely red, I ran off, sprinting down the stairs completely sober.

Both fear and adrenaline were coursing down my veins in an unhealthy competition, but I don’t have the time to suppress one or the other.

I was downstairs in no time; I did not even look for Jayden to say goodbye. For all I know, the man may be lurking after me, and we know how these things end. To clear off witnesses, I joined the lady on the floor, dead and cold.

I was breezing past the front door, panting heavily, and to my luck, a cab was just rounding the corner. I flagged him down, flailing my arms like a maniac.

He seemed to notice the urgency and hurried over.

"You need help, miss?" I nodded, opening the door. I don’t care if he’s headed my way. I just have to get the f*ck out of here.

"Where to?" He asked, and I breathed in, trying to collect myself.

"I’d get off at Blue Avenue," I told him, and he nodded.

"That would cost you about two dollars." I don’t care about the cost, so I didn't respond.

The one thing I kept my mind focused on was how quickly I’d be packing up for the journey to Italy. I am leaving the murder scene behind me. I prayed silently that he had not seen my face. But even I knew that the chances were slim.

Chapter 2


"Darling, you don’t have to pull the box all by yourself; let me help you," mom called from the bottom of the stairs, watching me drag my box down the stairs.

"I can do it myself. Mum, it’s no big deal," I groaned, punctuating every word at the same time I pulled the box down each stair.

I heaved a sigh of relief when the tyres touched the end of the stairs.

I looked up at her triumphantly.

"There, my box is down," I told her, rolling the wheels as I made my way to the doorstep.

As I walked past her, I looked at her face. It’s hard to miss the tears glistening in her eyes. I quickly wheeled the box into the truck of the airport taxi and ran back towards her, and she opened her arms and engulfed me in a warm hug.

"I’m so sorry, mom," I say, my voice breaking in sadness. I bat my eyelids to blink back the tears forming.

"It’s fine, baby. It’s just that I’ve w


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