A Deal With The Billionaire

A Deal With The Billionaire

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Rae-Rae
  • Chapters: 11
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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"This is just a marriage for convenience, and nothing else, okay?" Arya gnashed her teeth. And slowly, he stood up from the armchair and walked towards her, pinning her by the neck to the wall. "Welcome to hell, Wifey!" ** Arya Morris was your typical, rich stubborn daughter of the Morris household. However, her family faced a huge backlash, the Brookes family offered to help them make a comeback only if Arya get married to their heir, Devon Brookes. He was her enemy, they hated each other! What happens when arrogant and arrogant meet? Will these two live in the same house as husband and wife?

Chapter 1; Introduction.

The Morris Mansion.


"Mum, I am not getting married!!" Arya's voice was heard all over the room, it was really firm as if she had made her own decisions.

"Dear.." Sofia, her mother's sentence was cut off immediately by Arya.

She stood up abruptly and stared at her parents,

"How in the heck can you sell me out like that, does that means you don't love me? do you even care about me at all?" Her voice was dead cold sending shivers to her mother's spine, even she knows the danger of getting her daughter angry.



The whole Morris family was having a nice family lunch, Arya the most talkative when eating, was all smiles as she ate the lunch heartily.

Though it was just her and her fourteen year old brother, Colin, she felt she had everything one could ever ask for, her life was just perfect and she didn't want anyone spoiling that for her. Sometimes it is dangerous when your life is perfect, in fact too perfect.

As she was too busy with her food and her heartily conversation, she failed to notice that her parents were having an eyes gesture argument. They were twisting their eyes in a form of 'You tell her' and 'No, you tell her'

It went on for quite a long time as they kept on having the eye series fight.

Though Colin noticed their bizarre conversation, he acted ignorance and placed his whole attention on the nice plate of dessert placed his front.

'I can't wait to devour this cake,' Colin thought to himself as he grabbed the spoon, suddenly digging a bite into his mouth.

His loud munching was heard next.

"Colin, eat properly, this is unfair," Arya complained bitterly staring at her bother for some time.

He cleaned his lips and laughed like a lunatic, "Fine, Fine."

After minutes of talking and no reply came from her parents, Arya finally gazed at them and noticed they were having some kind of eyes argument.

"Mum, Dad, why are you not responding?" She dropped the cutlery and gazed at them surprisingly, normally her mother was always a talkative, and her dad would always nod his head whenever she made a suggestion, so what changed? why are they dead silent?

Did something bad happen?

After seconds, her mother took in a deep breath and calmed down, she held Arya's hand in comfort.

"Dear, we have found a solution and very soon we would make a comeback," Her mother beamed excitedly, but soon, a frown emitted her lips.

With Joy, Arya exclaimed, "Really?" It has been over a year now since our products hadn't been selling in the market, and they were facing a huge backlash due to the system policy, Arya was clearly overjoyed.

"Yes, and the Brooks offered to make us a come back," Her mother explained slowly and her father simply nodded his head with a smile.

"The Brooks?" Arya lifted her brows, she frowned a little, "Aren't they the first tier family in the country, and the third most powerful family in the world?" Arya asked, her face turning darker all of a sudden, "Why in the heck would they take interest in our family?"

It was a huge suprise for her, the Brookes would never help her family only if a string was attached.

Max, Arya's father, turned to Colin. "Colin, go to your room,"

Colin who looked devasted and flabbergasted, almost cursed in his mind, 'Dang, I wanted to catch gossip, oh well, I am going to go play video games in my room'

He then wobbled his feet down to his room.

"They agreed to help us only on one condition." Max said.

"Which is?" Arya was getting impatient.

"Only if you get married to their son, Devon," Her mother dropped the bombshell draining out all the colour from her face.

That name always sent shivers down her spine, that devil name.

"What?! Are you serious?" Arya voice was cold demanding an answer from her parents.

"Look, Arya, it's going to benefit us all!" Her dad tried to speak but was interrupted.

"Benefit? Yeah right? It is only going to benefit you, cause you are going to make a comeback while on the other hand, I am going to be stuck in a huge mansion as a wife." Arya yelled.

Arya slammed the table in anger as she walked out of the dining room.

"Arya, please wait," Her mother followed her to the living room.

"I am not getting married!!" Arya's voice was heard all over the room.

"Dear..." Her mother's words were cut off instantly.

"How in the heck can you sell me out like that, does that means you don't love me? do you even care about me at all?" Her voice was dead cold sending shivers to her mother's spine, even she knows the danger of getting her daughter angry.

"We.. we are not selling you out, we love you so much, please Arya." Her mother stumbled on her words, tears threatening to fall down her fragile cheek.

"If you love me so much, then why try to hook me up with someone I hate so much?" Arya's tone was filled with clear hatred for him, no body could describe the amount of hatred she had for him. They were definitely not meant for each other at all.

"Arya..." Her dad's words cut off shut as she took her car keys and stormed out of the house in anger, only goodness knows what would happen if she stayed her any longer.

While driving, she called her best friends for them to meet up in a popular restaurant known as the imperial restaurant.


"Are you serious?" Emma, her friend asked as she chugged the bottle of coke in one go.

"I can't and I won't get married to Devon," Arya scoffed, as she fiddled with the chips.

"I can't even imagine you two together, you guys were sworn enemies in high school and even in college." Niccy exclaimed, the whole news was like a bombshell to her.

"Yeah, and I don't know what to do, honestly, if I turn this down my family will suffer more back lash in the future, we would run out of money and we would be homeless, but if I agree to it, the Brooks family would become our ally, they would help us with anything we want," Arya sighed, weighing the heavy options in her head.

"Well, you don't have a choice either." Emma shrugged her shoulders as she could only stare at her friend in absolute pity.

"I will figure out something, Alright?" Arya sighed.

"Just take good care of yourself, don't be stressed by all this," Niccy patted her shoulders comfortably.

The trio spent the rest of the afternoon chatting heartily as they ate and drank, they talked about a lot of things before they returned home.

Chapter 2; You are getting married

The Brooks mansion,


In a well decorated room, a woman who would be estimated to be in her early forties was seen seating on a couch, she gazed at her cell phone every now and then.

Her face was all smiles as she was laughing all over the phone, "Yes, Yes, he always listen to me." The woman laughed heartily as she fiddled with the glass of wine in between her fingers.

She was all relaxed as she smiled almost every time breathing in and out suddenly.

A maid came in and bowed in front of the woman. "Young Master Devon is here." The maid said respectfully before she hurriedly left the room.

The woman who was over the phone hurriedly disconnected the call. "I will call you later, I have to go now," With that she disconnected the call.

She composed herself well, honestly she was quite surprised, she always send for her step son countless of times, but he never for once honoured her call to come home, and today


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