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A Billionaire for A Night

A Billionaire for A Night

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Annabel works as a nurse full-time and resides in a compact apartment. She likes going to the club with her coworkers both during the week and on the weekends. She made the choice to depart alone and early. She was passing an alley when she heard unusual noises and sounds of thugs trying to hurt someone, and she immediately reached out to the man lying on the ground who was seriously hurt. She later learned that the man was billionaire Philip Canton. Despite Philip's reservations about whether or not they would ever see each other again, he is stunning and owes her a tremendous deal of appreciation. Later, he invited Annabel to spend a night in the club in his VIP area. Philip merely intended to express gratitude once again. But as events unfolded, she found herself completely exposed in his arms. But she hadn't regretted it. She had never slept with anyone finer than him. Due to his intoxication, Philip didn't even consider using protection. Annabel got pregnant two months later. Additionally, Philip is unaware of the pregnancy. Philip gently wins Annabel over with his love and support despite her reluctance. They create a family and raise their son together. But as Philip's history returns to haunt him, their happiness is put in jeopardy. Can Annabel and Philip overcome their obstacles and achieve a happy ending?

Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: The man of the moment

"This is life!" I yelled in a toneless manner as I looked out over the brilliantly blue, glistening water. "Don't we truly have it made, then? "Well, boss, you do." I turned around to see Dennis, a bouncer who was also a buddy, grinning broadly at me. I understood what he meant when he said that I was the only one with the entire world at my disposal. He didn't seem to understand that by working for me, the world was also open to him.

He was one of the best people I gave what I had to who earned it. "Dennis." It was difficult for me to throw my arm over his shoulder because he was a brick shithouse and had at least 300 pounds behind him. "Look at this: we're on a yacht, cruising the ocean with beers in hand and women in every direction, all in the scorching heat. How many careers would enable you to enjoy yourself so much? "Philip, you're correct; don't think I'm not appreciative. It just is. He dropped his eyes to the floor, and I stepped back to look at him. His enormous, magnificent mind was working on something, and I needed to know what it was. "You are a handsome man with stunning green eyes and the ideal height for any man.

Women are swarming to you from every direction. "Mainly due to my finances." I attempted to at least appear modest as I shrugged wryly. None of these broads would even give me a second glance if I were poor, he said. Oh, that's quite unlikely. Because, well, look at me; I'm the one nobody stares at. "Dude, that enormous a** of yours is awesome. Your confidence is lacking. As I spoke, I waved my arms in front of me. Simply put, "You just need to know what to say!" Dennis ceased speaking. I sipped down the beer I was holding and looked over the group of attractive women because I could tell he was taking it all in and wanted some time to himself. I had a person who arranged for stunning women to visit my parties on the days I wanted some company, but even though I didn't know any of them, I knew that every single one of them would be at Terrence Club to spend some one-on-one time with me. That was the influence that the Philip Canton name had. I was well known for my wealth and, if I were being completely honest, my attractive appearance, so each one of them was giving me a seductive look in return. It was up to me to choose who I wanted; they were all interested in me. I think," Dennis began, drawing my focus back to him, "I want more than just a hookup. I genuinely want to find someone to live out my days with. His dark brown eyes were filled with inquiries as he fixed his attention on me.

Don't you ever get that way? Don't you ever wish for just a little more? "What, like, do you want a wife?" I scoffed, exactly as I felt about that subject as if the notion were completely absurd. You know who I am. I don't want a commitment from anyone. I just turned 33 years old. Why would I want to settle for just one woman when I have so many ladies vying for my attention? "But... No, it is irrelevant." But not at me; Danni's eyes swept the room. He still had more to say, but it appeared I would have to prod it from him. Tell me what you're thinking; don't be shy. You are aware of my respect for your viewpoint.

I hope you understand that you are my dearest buddy. Was it depressing to be so close to a member of my staff? But then, did I care? All I cared about was Dennis being a great guy. "Well, it seems to me to be more than simply that. I believe there are other factors at play in your decision not to settle down. I let out a heavy sigh and looked up at the clear sky, wanting just a second to collect myself. Dennis being my buddy was a fantastic thing, but there were moments when it was very difficult to maintain the positive, cheery version of myself because he could see into the very core of my being. I think you're right, yes. "I figured so. Is this related to David? David, ugh, my fantastic brother He might have occasionally acted a little erratically, and he didn't always follow my instructions, but he didn't deserve what happened to him.

Every time I thought about it, I got screwed up. "I suppose so, yes. The fact that the murder hasn't been solved just makes me feel bad. I invested a lot of money in my research, but nothing has come of it. When I briefly closed my eyes, I was able to see the vision of his ice-cold, severely battered, and bruised body, making it seem like it had happened yesterday rather than three years earlier. I had given up hope that I would ever be able to go past that. "I apologize, boss. You'll eventually learn the answers, I'm sure. I unintentionally interjected, "And then there's losing my father; that still hurts." Even though it happened five years ago, I'm still pretty upset over the unexpected heart attack I had. On this great day, I hadn't anticipated going so deep, but I did feel a tiny weight lift off my chest. Talking about my problems felt both terrible and amazing at the same time. "I don't want to get married and end up giving birth to another human being in this dysfunctional environment.

Simply put, it's wrong. The air was thick with a pregnant pause. Both Dennis and I were at a loss for words when he spoke to me. It was awful, but I had to keep in mind that I was still alive. I occasionally lost myself in my thoughts, to the point that I was unaware of that. Since they weren't able to, it was my responsibility to live while I was here. It was time to switch topics. "All right, Dennis, do you want some advice on how to approach women? This is it. While he was protesting next to me, I completely ignored him, motioning to the two women nearby for them to approach him. The first had long blonde hair cascading down her back and a little red bikini that left no room for interpretation. The second had a black flowing top over her swimsuit, which only served to high terrace club, her incredibly long legs and gave her a really cute Mediterranean appearance. ‘’Take note Dennis, ‘’I said Blondie purred, "Hey." "How are you doing today, Philip?" Naturally, I didn't need to introduce myself because I never have. My images were on every society page, so any self-respecting gold digger would have seen them. I'm fine, how about you two?"

I winked while smirking. They laughed as they exchanged glances while observing my concentration. "Yes, we're all right. By the way, my name is Jane, and this is my friend Lily. I shook both of their hands way too slowly, making sure to look each woman square in the eyes. As long as they could get some of my attention, neither of them cared whether I spent time with the other female. Do you like the party, then? I love it, doesn't it? Oh, it's wonderful; Many thanks for inviting us. This is fantastic. With you two to look at, it's even better. I cast a glance at Dennis to elicit a response from him. He should at least try to imitate how I used to compliment and flirt with my physique. These were practicing women, so there was no need to be alarmed. What do you two gals do for a living, then? It took everything I had to keep from putting my head in my hands. Blondie started to go on about her salon, talking eagerly about cosmetics and hair care items in a very dull manner. Such an error was made here. Learning more about the women left them vulnerable to inquiries of their own, and I preferred to maintain my secrecy. Nobody should have known anything about me, I thought. Everything was meant to be physical, a brief indulgence in carnality.

Right, gals, I had to jump in at that point. "Do you mind going back to the bar for some drinks while we have a chat? I'll get you when I get a chance. Blondie appeared upset, but her pal didn't appear to give a damn. That attitude seemed admirable to me. The question, "What did you just do?" As the females walked away, Dennis exclaimed She was genuinely speaking to me, and everything was going so nicely. She was speaking directly to you, and you questioned her excessively. I presented one to her. I chuckle at the complete amazement in his countenance. I guess he truly didn't grasp it. One is excessive. Before you hook up, you don't want to learn too much about her. The question "Why not?" I grinned at my companion as I leaned back. I can teach you so much, I promise. On weekends, you must visit the Terrace Club.

Then I can show you more. Many women in the VIP area are looking for pleasure. His eyebrows and lips began to wrinkle. Next weekend? I was going to ask if it was okay if I took this weekend off. I committed to attending the christening of my sister's children. I did ask you that before. You did, of course; don't be concerned. You did ask me now, and you do deserve a break. I think I remember you asking. You travel while having fun. Next weekend, I'll teach you how to flirt with women. Lily continued to give me a piercing glance that pounded on my chest. She was very stunning, didn't want to divulge any personal information, and appeared exactly like me. To take her below deck, I would have to finish this up. "I appreciate it, boss. Thanks." Dennis grinned warmly in appreciation. And the next weekend, I'll comply with your every request. I got to my feet, gave him a hearty pat on the back, and then stretched my arms upward to let my t-shirt rise. I put a lot of work into my body, so I enjoyed flaunting it whenever possible. I would have already taken it off if there wasn't such a strong breeze. Right, buddy, let me go show Lily around the boat if you get what I mean. He laughed as I gave him a wink. I'll see you soon, all right? I didn't even need to speak to Lily; all I had to do was raise an eyebrow at her, and she immediately came to my side. For a brief moment, I protectively claimed her as mine by throwing my arm over her shoulder. She walked with her hips swinging but her lips tightly pursed. She was the perfect woman for me—quiet, seductive, and looking to have fun.

I pointed in the direction of the stairs, and I felt my pants start to rumble as I watched her stroll in front of me. I had it made; this was truly the life. Why on earth would I want to start a family? My life was so ideal; why would I want to make any changes? It was completely insane. Why would I even consider thinking about anything else when I had a life that made others envious?

Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: The woman of the moment

As I virtually staggered into the break room for a much-needed cup of coffee, exhaustion covered my eyes. I never anticipated how dependent on coffee I would end up being when I went to medical school to become a nurse. I chose that career route because I wanted to be of service to others, not because I wanted to snore and rub my eyes for the rest of my days. Oh, hi, Annabel. How are things? I froze when I saw my best friend Sonia stretched across the chairs like she was at home. She always appeared as if she had just exited a catwalk or, at the very least, a magazine; how was it fair that we did the same job? Her brown eyes shone as if she had just gotten up from a long night of rest; her pale skin was flawless by day; and she had neatly braided blonde hair.

In contrast, I had my dark hair pulled back into a bun, my dark blue eyes lacked any glimmer, and I was certain that a pimple was growing under the surface of my s


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