Hidden Pain

Hidden Pain

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💞 HIDDEN PAIN 💞 ( Can I be your friend?) PROLOGUE She's beautiful, Bold, Enchanting, Endearing; and many other things you can think of She's Skyler Carson; the beauty queen and owner of SKYLERS HIGH, which is also a musical school She isn't just popular for her beauty and parents wealth alone; she is also popular with her music - her songs. But there was something mysterious about her; a lot of things actually She's never sung in public. Her songs were always sung hidden, then recorded and released before people get to hear it. No one has ever heard her sing despite the fact that there were various singing competitions, and events being organized. Everyone longed to see her sing, but it wasn't so. Despite being admired, loved and adored by all; Skyler still lacked one thing - the love and care of her parents. She thought she could fill the void with music, but she was wrong. No matter how hard she tries, it never gets filled up. The pain never really goes away And then it happened, there was a new guy at school. Only him seems to know understand her. He was the only one that could decipher her HIDDEN PAIN. Underneath that grumpy, rude and nonchalant attitude, was a strong girl who had no other choice but to live life as it seems What happens when Jayson Gregor falls hard for her and would do anything to make her happy and ease her Hidden pain? What happens when he finds out about her darkest secret? Will he still love her? Will he have a change of heart due to her cold attitude? Do you think Skyler will love him, and free her heart from pain? There are alot of mysteries to be unraveled. Why don't you read and find out.

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Chapter 1


( Can I be your friend?)

Chapter 1

Skyler looked through the documents she was asked to study. She was damn bored. Like what in God's name was she doing, going through paperworks. It felt exhausting and frustrating

She couldn't wait for her Dad's manager to come so she could pour out her anger and bitterness on him

He was her father's manager but also her manager. Her Dad made sure he oversees all her affairs relating to the company. They wanted her to partake in it so she can learn a few things, and get used to how the business world rotates, with the hope that she will take over the company when they are old, but Skyler wouldn't hear of it. She hated anything that has to do with the company.

She loves music. She loves singing, and that was the only thing she has ever loved since she was a child. She knew her parents had only agreed to open a musical school for her because that was the only thing they could do to make up for all the lost times with her, and also because it made the company more popular and Influential.

Nevertheless, they didn't want her to end up as a musician and so they did their best to ensure she had some
time to learn about the company, and how the business is done

Skyler looked at her watch for the upteenth time. She was getting really pissed off. She hated being in the company, talk more of sitting down like an outcast going through some files and documents which were referred to as ' shares'. She wasn't interested in any of that and didn't know how to tell her parents and make them understand.

Her life was already hard as it is without them caring and here they were trying to determine what she will do with the very same life they don't give a damn about

No. She wasn't going to please them for anything. She has always tried to do that but still, she hasn't gotten the love she had always longed for. The love she felt she deserved. They were being partial, she thought as she picked up her handbag. She kept the desk in order and took out her shade from her bag. The door flew open at that instant

" Like what the hell, Mr staffers?" she yelled when her supposed manager came in " you were supposed to be here, yet you weren't. You know I hate doing this. you know how much I despise it. What took you so long, huh?" she asked and relaxed, catching her breath

Mr Staffers was taken aback. She looked angry and pissed off. He knew she was hardly the type to get angry over things of that sort

" I apologize dear. Yeah, yeah, you're right. I'm so sorry, but you also have to understand that I had a lot of things to do and sort out. Your dad has been on my neck for days'' he said exhaling and walking closer to her. " I know how you feel and I wish I could help you make your dad understand but you know I can't,so please just cooperate and don't be hard on me. I'm also trying hard here to get this done, couple with the work I have here at the office, and I don't think you should complain that much,it's just thrice a week" he said

" Oh!. So you mean I should be cool. I said I hate being here. I hate this place" Skyler screamed, breathing hard.

" I know dear. I know" Mr Staffers said

" You know? No, I don't think you do,because if you do then you won't force me against my wish" Skyler said

" Wait, what? Did I just hear you say force? Young lady have never forced you to do anything. I think you should tell that to your father because am also having a hard time here" he grumbled

" Whatever you say, just know that i never want to step foot in this godforsaken place again. Come drop me off" she said and cat walked out of the door. Mr Staffers stared at her

" What kind of a girl is this?" he said and walked out of the office also then closed it

Skyler got outside and sat down. the driver was already there waiting, she got in also, making both of them. Mr Staffers arrived minutes later and they left

They got to Mr Carson's mansion. Skyler quickly got down and went straight up to her room. The driver drove out, heading back to the company to drop Mr Staffers. he had followed her home to ensure she had arrived safely so he would be able to issue a good report to her dad regarding her whereabouts, when he would be asked.

Skyler got to her room, designed like that of a princess. She fell on her king size bed. She knew her Dad would enquire from his manager about her response to what she had been taught. That is the only aspect of her life he seemed to care about. She felt sad thinking about that and didn't want to be sad. She got up from her bed and went to where she kept her guitar, then took it and sat on the floor

She played the first string, and smiled.


She played the second string, the third and fourth and so on. After playing for a while, she stopped

She was crying

It always happens when she sings with her pain.

More like sing out your pain. She stood up and went to get her notebook and pen, which she use in writing songs. She jotted the first sentence that came as an inspiration.

* I just want someone to look at me

to hold me,

I felt am not good enough,

Still, I want to be better, why?

stil, I feel worthless, but I want you to know


I can be so much moreee,

so much moreee*

Skyler dropped the pen and sang. She was singing not because of her love for it or because that was the only thing she knows how to do best. She was singing because that was the only thing that makes her happy and makes her feel alive and hopeful.


" Jayson, Jayson" Jackson called getting to where he was. He got there and met Jayson seated on a chair. He went closer and tapped him furiously.

" Jayson," he called again. Jayson jerked up in fright. " Are you okay?" jackson asked him

" Of course. How long have you been here?" Jayson asked, looking around.

" Not quite long. Have been calling your name but you seem lost. What's going on?" Jackson asked taking a seat beside him

" What do you mean what's going on?" Jayson asked, trying to feign ignorance.

" Don't give me that attitude Jay. I know you very well. I know something's bothering you, so tell me what it is" Jackson said seriously staring at Jayson

" Okay fine, you're right" Jayson said and exhaled deeply. Jackson looked at him curiously waiting for him to speak up.

" I was just thinking about us. I mean our situation, we are so poor and there seems to be nothing that we can do about it" he said worriedly. Jackson sighed deeply

" And you think it doesn't bother me too. It does, but what can we do about it? We attend the poorest school in town and yet we are still the poorest there. I can't even stand in the midst of my peers. Grandma's medication is almost finished and yet it hasn't been replaced. We even struggled to buy the last one that's about to finish. Honestly, you're not the only one feeling hurt, at times I just wish there's something I can do. I mean just take a look at where we live in '' Jackson said and paused, waiting for Jayson to picture what he was referring to- where they live. It was an old structured house built with weak blocks and outdated designs.

" What about school?" Jayson asked

" Yeah, that. We need to look for more part-time jobs to be able to keep up" Jackson said

" Where's Jason?" Jayson asked

" Dunno. Didn't see him when I got back" Jackson replied

" Oh!!" Jayson said

" And that reminds me, o my way back, i heard news that the scholarship advert for SKYLERS HIGH is out" Jackson told Jayson

" Really?" Jayson asked, amazed and happy. That was one hell of a news. It has always been his dream to attend SKYLERS HIGH. If not for anything, for the fact that he will be able to develop his talent, and also make good use of it and show it to the outside world. He loves singing and there was no doubt about that.

Hearing the news now, was one of the best thing he had heard and it was enough to lighten up his mood

" So. So what do you say? What do you think? Should we apply?" he asked Jackson excitedly

" Hey, calm down, will you. I just told you I heard. We still have to confirm and know the cost of the form, though I know it won't be cheap but I hope it will. Now, we have to get to work. Our break is almost over" Jackson said and dragged Jayson up with him.

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