The Arranged Bride

The Arranged Bride

  • Elena Titania

  • 5.4K words
  • ongoing
  • 18+
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: [Romance, Painful love, Betrayal] Layla Gilbert, a twenty four years old lady, happily got engaged to her childhood sweetheart, her first love, Logan Alcantara, a billionaire who owns the Ambrose Empire. It was a happy reunion between them. However, there will always be darkness lurking around the corner. Layla successfully got married to Logan, the bigshot but soon discovers his twin brother, Ryan was the one she got married to, all hell broke loose, she is pregnant and Logan is dead. Will she survive the stones thrown at her by his family? This is a book you wouldn't want to miss out.

  • Billionaire
  • Dominant
  • Weak to Strong
  • Betrayal
  • Forced Proximity / Stuck Together
  • Family
  • Suspense
  • Dark
  • Twisted
  • Romance

"Brother," he battled to speak despite the unbearable Pain. "Brother, it stings,' his bloody mouth stuttered as his red-veined hands tightly gripped his brother's shoulders, glancing down at the knife stabbed to his belly, his face filled with so much distress and grief. The cool dark breeze blew through their clothes, as they both stood at the edge of the cliff.
"It hurts, doesn't it," Ryan smirked and dug the knife deeper into his brother's belly, his heart bled with hatred, he wasn't going to be moved by his sympathetic expression. After everything he's done to him, he deserves to die and be forgotten.
"Ahhhh,' he cried out with tears in his eyes.
"Stop, I beg of you." He knew it. He suspected something like this was going to arise, it's just that he didn't believe it to be true, he shouldn't have come here, he should have stayed back at the mansion and avoided his brother, today was his wedding for crying out loud. He loved her so much, it would break his love's heart if he didn't show up at the wedding.
"I want you out of my life, you took everything away from me." He cried.
He knew it.
He panted. "I…never took…anything…" More blood spilled out of his mouth, and he was growing weak, pale to the skin, was this how he was going to die? Was he never going to see their parents again? His love was going to feel abandoned if he died, filled with anguish and sadness.
"LIAR." He cried. "You did. Everything I loved was always given to you, why? Why? Why is it always you?" He twisted the knife and dug even deeper. "Go away and never return, go to hell, brother."
"Ryan,' he whispered, his eyes welling up. "I love you," Blood dripped from his mouth. "You will always be my brother but why are you doing this to me?'
"You should have thought of that before you snatched my birthright, everything is always about you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you." He shouted furiously. "You. I'm fed up." He laughed hysterically. "And thank you for unconsciously signing your wealth over to me." He grinned wickedly, the other's expression widened in shock. "Oh, you don't remember." He laughed. "Let me refresh your memory, you signed it when you were drunk, thinking it was some land, no, it was your riches, brother, your riches." He took his eyes off the knife, and clenched his neck with both hands. "Die." He muttered dangerously, the other struggled to breathe, holding Ryan's hands, his face got swollen and blacked out and then, Ryan pushed him down the cliff as he flowed and fell into the sea with a splash.
Ryan smirked, walked to the cliff and stood above it, waited for several minutes, there was no sign of his brother nor his existence.
"Damon." He yelled.
A young man in overall black attire hastily ran to Ryan, and bowed before him, waiting for instructions. "Yes master, you send for me."
"Did you see that?" He began laughing. "Everything is mine now." He laughed so hard with disdain.
"Congratulations, Master." He smiled.
"Thank you, Damon." He walked up to him and rubbed the blood in his hands on his face. "Do you feel how warm it is?"
Damon felt dread run down his spine, that blood was his master brother's, how could he rub it on him, he could only hope he doesn't have nightmares at night because of this monster. "Ye…yes, Master." He stuttered with fear.
"Clean up the mess and make sure nothing is left detected, bring me his body dead or alive." He ordered.
"Yes master.' He obeyed, instructing his other bodyguards to come along with him.
He smirked and looked at the sea once more. "Goodbye, brother." He murmured. "See you in my next life, everything is all mine now.'
The most talked about grand wedding in the city was the day of the Legacy Socialite's Layla Gilbert's wedding, she stood at the altar waiting for her lovely husband to show up with all smiles. She is an attractive woman, wearing a white wedding gown, with her elegant makeup which brought out the daintiness of her pale complexion. She looked as delicate as a pudding red rose. She was quite curvy and naturally beautiful even without makeup.
She couldn't wait to tell him how thrilled she was getting married to him. The love of her life, he was the best man she has ever met in her entire life. She was ready to be a good wife, even if she dies, in her next life, she will still choose him to be her husband. They've been lovers since childhood and Logan was a great man who had always loved and protected her, little did she know it was about to go down.
She waited and waited, yet, there was an uneasiness in her eyes, time was running out and the priest was ready to cancel the wedding reception, if the groom didn't arrive, the guests were becoming upset at the time wasted at the reception.
The others were beginning to speculate something was wrong with the groom, maybe he got into an accident, maybe he abandoned the bride and went for his mistress realizing he didn't love her after all. While others were amused, ready and praying for the wedding to fall apart since they were envious of the beautiful bride who was getting married to the billionaire.
Logan Alcantara.
Layla's hands were sweating, her eyes welling up, this wasn't like him, he is never the type to be late unless something has happened to him.
In a grief-stricken act, Logan's mother stood at the door wiping off her tears and holding her son's shoulder. "Get married to her, to save our reputation. Please, don't give away any suspicion, our reputation is at stake." She cautioned.
The Alcantara family were one of the wealthiest socialites owning an Empire called Ambrose, the most perfect family in California, and getting their son married to Layla was their first priority and their best option.
"I will never disappoint you, Mother, you have my word." He smiled and kissed his mother on her forehead, assuring her he was going to do the right thing.
His father proudly added. "We trust you, son, make us proud." His stained voice choked a bit but he remained cool.
"Alright, Father, let's go." He stretched out his hand and his father held his arm and led him into the reception before stepping back for his son to walk through the aisle.
He was dressed in his white suit, he was breathtaking, glamorous, muscular and his hair was well combed, everyone turned to look at him, he was well-made, like a Greek God as he walked past the audience with a cheerful smile and his gaze fell on Layla.
Layla quickly pushed back her tears, smiling and blushing as she set her sights on her husband-to- be.
Her man.

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