The mafia king's sex slave

The mafia king's sex slave

  • Chidera Agbaghigba

  • 3.1K words
  • ongoing
  • 18+
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Why did you let Diana escape!!!?" Derrick yelled at her in anger making her legs shiver a little. "Am sorry my lord but She wanted to and I helped her?" Marissa said and he wrapped his fist around her neck blocking the air passage. "Why???!" Derrick yelled with fire blazing inside his eyes and that pained her, she had loved this man for years but he only loved Diana... "Because after she came you started avoiding me......" Marissa paused trying to catch her breathe, no, "And you haven't touched me too," Maris said but inwardly, that wasn't the reason but it was better saying that than exposing her feelings to him. "Because of that!!!?" Derricks' angry voice boomed around the lonely hallway. "You want my d**k right? then fine, from now on, is my d**k that you would have, I would make you feel real pain, I would make you.....beg for death!!!" Derrick yelled and pushed her to the floor before walking away. ***** Marissa was a sex slave to derrick who was a mafia but things became more worst when she was adopted by Ezekiel the most feared mafia and not only that, with each move he took, Ezekiel set her body on fire.

  • Dark
  • Sweet
  • Twisted
  • Love at First Sight
  • Domination
  • One Night Stand
  • Mafia
  • First Love
  • Sweet Love
  • Devil
  • Possessive
  • Killer
  • BDSM
  • Romance
Chapter 1

Marissa felt lonely tears roll down her eyelids down her cheeks as she stared at the scene in front of her, he looked like another man entirely.

She was staring at her master, derrick, he was inside a beautiful pinkish barbie doll room while she stood outside the door staring at him unoticed. Derrick was sitting next to a beautiful dark haired girl who was sleeping on a pink queen sized bed, marissa watched as he squeezed her hands and stared at her softly, lovingly.

It was very heartbreaking to her, it felt like a knife was buried deep into her heart, cutting it into pieces, the man she had shown her love to for more than 5 years always handled her roughly but was so soft to a girl he met three months ago, that alone could break marissa into pieces.

No, she didn't want to see more, she didn't!

She was scared that she would break down in front of him if she saw more.

Marissa moved back and then she ran without a stop, not even to catch her breathe, immediately she entered her room, she locked the door and let her back slide down the door until she was sitting on the floor.

She tried to stop the tears but they were coming with full force the more she tried to stop it.

Then a knock was heard but she ignored it, the knock was heard continuously until her friend Monica's voice boomed from outside the room.

"Marissa, I know your in there, open up"Monica yelled and knocked again making Marissa to stand up and unlock the door.

"Marissa, is Derrick again right?"Monic

a muttered staring at her only friend with pity, her eyes were swollen and red.

"If he hears that you addressed him by his name, you would be in trouble"Marissa muttered using her palms to clean her tears while sniffing.

"Like what?, Is he a god, he should f**k off for all I care, he doesn't deserve your love and you know what, that b**ch he loves so much....

"Monica, keep it down!!"Marissa said looking around before pulling Monica inside her room and locking the door.

"No, I need you to know the truth, Diana doesn't love master at all, she made master fall for her with her fake innocent face just to use his money, she wanted to be above everyone in the mansion as the lady of master, she knew that the title can make her above all"Monica yelled tapping her foot on the floor furiously.

That was her Monica was, she gets angry easily, especially when it is about her only friend Marissa, she doesn't like to see her sad.

"Okay, stop crying okay?, Stop"Monica added and pulled Marissa into a hug while she cried on her chest.


Marissa managed to stop crying and soon she fell asleep but it didn't take up to three hours she woke up.

Today was Thursday, another day has passed and Derrick never asked for her, for the past three months since Diana came to the mansion, he never cared about her wellbeing whether she was dead or Alive.

Thinking about that, she felt tears begin to build in her eyeballs but she quickly blinked it away.

Marissa walked out of her room, this tim

e she followed a different route, the backside of the mansion and that was where the garden was located, she just felt like watching the flowers today.

Marissa hummed a song softly while jogging towards the garden but suddenly the sound of a glass colliding with the floor and breaking into pieces.

That alerted her immediately, was it a thief?, An intruder?, Getting curious, she walked towards the direction of the noise to see a girly figure dressed in black like a gangster.

Her moves were suspicious and she was holding two black suitcases.

"Diana?"Marissa called, she could tell it was Diana at first sight, she never knew she had grown to recognize Diana even if diana wasn't near her.

And as Marissa thought, the lady turned and it was indeed Diana, she stared at Marissa for a while before running making Marissa frown, what was her motive?, She wasn't only acting suspicious but she also ran away when she saw Marissa.

Marissa quickly ran after her but thankfully, Diana tripped and fell to the floor making marissa to catch up with her.

"Diana, what are you up to?"Marissa said and unzipped one of the bag while Diana glared at her.

Marissa's eyes widened in shock when she saw the amount of money that filled the suitcase, it weren't little dollars, how did she get her hands on this?

So, Monica was right, she wanted money.

"Look Marissa, let's caught to the chase, I know you love Derrick a lot and I don't love him even a tiny bit...

"You don't?, Then why are you doing this to him huh?"Marissa said clenching her fist.

Diana smirked and carried the other bag that fell down before placing a kiss on it.

"You wouldn't understand"She muttered caressing the bag with her fingers.

"Marissa, I don't love Derrick and I don't want to be forced into a relationship that I hate the most, please, help me escape, he deserves to be with someone that loves him back and not me"Diana said.

"Never, I would be in big trouble if I ever go against him"Marissa said glaring at her.

"He would rather hate me more than he hates me now if I do that"Marissa added and turned to leave but Diana grabbed her arm stopping her from walking further

"With me here, you wouldn't be able to melt Derrick's heart, if I leave, he would learn to love you....pleaseee, I beg you"Diana said and Marissa bit her lower lips hard for a moment contemplating whether to help her or not

"Okay, leave, I would try to help you"Marissa said and Diana smiled so brightly making Marissa jealous, now she understood why Derrick fell for her, her smile was just so enchanting.

"I will show you a secret exit"Marissa added and begin to walk towards a wall while Diana followed behind.

Marissa pushed the wall with her palm and the wall turned exposing a door, immediately Marissa opened it, Diana peeped and a smile formed on her face when she saw lots of trees scattered everywhere around the forest.

The mansion was situated in the forest so it was normal to see trees.

"Thanks"Diana smiled and ran away...

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