forced to marry the disabled mafia

forced to marry the disabled mafia

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The image of a beautiful wedding that has always been in Xaviera Valcon's mind, is shattered when she finds out that her fiancé is having sex with his half-sister-a few days before their wedding. The anger that he had been suppressing all this time because he was constantly forced to give in, made Xaviera darken her eyes and beat up the two evil humans. But as a result of his impulsive actions, Xera, as he is called, must be willing to accept the match arranged by his father and grandfather. To Xera's surprise, the man they chose was Maximilian Jacob. A former firearms Mafia, who currently can only sit in a wheelchair. Men who had a bad image, were even considered cursed men because, whatever girl he had interacted with, their corpses would decorate the downtown trash cans the next day. Then, how will Xera deal with all jai? Will she become a victim of Maxim who Then, how will Xera deal with all of this? Will she be Maxim's next victim? And, what is the secret behind their matchmaking?

  • Boss / CEO
  • Billionaire
  • Possessive
  • Weak to Strong
  • Love at First Sight
  • Powerful Couple
  • Mafia
  • Future
  • First Love
  • Dramatic
  • Sweet
  • Erotic
  • Romance
Chapter 1

"Get out you guys, get out!! You lecherous humans!" The sound of Xaviera Valcon's scream made the whole house jump.

Lucian Aldrich hurried over to his eldest daughter, followed by his wife Caroline.

"What is this, Xera? What are you doing?!" Lucian asked when he saw Xera-the princess, dragging her stepdaughter Daisy and Julian Lambert-Xera's fiancé out of Daisy's room.

With a ragged breath, Xera looked at her father. "Don't ask me, Dad. Ask these two mortals, why are they playing crazy behind my back!?"

Julian Lambert, who at that time was wearing a black shirt without a top, could only look down. Likewise with Daisy who was only wrapped in a blanket without clothes behind it. Those two people

still looks shocked because he was caught red-handed by Xera.

Xera looks furious. Earlier, when he came home from the boutique to see the wedding dress he ordered, Xera heard a noise from Daisy's room, her stepsister. Out of curiosity, he took the initiative to take a look. Worried that his sister was hurt or something, because the moaning sound was quite loud.

However, when he opened the bedroom door, what he saw was not Daisy who was injured, but her fiancé Julian Lambert riding his half sister. And the voice that Xera thought was a moan, was actually Daisy's sigh, when Julian attacked her.

Without much thought, Xera immediately beat the two of them. Julian's forehead was bleeding from the impact of Xera's heels. Daisy's hair still fills the gap between being Xera. Proof of how hard he beat those two bad humans.

They will be married in a few days. However, this lecherous man actually slept with his half-sister.

Xera continued to stare at her father, waiting for what action the head of the Aldrich family would take.

"Tsk, I guess what's wrong. Just because of this, you're throwing a tantrum like an insane person?"

Xera, who was originally grabbing Daisy's hair, slowly let go of her tuft.

"W-what do you mean, Dad? W-why did you answer like that?"

Lucian seemed to let out a long breath. "Like what? What's wrong with people who are about to get married, have sex?"

Lucian's answer made Xera frown. "Ma-married? Dad, who's getting married, Julian and I. Not Daisy and Julian. Did you forget? A-or faking it?"

"Tsk, your bachelor's degree is useless if you don't understand simple things like this. Not Lucian, but Caroline, Daisy's biological mother, who answer. "Daisy and Julian love each other. And they're planning to get married in a few days. But, since my Daisy doesn't want to bother, we're taking advantage of you on purpose, to prepare everything." Caroline continued, "Actually we planned to keep this a secret until the D day. But, it turns out they both can't stand it," said Caroline with a chuckle. "So, yeah.... Since you already know, we don't think there's any need for more acting."

As long as Caroline spoke. Xera's gaze was fixed on her father. Hoping that her father would refute Caroline's words and say it was all bullshit. However, until Caroline's voice stopped, Lucian Aldrich remained silent. Even looked at Xera flatly.

"D-father..." Xera mumbled

With a lazy look, Lucian looked at Xera. "What's more? Did you hear what Mommy said,

right? Daisy will be getting married, not you. The dress is made according to Daisy's body size. So, you don't have to worry if the dress doesn't fit. Your work is very satisfying. Xera," closed Lucian calmly.

Xera was again stunned to hear Lucian's answer. He then laughed. Laughing at his own stupidity.

So, all his efforts over the last two months. Helter-skelter everywhere preparing for the wedding, in fact Zonk?? All his efforts from ordering dresses, building. catering, in fact it's all for Daisy? All his effort, time and energy....

Xera lowered her head. I really want to cry. But not. From now on he must not appear weak in front of those immoral humans.

Xera took a deep breath, steeled herself and looked at her father flatly. "Why, Father? Even though I'm your biological son."

Lucian folded his arms. "Why what? Is it unclear? Daisy loves Julian. And as a sister, you have to give in to Xera. How hard is it to give in to your sister?!"

"Difficult!" Xera's voice rose a few octaves and glared at her father. "It's hard, Dad. It's so hard! Dad told me to give in? Again..? This is the umpteenth time I've given up. Always like that! Why Dad, why?! Why am I the one who is required to always give in to Daisy, even though we are not related by blood? Why?!!"

Daisy has taken too much of hers. Starting from the room, clothes, to his childhood lover. And now, he is again demanded to yield to Daisy, and give up his fiancé?

Has his father lost his mind? Did they think he had no feelings? Can't feel pain?

"Keep your voice down, Xera. Don't be so impudent!!" Hardik Lucian.

"D-don't be angry, Sis... I'm sorry." Daisy, who was already wearing a thin dress without any underwear, started to make a sound.

Daisy leaned against Julian's body, hiding a smirk of satisfaction on her face and looking at Xera. "I-I know I was wrong. B-but… Me and Sister Jul love each other. I-I can't let go of Sis Jul. Because of that, I beg of you… Bless us, Sis."

Daisy smiled mockingly at Xera, then knelt down. "Y-if you're not satisfied, I'm willing to be hit. But please, don't separate us. I really love Julian Sis, Sis.....

"You don't have to kneel, honey. Get up." Julian persuaded.

"No! I will continue to kneel until Big Brother forgives me." Daisy insisted.

"Shhh... Calm down, let me talk to him."

"But, Sis...." Daisy's voice sounded unwilling.

But his eyes instead looked at Xera mockingly.

I won again, Brother, Daisy said quietly.

Xera who read Daisy's lip movements, became furious.

"You girl rushed to attack Daisy however, Julian used his body to protect Daisy.

"Enough, Xera! Don't hurt my future wife!"


"Shut up, bastard. I have nothing to do with you!" Xera's slap took Julian by surprise. The innocent girl who always smiled and was gentle, today showed her fangs.


"What?! Step aside!"

Julian's face softened. He just realized that Xera loved him so much, that the girl was willing to go against Lucian's order just to vent her frustration because she was not willing to be taken by Daisy.

Julian stroked Xera's cheek. "Calm down, honey ... I know, you love me very much. But, sorry, I can't. I've already fallen in love with Daisy. However, if you want I can persuade Daisy for various, someday you can be my mistress. So when Daisy's period comes, I'll sleep with you. How... Agree?"

Daisy, who had been worried to see Julian being gentle, finally breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that the man had no intention of leaving him.

Xera grinned widely. "So?" he asked, to which Julian nodded.

Xera nodded her head. "Hmm...Interesting."

Julian's face lit up. "So you want?"

The girl looked back at Julian. Before anyone noticed, Xera had already spat in the man's face. "Disgusting."

Julian's words just now made Xera more aware. Yeah, it's okay if Daisy and Julian are together. Aren't cheap women really suited to rogue men? Maybe they are mate...

Julian shouted loudly, rubbing his face. Daisy and Caroline rushed over to hand over the tissues.

"Xaviera!!" Lucian who was already embarrassed immediately shouted loudly.

Do not exaggerate. What's wrong if you give in to your sister again? As a good sister, you should give in to your sister's happiness. Therefore, enough! And why did you spit on Julian? Don't you love him so much? In that case, accept the offer."

Lucian took a deep breath. "Father I think, Our conversation ends here. Julian and Daisy will be married according to a predetermined date. And you Xera, don't mess up. Initially, my father intended to agree with Julian's suggestion to make you an affair, but because you refused, then I also made a decision for your future, you will also marry Mr. Maxim. So don't spoil your sister's party."

Xera was surprised to hear Lucian's words. "W-what? Mister Maxim? I-I mean Dad, Maxim who...

Lucian nodded. "That's right. Maximilian Jacob. The son of Mr. Antonio Jacob, and the grandson of Mr. Marvolo, your grandfather's best friend."

Xera froze. Then laughed out loud again. Not happy laughter, but more sad laughter.

Who does not know Maximilian Jacob; the grandson of Marvolo Jacob, the most feared former firearms Mafia in the country. A cold-blooded man, known for his cruelty.

Even the nickname for Maxim is a living robot. For not having a heart. Cold and bloodthirsty.

But... That was then. According to the news that Xera heard, this man named Maxim had an accident five years ago that left him paralyzed. Since the accident, Maxim began to withdraw from the world of the Mafia.

His position is currently replaced by his younger brother-Maxwell Jacob.

Various rumors, about the ugliness of Maxim heard. Starting from he who is angry, has no heart, to the most famous, always makes the girl close to him a sacrifice.

The man had never been married, but any girl he had ever been close to, even if he met him by chance, their corpses would surely decorate the trash cans of the capital the next day.

Because of that, the former Maximilian Jacob

the most feared human, now seen as the useless trash of the Jacob family, also some believe that Maxim is a cursed man who always asks young girls to sacrifice.

Because of the rumors, no family in the capital was willing to accept Jacob's family's proposal, they would even run away if a messenger from the Jacob family came to their residence.

No wonder Daisy and Caroline looked happy, even smiled mockingly at Xera. Apparently, they had known beforehand.

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