Return of the Cheated Wife

Return of the Cheated Wife

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"I will never love you, Celeste!" "Why, Logan? Why? Am I not enough? What did I do wrong?" Celeste asked him, crying. "Because your father killed my father! I will get all that your family took us!" Celeste Buenaventura, or Celestine Montiano, is Twenty-three years old. Daughter of the owner of Buenaventura groups and Company. A kind and a good wife. She married Logan Morales through an arranged marriage. She thought she would be happy because she married the man of her dream, but it was the start of her suffering after the death of her parents. But all Logan knew was a lie, and he regretted everything he did. After six years, Celeste or known as Celestine Montiano, came back to get revenge on her ex-husband. But, when she arrived, Al the lies, and misunderstandings were solved. Is there any second-hand between Logan and Celeste, or is there someone who ruind their love?

  • Billionaire
  • Weak to Strong
  • Revenge
  • Betrayal
  • Family
  • Mafia
  • Sweet Love
  • Mystery
  • Twisted
  • Serious
  • Romance
Chapter 1

"You may now kiss the bride!" the priest announced.

Logan was watching his wedding with Celeste six years ago. He regretted all the things he was done to her, and now, he was longing her touch, and affection.

Logan closed his laptop when Vincent, his right hand entered his office. He looked at him and asked, "Is there any problem, Vincent?"

" The one sent by JM Fashion will arrive later at five in the afternoon, sir Logan," Vincent said to Logan.

Logan looked at the clock hanging in his office. It was just after half past three in the afternoon, so he still had more than an hour before the designer sent by JM Fashion arrived.

JM Fashion has been the leader in Europe when it comes to the fashion industry for three years. It is just one branch of the Morgan Group of Companies which is one of the leading companies in Europe.

All of their clothing designs have been popular with the tastes of different European races, such as the Italians and the French.

" Have you gotten any information on who they are sending, Vincent? " Logan asked Vincent.

It has been almost a year since they approached the Morgan Group of Companies for the merger of Buenaventura and Morgan, but only two months ago, they responded and agreed. Since then, it has been known who will be sent by Morgan to be their representative here in the country.

"Just a moment, and I'll get the folder, sir."

Vincent went out to get the information he gathered about the representative of the Morgan Group of Companies. When he got it, he immediately returned to Logan's office to tell what he found out.

" Her name is Celestine Montiano, thirty years old," first information Vincent said.

Logan looked at Vincent and listened to what other information he had gotten about the girl.

" A designer from a small town in the country. According to Angelo's investigation, her parents died when she was twenty-four because of an accident they were involved in. She was the only one who survived that accident, and Morgan hired her to be a Fashion Designer in their company," he added.

Logan gasped because of what he found out.

"Do you have a picture of her?" Logan asked.

Vincent approached Logan and gave him the photo of the girl. He took it and looked at it.

The girl in the photo was beautiful. She smiled, her lips were plump, and her skin was porcelain. Logan stopped when he saw her eyes, eyes that were the same in his mind, the eyes of his wife, who died six years ago.

Logan handed the photo back to Vincent.

"Pick her up and take her to her place to stay while he's in the country," Logan ordered Vincent.

"No problem, sir."

When Vincent left, he continued his work.

Within six years, the Buenaventura Group of Companies has become popular not only in this city but also throughout the country.

A lot has happened in six years in the life of Logan and the company. Logan's Buenaventura Groups of Companies and Jessica Alcantara's family's Beta Groups of Companies reached an agreement. Due to this merger, Buenaventura rose from the top 20, and it has joined the top 6 of the most successful companies in the whole country.

While Logan was busy with his work, suddenly, a woman entered. She was wearing a red dress that covered her sexy body, and she was smiling like a candidate in a pageant.

"Dad!" a five-year-old boy shouted at him.

The boy ran towards Logan but was also stopped when Logan spoke.

"Don't come near here, Jude!"

Jessica approached the boy, "Don't go near your Daddy, Jude, and you might mess up his work," she said to the boy.

The boy just frowned because of what his mother said.

"But, Mom..." he couldn't finish what he was going to say.

"Just bond with Daddy at home, Jude," he said.

The boy just sighed and walked over to the sofa in Logan's office.

Logan looked at Jessica, "What are you doing here?" Logan asked.

"Why? Is it forbidden to visit my beloved husband?" Jessica replied.

Logan just sighed because of Jessica's answer.

"I'm busy at work, Jessica. The representative designer of Morgan is coming this afternoon, so I have to finish all this," Logan reasoned with her.

"Is that so? I thought the three of us could go for a walk today," there was sadness in Jessica's voice.

Logan looked at Jessica.

"You know what's going on, don't you, Jessica?" Logan asked her.

Jessica bowed because of what he said.

"I know," she answered weakly and briefly.

"You two just go home. I'll go home too when I'm done with all this," Logan ordered Jessica.

Jessica just held her breath because of what Logan said. She approached her son and left Logan's office.

It was five o'clock in the afternoon, and the plane from Barcelona, Spain, landed. The passengers got off the plane and exited.

"Stay here by my side, Roma. Don't walk away from me," a woman ordered her five-year-old son.

After getting their passports checked and getting their luggage, the mother and son exited the airport together. When they came out, the woman saw her friend.

She smiled at her and approached the standing woman looking around as if she was looking for someone.

When they lost sight of the woman, she called her, and the shock was obvious on his face.

"Celeste? Is that you?" asked the woman in front of her in surprise.

She rolled his eyes at her because the woman called her real name. She approached her friend and whispered, "Maybe you're forgetting that I'm not Celeste anymore, Jade? I'm Celestine now, Celestine Montiano!" she whispered to her friend.

" I'm sorry, I forgot. You just changed your face, and to be honest, you look better now," she said to Celeste or better known as Celestine!

"I need to change myself, Jade. You know the reason, don't you?" She answered Jade.

Jade just sighed.

"Because of your demonic ex-husband!"

"Let's not talk about that, Jade. Roma and I are tired."

Because of what she said, Jade looked at the cute boy next to her friend.

She bowed, "Is he Roma? This is a charming boy, Celeste!" she said.

Jade couldn't help herself. She bent down and stopped Roma's face, which made the boy frown.

"Mom is she a monster!?" Julio asked Celestine, annoyed.

" Really, a monster? Is this really your son, Celeste?" Jade asked her friend.

Celeste looked at Jade, " Celestine, Jade! My name is Celestine! " she hit her friend.

" Yes! Sorry. It won't happen again, but he looks like..." She didn't finish speaking when Celestine spoke.

"Come on, Jade!"

Jade just sighed. She knew she didn't want to hear her ex-husband's name, but since he was here in the country now, she knew she couldn't avoid hearing that name either.

Jade helped carry their luggage. As they were walking, suddenly a man stopped them.

"Miss Celestine Montiano?" the man asked.

Celestine looked at the man.

"I am Vincent Marquez from the Buenaventura Group of Companies. Sir Logan would like to send you to your place of residence while you are in the country," he said.

Jade and Celestine looked at each other because of what he said.

Celestine smiled at Vincent.

"You don't need to be bothered, but thank you. The Morgan has been given a place to live for my son and me," she informed.

" But.. " he didn't finish what he was going to say when Celestine spoke again.

"Tell Mr. Logan to thank you for the offer," Celestine said, and they started walking, going to a car where she and his son, Roma, would live.

During the ride, Celestine looked outside.

The city where she grew up has also changed a lot. There were more buildings, and the road became noisier because of the traffic.

"Are you ready to face your ex-husband, Celestine?" Jade suddenly asked Celestine.

" I've been ready for a long time! " She answered.

Jade looked at her friend. The change from her was obvious to her. From being a gentle friend and wife, she became brave and knew that Celestine had prepared for her return.

Jade just sighed and kept quiet during the flight.

When they got to where they were going to stay, in a condo, Celestine and Roma immediately rested while Jade got ready to cook their dinner.

Celestine lay down on the bed with her son.

On Monday, Logan will see them again, his ex-husband who wanted to kill her six years ago!

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