One Night Stand With Mr Hottie

One Night Stand With Mr Hottie

  • Chimenem Chike

  • 5K words
  • ongoing
  • 18+
  • Eye8
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Luna has never felt the pain she had when her fiance cheated on her with her own sister. Blinded by her anger, she made a mistake that resulted in a daughter whose father was a stranger she slept with at a club. With all his power and connections, her handsome stranger couldn't find her no matter how he tried. Seven years later, they meet again in the oddest of ways. Luna is a millionaire and does not need the help of any man to help train her daughter, she's not ready to accept any man either, so how would he get into her life?

  • Boss / CEO
  • Billionaire
  • Kid
  • One Night Stand
  • Weak to Strong
  • Suddenly Parent
  • BxG
  • Sweet Love
  • Family
  • Wealthy
  • Dramatic
  • Fast Paced
  • Romance
Chapter 1

She didn't only hear it. She saw it.
Rumor's were true, her fiance was seeing another lady, he was cheating on her with someone..
But she didn't expect it to be her only sister, her step sister Liliane.

Since the rumor was out, she tried her best to believe the man she's been with for seven years, that he wouldn't cheat. She assumed their love was very strong to over come it.

Luna threw everything on the table in front of her in anger . She was boiling and she was in so much pain, her head was so heavy that she felt it would fall from so much ache. So much pain stuck in her little heart.
She's never been so hurt before and what hurt the most was that her younger sister. The only person she loved so much was the reason for this pain.

In anger, she grabbed her bag and walked out of her office. Her face was turning so red in every passing second, she was obviously swollen in anger.

She got to her car and her driver was about going to the drivers seat when she snapped at him.
"Out I'll drive myself." Normally the man would have resisted or tried to persuade her but the expression on her face showed she wasn't ready for craps or games.

Inside the car as she drove, the only thing she could think of was the video she watched, she watched her fiance have sex with her sister , she watched them.
He heart kept racing and she kept crying and praying for it not to be true. She did nothing to deserve such pain.

She drove roughly and very fast that she'd almost caused several accident and the moment she got to her Fiance, Ryan's mansion, she got down from the car and walked into the mansion.
Everything was happening so fast. She wanted to hit him hard on the face while acting that she wasn't in pian but the pain was so visible on her face

The weather was so hot and it added more flames to her head.
Luna barged into his house with furry, her eyes scanning the enter sitting room. There her eyes met with his as he stared so keenly with fear showing all over his face.

He swas so shocked and he stared at her because she didn't give him any heads that she would be coming over. He was frightened obviously because he knew Liliane was in and she would find out, he and Liliane might get caught.
He was still not aware of the fact that she knew he was cheating.

"Baby!" He called her opening his arms for her to come in like nothing happened.

Luna looked at him with so much disgust, she was at the entrance of his house in a red gown, . Her lips stick was smeared and her eyes were swollen, he could tell. He wasn't blind to see that something was wrong with her

"Baby is anything wrong?"the tried so much to act cool and act like her sister wasn't up the stairs in his room.

Walking towards him in haste, she threw her bag on the couch and the moment she was in front of him, she threw a slap at him which made him shout in pain. It was so fast. She was so fast.
Everything was going in furry and he wasn't exactly getting why she slapped him.

He still held his cheek firmly as the sting of the slap was still there.

"Babe?" Ryan tried to question her but before his lips could stretch to say some words, Luna sent another heart felt slap to him

"How could you do this to me Ryan? How the hell did you have the guts to cheat on me with my own younger sister. Ryan, after all we've been through, after everything you're just going to throw us away!" She was yelling at the top of her voice and she was cracking, years flowing freely down her cheek.

"It's not what you think baby"

"Shut the fuvk up you animal, I made you who you are today. The fame you have, I made it , you made it with my help, the money you have Ryan. Do you remember that you were a fuvked up person before I came into your life and now your here messing around with my sister."

"Baby please calm down let's talk this o...".

Before he could complete his sentence, she slapped him hard again.

"I loved you Ryan. I loved you, yet you wake up one morning and decided to throw all my love and sacrifice in the trash you're a monster." She pushed him again and started hitting him hard on his chest.

"Your an animal. Ryan" just as she kept hitting, crying and yelling, Ryan held her strongly.

"Stop it. Yes you found out I'm having an affair with your sister. What are you going to do? Hit me untill I bleed? Oh please spare me the time Luna and leave my house, I love Liliane and there's nothing anyone is doing to change it. Leave" he pushed her making her flinch.
Was this the man she fell in love with? Was this the man she loved years ago.
She paused staring at him. Who was this monster? How did he change this much.

Luna wasn't one to express herself much she was the very calm person and a whole lot of emotions were crawling in. She didn't know if it was hurt of betrayal or it was because she was unable to keep her relationship, the fact that she'd failed and that she wasn't able to understand what was going on under her nose was so much pain to her.

All her life she failed, her love life was a lie.

"Your an animal Ryan. I loved you. I loved you with everything. I gave you all I had Ryan. I did" she was crying so much that she didn't realize when her sister climbed down the stairs, slowly.

Liliane wore a white sleeping gown and her hair was scattered all over.

"Luna." She called softly. She wasn't happy to see her sister in pain and she wasn't happy that she was the one hurting her.
But she couldn't help falling for Ryan, he was just everything she wanted.

"Luna." She called and Luna turned to look at her.

She hasn't seen Liliane for three months, she thought she was out of the country in a vacay.
She know she was, she watched Liliane leave for her vacay, so how come she was here in Ryan's life?

Luna looked at her sister again. She had a bump.
She freaking had a baby bump, this alone was more scary to her. She pointed at Liliane while looking at Ryan trying to form words.

"She's pregnant? You got her pregnant?" She asked and he nodded.

Luna yelled!

"Y'all tricked me! I was a fool! Y'all played me" she cried, shrieking, fear griping her.

"I thought I was your sister Liliane, why would you do this?" Liliane utter no word. She walked towards Luna and held her hand but Luna flinched. Liliane kept trying to hold Luna but Luna kept pulling her hand. She kept going back.

"Luna, Luna I swear I don't know how it happened or when it happened, I just found myself falling for him and then ...." Liliane tried to explain but Luna gave her a tight slap.

"You were falling for him? Is that enough reason for you to hurt me this much Lily? Your my step sister but I loved you without any hate attached. I don't believe you'd do this to me."

Liliane tried to touch her while she cried but Luna moved back.
"Don't touch me. Don't you think about it you animal" With so much disgust Luna moved back. She moved her body backwards.

"Luna." Liliane called her but she kept walking back shaking her head as she cried. She was going away slowly.

"I hate you. I hate you"

"Stay away from me." And the next moment she was out of the house and was running to her car.
Excessive pain and anger flowing and boiling in her. She didn't know where she was going to but she knew she needed a break.

She needed to start the process of healing because even with the pain she was happy her sister had found love and she wasn't so cruel to snatch that love from her.

But in all the pain. Her heart was aching like it was being cracked open. She cried so badly that tears became so useless


Hours later Luna was in a different city, she didn't know how but she knew she needed to be away from all the madness and the only way that could happen was if she left the city totally, even if it was just a day. She took the available slut in the plane and left her city. Without informing anyone not even her manager.

"Driver, can you take me to a bar?" She asked and the man in the front seat nodded, starring at her from the mirror he watched her cry . He saw her cry.

No one knew her here, she was far away from her home and she knew that, it was a safe spot. Paparazzi wouldn't spot her and she would have time for herself.

It was already so late when she arrived, so when she got into the bar, the first thing she did was to have some drinks.

The bar was quite empty for such a big hotel, just a few people hung around, maybe because it was also an expensive hotel.

Music poping but she had no intentions of dancing.

The Alcohol was helping and she wasn't feeling that much pain in her heart. She wasn't hurting so much.
Like she was before she had some drinks.

Just then she noticed this huge figure come seat close to her.
It was a man and he looked really huge and expensive, she was still trying to get his figure and look into his head but she was way drunk and everything was blurry but she felt that the man was handsome.
He had good body too.

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