He raped me

He raped me

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Hatred, contempt, slaps here, insults there. My story is more that of Cinderella with a prince charming who raped me. I'm Olivia and I have a slightly vicious or completely crazy mother. A family who hate their own child for no reason, my sisters even my father.One night my life changes, I went from the abused girl to the raped girl then to the raped girl who then became pregnant; this pregnancy which opened a new chapter in my life. a chapter full of pleasure pain and love. Pull up a chair, sit down and grab your popcorn and enjoy..

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Chapter 1

"Olivia brings my shoe"
"Where is this stupid Olivia, bring my hair brooch"
"Olivia, where is my dress?"
"Olivia, my phone"
"Olivia, you're where brothel"
My sisters kept screaming and insulting me at the same time while I ran like crazy who was going to meet their needs...
Well, I'm used to their insults. This is nothing new to me
I brought Emily's phone to give it to her. Instead of her picking it up, she gave me a thunderclap...
"Don't you see I'm late? And you just brought my phone" she cracked as she stared at me with a disgusted look
I held my hurtful cheeks trying not to cry while running to bring Sophia's dress, shoe and hairpin otherwise I will get another slap
"I guess the slap Emily gave you isn't enough," she said before slapping me again.
"I wonder why Dad always keeps you in this house, dirty thing," she added as I watched her unable to fight back...
How can I do that when their mom and even dad are going to support them and fight me together.
I'm afraid of being tied up in my own father's house, being whipped, bruised and not eating too.
"Are you still here? Out of my sight" she shouted
I walked out of his room down the stairs to the only place where I can cry, the only place where I find comfort which is my room but I guess fate is playing a difficult game with me...
I met my mother-in-law on the way, fear gripped me.
I hate to see her, she is worse than her daughters.
I took another rushed route so she couldn't see me.
"Hey, where did you think you'd go?" She said... I stayed in my place visibly trembling without knowing what to say that will put me in trouble...
"Uhmm... I... I... I am..

"The cat cut off your tongue?" She asked with a smile...
She approached me dragging me by the hair
"Ouch... Mom please. Ah, ouch I'm sorry, ow" I kept grimacing in pain as my tears flow freely...
This is what I go through every day in my life...

"the room seems poorly maintained Olivia, you didn't wash my clothes and those of my daughters why are you so lazy uh" she said again, dragging me roughly.
Everyone knows how much it hurts to be held by the hair and even less to drag yourself with ...
"I'm sorry, please mom, I'll do it now" I cried. The pain was getting unbearable and I don't think she cares about it.
"Just 30 minutes to do with the chores, otherwise no food for three days" she pushed me to the ground and passed me..
I sat there crying. What did I do to deserve this from my family?

Enough lamentation! It's time for the presentation!
I am Olivia Daniels, the first child of my father and mother.
My mother died bringing me into the world and Dad has to marry another woman to take care of me when I was a child. That's what brought my mother-in-law Clarissa into the story.
Dad never loved me, not even once he told me, he believes it was I who killed his wife...
It wasn't my fault that she died during my birth, was it? I took it as fate. That's what he has for me.
I grew up loveless but became a housekeeper in my father's house at the age of 5 for the food I eat and the house where I stayed.
Which means that the food and the roof under my head are not free.... I work for that, I even turned into a housekeeper for my little sisters.
I'm 21 years old and guess who didn't even go to university
My story is more like Cinderella, with a wicked mother-in-law. The only difference is that I don't think I'll ever find my Prince Charming.
Who is going to love a girl like me?
Well, that's all for now...

I quickly rushed to the washing machine and threw the clothes from the laundry inside before anyone saw me.
If I am seen, I will be dead immediately.


"Mom, Dad, we want Olivia to follow us to the party" Emily pouted like the last child she is while I was choking on my spit
Yes! I'm next to them while they eat, I can't eat until they're done and mine is in the kitchen not on the dining table It's the rule.
But why would she want me to follow them to the party? I don't even know what it looks like.
Sophia is 20 and Emily is 18
"Yes dad please" Sophia added
"It's no, why do you want a classless girl like her to follow you?" Dad asked irritablely.
Even though I was the one who killed my mother, can't I be forgiven?
It breaks me to see that the only family I have sees me as nothing but a simple servant.
"Well, we need someone to send, to hold our bags and more," Emily said.

I can't believe they want me to follow them so I can be their slave...

"Yes, we won't let her get dressed. She goes there like her," Sophia said.

What? What? I look more like an abandoned child with that old dress I'm wearing.
I don't even have dresses but can't they allow me to wear something better?

"Okay honey, she can come with you after all it's your maid," he told them as they jumped into joy.
"Thank you Dad and you are going to get my bag, we are late" Emily ordered me.
I quickly tie my steps to get to his room as quickly as possible
"Hey come back," Sophia said.
I sighed and started walking towards them...
Anyway I have no option I have no option

"Also go to my room and bring my makeup bag, I don't want my makeup to go clandestinely," she said as I ran over my head to get back in time.

At the party
This place looks so beautiful! I'm sure the person who organizes the party is very rich...
I looked around, you can't blame me, I've never been in this type of place before and what bothers me the most is my dress.
Everyone was dressed elegantly...
Some turned to take a second look at me as I dragged behind my sisters holding their bags and phones.
The lobby was very busy with loud music booming. Ah! Ah! I think I'm going to die here.
The ladies are dressed thinly and the guys look all warm...
They sat and left me standing while an attendant came to them...
"Nice ladies can I offer you a drink, he says
"Champagne will do the trick" They both said without even looking away.
"And you ma'am, what would you like to take?" He asked referring to me..
My eyes met with my sisters who looked at me boldly.
"Uhh.. nothing "I whispered softly. He nodded and went looking for drinks.
"Luckily you didn't order Olivia," Sophia said with a smile.
"I could have poured it all over your body," Emily pressed. I only looked at them without uttering a word.

Did you think I never thought of running away. Well, yes I thought about it several times but did I have another place to go?

"Hello pretty ones we can dance with you?" Two other sexy guys came to ask my sisters.
They didn't even notice me...

Sophia and Emily looked at each other and nodded
"Yeah, I want to dance and get drunk," Sophia said as she stood with Emily.
"Good baby let's go" they stretched out their hands and in no time they were out of my sight.

Hold on! Did they just leave me here? Maybe it will be better.
I took one of their seats and sat comfortably waiting for them to finish before going home...
It's getting late and they haven't come back, I'm seriously tired of sitting here like hell. I want to get out of here.
The smell of alcohol penetrates me. It makes me want to vomit...
I got up to find my way to the toilet
Thank God! I met the bartender earlier and he told me where to find the toilet. I am in a deep hurry...
I entered the toilet avoiding everyone's gaze.
I stayed frozen in my place immediately I let the door open
The view in front of me is not worth looking at...
A guy and a lady kissing in the toilet? Oh my god!
"I'm really sorry, really sorry" I apologized as I went back on my way as they turned to me...
"What's your problem" the guy said...
He looks so intimidating what scared me
I went to the doorknob as he walked towards me...
"Close the door," he shouted and immediately I couldn't open the door again!
Oh my god! What did I get into?
My breath clung as he approached me, my heart jumped into my chest, I'm sure he could hear me breathing heavily with the closeness between us...
He moved me roughly from the door and stuck me to the wall.
"Get out Arianna," he told the lady.
I think I'm dreaming.
I tried to get out of her grip to be able to go with this lady but I couldn't...
My fear is increasing!
"I... I... I am.s.. Sorry.. p. Please. Let.. I left" I stuttered...
Fear was eating away at me...
"Not until I've finished what you interrupted baby," he smiled.
Before I could figure out what was going on, we were both on the floor...
He was on me getting stuck on the ground...
He roughly grabbed my hair by kissing me rudely.
No no! It's not happening...
"S.. Please don't do that at... «
He slapped me before I could finish my sentence.
"Shut your fucking slutty mouth, dare to talk again and I'll kill you here" he threatened and to tear my dress....
No no! That's not what I had planned to happen with me...
No! No! Let it be a dream please...

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