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This story begins and ends from a beautiful girl born special from the moon goddess herself. She is used abused even stollen from her pack father and brother. A massive rouge attacks takes her mothers life and she is acused at a young age as a killer. So the pack starts treating her as a omega but they end up so wrong. After taking beatings and abuse she flips her wolf comes forth. They end up in a fallen truth she will destroy all who hurt and betrayed her. So she takes things in her hands at a young age after the abuse and her family gets murdered two years after her mothers passing. The alpha tries to play it off as another rouge attack but she watched from afar as her father and brother were killed by the alphas men. After that last straw she leaves to live alone watching the pack from afar. Planing her revenge on the alpha his men and all.the pain they placed toward her and her family. In all the years she grew up there she never thought her closest friends at a young age would do such things. Her brother alone when he come of age was supposed to take over as gamma like there father was. But now true terror will be taken threw as she takes down a whole pack alpha and all. Will her mate be able to find and tame her or will he fail in all his attempt's.

  • Werewolf
  • Vampire
  • Alpha
  • Powerful Couple
  • Survival
  • Betrayal
  • Pack
  • Fated Love
  • Superpowers
  • Healing
  • Twisted
  • Mystery
  • Romance
Chapter 1

A child born from the gammas of fallen trees pack her body was small. Her father and older brother stood by as her cries filled the room sending warmth threw the nights air. Lillian rose was her name at birth her mother snow was so happy to finally have a daughter. And she was so beautiful very unique compared to others born. Lillian had snow white hair and multicolored eyes. One eye was purple marbled over as the other was white as the snow almost the brightest blue.

The smallest of fingers and toes even at birth lillian had her families love. Her older brother marco was already concerned of all her takers. Once she starts school marco feared lillian would be attracking all the boys. She was small but giggled and smiled as she was passed threw her mother, father, and older brothers warm arms. Marco snuggled her and kissed Lillian's nose to show his love as a brother and family. That night they went to sleep but lillian stayed in her mothers arms. She swiftly slept in peace and didn't cry. Her mom's embrace was warm caring and lillian could feel her love flow threw her.

Back in the pack house the alpha of fallen trees pack was filled with rage. Knowing snow has had another child with his gamma her mate. But he wanted to have her as his luna but she refused and stayed with her destined mate instead. Having a strong son marco lee and now a daughter which she names lillian rose. He called his beta into his office and started to plan to make her offers she couldn't refuse. To leave her mate and be his luna he will even take her children as his own. So alpha mac will have an heir for the next alpha. And with Marcos's strength he would be perfect as the alpha for the fallen tree pack in the future.

So the alpha waited for two weeks before he went to see snow as her mate was on patrols at the pack border. Once there he asked to come inside so snow allowed it as she was feeding her new baby lillian. The alpha saw the small child her eyes were beautiful but also looked cursed to him. He sat down as snow poured her alpha coffee as he took a few sips alpha mac spoke. I come to u today to discuss you and ur childrens future in the pack. I've waited and wanted u since the first days i saw u when we were childhood friends. Snow you and ur wolf are the purist I've seen in so many moons. Even having children. And being my gamma's mate i still want you as my luna. In all these years we have not have any luna to help me run the pack. All I've had are she wolves that bed with me but Don't even carry any pups.

His words were being heard by snow she was in disgust over her alphas words. He came to her and her mates home where her baby was born only two weeks ago. Offering her to be his luna when she is already a mated wolf to his powerful gamma. Snow sat after placing lillian in her small bed to rest while she talked to alpha mac. Alpha i have told you many times my mate is my destiny no one will change that. Over the last 10 years we have been married and mated. He has been nothing but the best to me and our two children we bared together.

For you to come into a mated females home while her mate is out. And basically give me a speech of my future to the pack. Is not only rude but a lot of disrespect to ur gamma as well. Mac growled at her words because he didn't care about his gammas feelings. Alpha mac only cared about the future of his pack and in these ten years. The moon goddess has never blessed him with a destined mate. He had fallen low to only want snow even if his mate were to come. Snow was the only one he wanted to bare his future and many more pups he wishes to have with her.

Most she wolves in the pack would jump to sleep with the alpha. But snow wasn't a normal she wolf her father was an alpha. He had passed when she was 22 years of age and the pack he had fell. Without an alpha or next in line the pack falls so the members of the pack moved on. They took what they could and tried to find new homes and snow came to fallen trees. At the time of her coming there alpha mac had asked his father. Saying she was his best friend and he wanted her closer to him so his father agreed.

Snow why are u so against being with me u have had 10 years with ur fated mate. Yet we need a luna in the pack and ur refusing to help with this. Mac stood up growled one last time as he left angered. Knowing she has been stubborn but he would make her listen. Snow felt the power coming from her alpha but she wouldn't be submissive to anyone but her mate. The days were longer and longer alpha mac has been punishing snow. Not physically but emotionally he has bee. Having her mate work harder and harder everyday. For the last two weeks she only had ten minutes with him during the early mornings. Watching him so tired and stressed but snow wasn't able to help because this was a punishment. Going against her alpha but his request was also never going to happen.

So when marco got home from school they would spend time outside. He held lillian close to his as the wind blew threw the air and near by trees. She was all smiled giggles and cuddles as she still wasn't old enough to talk yet. Snow was washing and hanging clothes outside as she watched her kids silently from afar. Marco make sure to keep her close she is small if she rolls away. U may not see her in all the tall flowers and grass. Snow chucked over her words listening to her son talk to lillian. Little sis your going to grow up so bright and happy. Being the cutest child ever alive he snuggled her face to his. Blowing butterflies in her tummy causing small giggles from her with bright smiles.

A whole year passed since lillian was born and all the she wolves with kids planned a party for her. They all loved her beautiful loving eyes. One of the moms even had a baby two years before Lillian's birth. She had a son named grant he was so happy to see lillian every time they had a play date. As the streamers were hung in the back yard. Lillian was with marco as he fed her small foods like potatoes mashed perfectly. After that marco gave his little sister a bath and placed her small dress over her it was sky blue. Which made Lillian's eyes pop out more with the colors of the dress and white lace. Lined around the dresses bottom and top of the neck lining.

After three hours the party started there was gifts given new clothes shoes. Beautiful small bracelet that was from tiny grant and his mother. So she will forever be protected by the moon goddess grant said with a smile hugging lillian. She smiled and layed in his lap as the mothers laughed giggled and smiled. The men were already after Marcos's little sister he smiled to seeing there puppy love and tiny friendship. Lillian your birthday is today know your so loved little princess. Gamma picked his baby up snuggled and kissed her cheek. She kissed her daddy back with a butterfly soft kiss on his cheek. Lillian is so bright only at one years old but the alpha was still getting angered more and more each passing day.

Calling his beta to plan things out for the next few years. Wanting to make his gamma pay for taking his first love away miss snow u will be mine. Once my gone from this world maybe not know our a few months or years. But once the time comes ur heart will break and he will be gone. At that time you will become my luna your children will be adopted by me. Marco will take over as alpha once he is older. And ill make lillian marry another alpha to keep our pack ranked high above others.

The party continued everyone was happy that day lillian had icing from cake for the first time. Sugar was so sweet and she smiled ear to ear. The night fell over as they all slept threw the night but marco stayed with his sister. That two weeks after leona was born he heard alpha mac talk to his mom. Because he had come back forgetting his gym clothes for school. There alpha was a sick man even wanting his mom when she was already happily mated to his father. He even growled when lillian was in the room and she was basically a new born still. Don't worry little sister brother will find away to make things better. Your still young and the days are peaceful but i feel there is bad coming. Once it arrives ill keep u safe and ill protect mom for dad and you. Marco would do this during school nights as well lay and sleep in Lillian's room. Making sure alpha doesn't try any dirty under handed tricks. Like getting lillian or him to pull there mother in so he can have her.

The days passed and marco was top in class when he made it to middle school Lillian started pre k. In pre k she was learning numbers colors and different animals along with sounds. She was getting better at talking her voice was so soft and low. Half the time the teachers yelled at her for no reason. Marco would get out of school first then pick lillian up one hour after at pre k. He told the teacher off one day with the loudest growl she ever heard. My sister is smart beautiful and skilled in so many ways. If i ever here u disrespect her ever again. Ill make ur life a living hell lillian lowered her head. Hearing her brother defend her made lillian happy she was now 5 years old. Lillian was still small in height but her brother always took her side. On the way home she stayed on his back being carried back. Miss lin didn't mean to she just wanted me to talk louder in class. Answering questions is hard for me the whole class is always staring.

Im sorry i yelled at her but still she is a teacher not our mom or dad. Were taught to give respect but i cant have respect for anyone who doesn't give it back. Lillian nodded to agree as she held tighter to marco and he took her to the beautiful falls. Marco sat lillian on the rock as he pulled swimming clothes from his bag for her and him. Here use the tree and get changed then ill show u how to swim more so you will love it here even when im at training in four years time. Lillian laughed and went to change marco changed as well and they swam around for a few hours. Then packed there things up heading back to there home. When coming home the alpha was yelling at there father outside there house.

Your due for training the open training barroks for my pack and others have opened. I sent message to them that u will go for 1 year of training to get better at patrols. Marco knew this was bad there mom came out crying. You cant send him away for a whole year he is your gamma. And doing this for an entire year she was yelling and screaming. Knowing the alpha was doing this to punish her more the further he is away the more her heart will hurt. He is planning to hurt daddy big brother lillian said this and marco looked down at her sad face. He wont hurt father he is his gamma and was picked for his strength.

Lillian could feel something was off hearing the alpha scream and yell at her mother and father. He was dragged away with the alpha and placed in a car. As the car drove away lillian and marco went to there mom. Snow lifted and cuddled lillian to her as they went inside for and early dinner. The year there father was gone lillian tried hard in school. Getting better at speaking up for herself but when they got home lillian and marco were in tears. A rouge attacked during school hours and the alpha was at there door in tears. There mother had died lillian was on her small knees in the front yard. There father had returned home and he was blamed for snows death. Alpha mac was enraged he screamed and yelled at his gamma. Your at fault for snows death your the reason she wasn't protected. Your gamma blake of fallen trees you and ur family are to leave by morning. Your no longer welcome in my pack as anything. Blake agreed he was tired and sad over his mated death. His mark burned from the time she was killed till he arrived back home. Lillian and marco packed there clothes that they could carry on there own.

Know blake had no tittle or pack leaving his children with no mother or pack as well. Marco smiled trying to make his father and sister smile. Father is sorry that he got your mother killed i didn't protect her. Father this is not ur fault the alpha is the one who sent u away marco exclaimed. Yes papa this is not on you this is on alpha mac. He was supposed to protect while you were away but he failed not u papa. On a small cave floor lillian crawled into her fathers arms hugging him while she cried. The one who helped in giving lillian life was now gone her heart hurt. You two will still go to school just come back here after classes. There father explained this and two years passed marco had went home early that day. And the alpha of fallen trees was at the cave with ten men. Yelling and screaming but as marco ran in his head was snapped off by the alpha. Blake had watched his only son die in front of his eyes as the alpha continued to yell. Saying he was the reason for snows death he will pay today with death. Lillian was outside the cave watching all this happen her blood was boiling. He saw his daughters eyes from afar tears falling as her brothers head was snapped clean off. Lillian covered her mouth to stop any loud screams that were pushing to follow as she heard a voice.

My name is aria the voice said this and lillian was only eight years old at this time. Our father will be next lillian the voice said this and she spoke inside her head with her wolf. Father can't leave us lillian said in shaking words she was so sad. This was breaking aria as well because the moon goddess gave lillian to her and her family. Just to be brought out because her whole family after today will be gone forever. Tell me what i can do so i can save papa lillian asked aria her wolf in panic. Were young and weak we need time to get strong then we will take them all out. Lillian nodded as she looked at her father one last time and ran as his eyes had told her to leave him.

There first night alone lillian just listened to aria speak to her as lillian cried for them both. It was raining out but lillian continued to walk till she was out of alpha Mac's lands. Going past her old school that she won't return to walking further and further till she passed out. Aria spoke of there new life the revenge she will help lillian take. There mother was first to go by rouges. Then her older brother who still had life to live. Last was her father who the alpha saw as a threat killing him and blaming him for her mothers death.

Lillian was smart she knew he had no heirs of alpha blood. Which meant if he falls then the whole pack will die out this was making the plans for her and aria so much easier. They get strong enough kill the alpha his beta and other gammas in the pack. Then lillian will have the peace for her mother father and older brothers deaths. She layed there in the deep mud from the stormy night with a smile. Welcoming the sleep lillian needed as aria cried for lillian and there fallen families death. When morning arrived aria and lillian were no longer in tears. But were angered over what they witnessed and wanted to play as aria explained some training for lillian to get stronger. To use the tree trucks as her base for punishments. Punching the tree as hard as she can even if she bleeds lillian still punched and punched four hours a day for three weeks. On breaks they would use a near by pond to bathe. No one stopped or bothered them but they were in another packs land. Lillian would sometimes see an older boy maybe 15 or 16 years of age. He was really built at such a age like her brother was. This boy was practicing weapons and training alone as well in the woods. Aria didn't like to see lillian distracted so she pulled her away. Back to training they would train half day and at night in there small hole. It was located in the new pack border which aria already knew about before lillian.

But once aria told lillian she didn't care lillian was strong willed. Revenge was all lillian was after and she needed to get stronger and as fast as possible. The longer lillian waited to get revenge on her families deaths the more time they had to get more people. One afternoon lillian was running threw the hunting fields she was stopped by three mens voices. One was strong forceful an alpha lillian growled aria did as well. Don't be alarmed young child we mean no harm where do u live he asked calmly. Lillian had her face covered and hair so no one could see her hair color. Not knowing who aloha mac may have out there had her on alarm. He could be searching for her since he wasn't able to kill her with her father and brother that night! Lillian turned to see these men and her eyes went to the boy with them. He was the same one who was training alone. There u go the man said can u speak he walked closer and lillian stepped back the man stopped. Father allow me to try she seems scared maybe she will feel safer with another child there. Son be careful she may not be friendly but she is small and looks like she needs proper clothes and food. Don't be scared my name is lucas this is my father and his men. Were the main family of the blood moon pack alpha and future alpha. The boy explained this but lillian didn't like this so she took off. In that second she was gone just as fast as the alpha and his men had seen and found her. Lucas felt attracted to this child but didn't know why she was smart and supper fast as well. Father she will come back ill come by everyday and try to get closer. If she gets calmer around me maybe we can get answers. Also get her proper food and clothes to keep her alive. This girl was smart lucas told his father his father smiled nodded and agreed to his sons words. So lucas returned but for two weeks she didn't return but at the start of the third week she was there and hunting a small rabbit. Do you wat me to hep lucas spoke she was startled falling on the ground. But lilian turned fast and was face to face with the blue eyed boy his eyes were beautiful. He lowered his hands down to help her up lillian stood on her own dusting herself off. You don't seem to lile others want to talk about it lucas asked. Aria spoke don't trust this boy he is a son to an alpha we need to keep training aria declared. Lillian knew she was right but she did feel lonely and missed her brother deeply. Aria what if his family and there pack really are nice maybe we should at least see lillian explained softly to her!?

Aria didn't like the idea but lillian is still sweet and caring. Getting revenge will take time lillian explained to aria so why not get stronger while practicing in an actual pack? Aria agreed so lillian spoke for the first time to this boy Lucas. Sorry about that my name is lillian she explained as she sat on the ground. Oh well my name is lucas its nice to see u again why are u here alone he asked? My family is gone its just me now which isn't really bad she exclaimed calmly. Not trying to let him know she has a wolf just to be a little safer from unwanted attention. This would be the start of her plans and she needed help to fulfil what she needed what's to come will bring her choices. These choices will either harm others or herself but she grows to be feared by many.

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