My Broken Luna

My Broken Luna

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  • ongoing
  • 16+
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Jason is the second son of his father, his father saw him as his only flaw because he was born by a maid and he had never shifted to his wolf all his life. His father and everyone treated him as a weak creature. His father promised to cast him out of the pack if his wolf didn't show up before the next full moon. Chloe was the Alpha of her pack and one day she woke up in a strange pack house without remembering who she was or the title she held. What happened to Chloe? How did she end up losing her memories and waking up in a strange pack house? Will Jason prove his father wrong?

  • Werewolf
  • Alpha
  • Luna
  • Weak to Strong
  • Lost Memories
  • Soulmates
  • Pack
  • Twisted
  • Steamy
  • Tragedy
  • Romance
Finding her


"If you don't shift before the next full moon, I will send you out of this pack." My father barked at me. "You always act like the mistake you are."

I stood still in my father's study when he was lashing me out. I no longer get angry at him or myself when he insults me.

This is my fate. The Moon goddess has a way of punishing past offenders because I'm convinced that I was an offender in my past life.

"You haven't found your mate, you do not have a wolf. I have always doubted that you are my kid but I am very sure now that you are not."

My father could say anything else, but he knew I was his son. I am his carbon copy. The Elders in our pack always talked about how I reminded them of my father's younger self because of our striking resemblance.

"Your brothers always excel in all they do. When they were in school, they were always at the top of their class while you were at the rock bottom. Is that hard for you to be normal? To learn from your brothers?” That was the last thing I heard him say.

Fuck normalcy. What is normal is to shift, hunt, find a mate, and become a father. I hate the stereotype mentality here and the way they mistreat everyone.

I started counting the books on the shelves repeatedly. A book hit my head.

"Are you even listening to me?" I bent to pick up the book my father threw at me and I placed it on his table, saying no word.

"You zoned out while I was talking to you. You are out of your mind. Get out."

I left the study, and I ran into my stepmother and my brothers in the living room. My saliva became bitter and this unsettling feeling filled me.

"You still haven't shifted," my older brother said. His words stopped me in my tracks.

I didn't want to listen to want to sit in their midst, I just wanted to lie in my bed and listen to the rustling on leaves from my window.

"You are just impotent." My stepmom mocked me. "Even your youngest brother has found his mate."

Since when did not finding my mate become the problem, that was the least thing that happened to me. All my life, I had never shifted, and that has always bothered me. I do not even feel any energy that my wolf is in me.

My mate could be anywhere for all I care.How does not finding my mate mean I'm impotent? This woman is unbelievable.

My mom was the next in line to be an Alpha in her pack before the whole pack got attacked, according to what an old maid told me.

My parents were both werewolves. There is no way I was without a wolf.

I glared at my stepmother and my older half-brother, Reign, smacked me hard on my face. Blood gushed out of the corner of my lips. That idiot bursted the lips that just healed up from the injury I got from his punches.

"How dare you look at her like that? Are you insane? I don't blame you, since you don't know what it feels to have a mother." He laughed. His mother and our brothers joined him.

I ignored them as I was used to their behavior and bullying. They soon got carried away, gisting their mother about their hunting escapades. I snuck out of the house when they were not looking.

I always wished my mom was alive so we could be that close. I envied their relationship with their mother. My mother died a few months after she had me, according to what I have been told.

I put my hand in my pockets, after wiping the blood on my lips, then I headed to the town bar where I partied with my friends at our usual spot. The party went on as usual. Everyone was drinking and dancing.

Of course, no one is allowed to go to parties in our family, but they don’t even know when I am gone. That is how unimportant I was.

Then I felt uncomfortable. After sometime I excused myself from our gathering and I went outside. The moon was full and shiny.

I remembered my father's threat. I wasn't sure if he meant it. It's not like I cared. I simply walked to wherever my legs led me to .

"Creed '' I heard a voice in me, calling my name that had never happened to me. Is it possible that my wolf has finally surfaced?

I ignored the voice. Suddenly, the hairs on my skin grew. I shifted to my wolf's form for the first time in my life. It was painful, like I heard Reign tell his mum when he first shifted.

"I don't know how you plan on dealing with me,'' I heard my wolf say to me. I felt like the way they explained it in the history books I read in my father’s study.

"I am Rufous. I heard you saying you were going to deal with me when I finally show up."

I ignored him, two could play this game. He kept running, not saying things again. I felt a pang of pain in my heart and it started beating fast. My wolf stopped beside the river and he quickly hid at the back of a huge tree.

A beautiful lady with nice curves emerged from the river naked. She passed out on the river bank after she shifted her wolf form. Her scent sent tingles down my spine.

My mate! I shifted back to my human form unexpectedly, it was so painful.

I groaned, then my wolf laughed at me. I don't have control over my wolf yet. He knew it and he was using it to his advantage.

"Can you at least give me a warning next time?" I groaned and my wolf chuckled.

I rushed to her side to pick her up.

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