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Melissa was reincarnated in the human world. She lives her life surrounded by a loving family. Little did she know that there's more to come. Melissa was so withdrawn that her parents were forced to get her married to Mason. Mason, a famous musician. He is very handsome and every lady desires. Melissa and Mason noticed a strong pull, attraction and feelings for each other as they met. Melissa was surrounded by so many enemies who came from their past life. Everything changed at Eighteen. They were reborn by their enemies. When Melissa discovers she is more than human, will she break out of her shell and fight for revenge? When Mason discovers his enemies were the ones who brought him back to life, will he proceed with the revenge? When Melissa discovers that she is more than human and not only her but the man she got married to at her father's will. She discovered that they were meant to be and there is more to be reincarnated. Once she was able to take her real form, shift into a werewolf at her will. She has to fight, get justice and take revenge on her loved ones with her soulmate by her side. The once introverted girl becomes a girl of courage. Being more than human was more fascinating than she expected.

  • Werewolf
  • Devil
  • Vampire
  • Rebirth
  • Betrayal
  • Revenge
  • Pack
  • Superpowers
  • Fated Love
  • Slice of Life
  • Twisted
  • Magic
  • Paranormal

Melissa's POV

I walked on the fine sand and looked around me. There was nothing and no one around. It was more like a desert, no, it is a desert. I walked and walked until I saw a sight of someone on a horse coming.

I raised my hands up and waved so I could be noticed. He came closer and stared at me for a while. Wow… Such magnificent eyes. He put on a veil revealing only his blue eyes. He has long eyelashes, with his blue eyes which glitters making his eyes stand out from the veil. He got down from his horse and came closer to me. He came closer and said something but I couldn't hear.

I went closer to him "I can't hear what you are saying". He opened his mouth and said something again but it seems like… I was being drawn out, "Wait, I can't hear". I said out aloud.

I gasped and opened my eyes. It was all a dream.. Thank goodness. I heaved a sigh of relief before realizing that today is Monday. Ohh.. School again. Am in my final year. I hate school. I hear footsteps approaching my door. A knock landed on my door.

"Melissa, get up and get ready for school". It's my brother's voice, Dennis took it upon himself to wake me up. He must have been the first to wake up. He has always been excited for school.

I look at the fancy clock on the wall of my room, it's 7:14 AM. I'd been busy last night trying to set up things. That's why I couldn't wake up so early as I've always done. I yawn, stretching my body. "Good morning. I'm already up." With this I sprang up from my bed ready to begin my day.

"Please hurry up!" I could now hear his retreating steps.


I got out of the bathroom, entered my closet and picked out my school uniform. I got dressed and stood in front of the mirror. Yeah..... Am pretty but how many people know this. I have pretty long, deep brown hair. I have long eyelashes with hazel eyes. I got a crazy shape which my mum always reminds me of. I look so perfect but in school, I lose my hair and hid my face in it. I have no friends, just me. I picked up my bag and walked out of the room straight to the dining room. Maids greeted me and I replied.

"Oh... Sydney, Good morning" That's our chief maid and my close friend. She has been here longer than the rest of the maid. She is just twenty four, 6 years older than me. She is very pretty and friendly.

"Lissa, how was your night?" She asked, smiling.

"Fine ma'am"

"Hurry up, they are all at the dining"

"Mm" I replied, descending the stairs.

I got to the dining and met my mom, dad, My annoying brother, Dennis and my Lil sister Hailey. I sat down after greeting mom and dad.

"How was your night, dear" mom asked.

"Fine" I replied waiting for the maid to dish out my food.


I got down from the car after losing my hair to hide my face in it. I walked with my head hanging low walking through the passage heading to my class. Everyone seems excited today. I opened my locker and picked up what I needed.

"Boom! Lissa!!!" someone screamed behind me. I turned back and my eyes landed on bright blue orbs.Hmm..... It's Hermione. She just started coming to our school this term and this is the third week. Since she arrived at our school, she likes hanging out with me even though I made it clear to her that I need no friends. She just likes me and trusts me when I say she is crazy, I mean it.

"Hermione" I said and turned towards my class.

"Don't tell me you don't know what is going on. Don't you read the news" she asked. I glanced around and realized everyone is either gisting, chatting or glancing through their phone. Something is really up. I turned to her with a knitted brow even though she couldn't see me.

"Don't worry, when we get to the class, I will tell you what's up." She said,

"Mm" I hummed, proceeding towards the class.

We entered and I took my seat. I sat down and she sat down beside me.

"Listen Melissa, you know the biggest artist in town, Mason Urlacher just revealed his face last week. He is always singing with mask covering his face then a fan challenged him to reveal his face which he did just last week"

"Hmm, Hermione, I know, am not local, yunno" I said, rolling my eyes.

She giggled and continued. "Well, that was when we realized that he is the founder's son. The son of the one who owns this school. So, guess what....."

"Spit it out, you know i'm not good at guessing" I said frustrated already.

"He is coming to our school starting from today" she said, grinning widely, showing her white teeth. Now that explains the chattering. Mason Urlacher is wealthy. His father, Mr Urlacher's company is no.1 in Texas and no.3 in the state. Obviously, Mason is the heir to the company and with his music career, he is really wealthy.

"Hey Natalie, tell me it's true" I heard a girl squeal happily.

"It's true baby girl, Mason Urlacher is attending our school" They screamed and hugged one another. Hmm..... Is that why the girls are so happy, well..... It makes no difference to me. To be sincere, he is so cute, so dreamy but I can't fantasize like how they do. He is a ladies man. Some say his voice is so enchanting.

"Melissa, all this strange attitude has to stop. A demi god is coming to our school, u have to....." Hermione was talking when Natalie cut her off.

"Hey, strange girl. Guess what, Mason Urlacher is coming to our school, not alone coming but schooling here and am sure his eyes will be on me. So, you know what, if you are already daydreaming about the both of you being together, trust me, it won't work because no one will ever fall for a strange nerdy girl" The class busted into a fit of laughter.

Natalie and her friends love bullying me. She just hates me for no reason. Natalie, Becky and Sasha.

"Well Natalie, instead of worrying about her, why not worry about how you will get noticed by the demi god with that plump lip of yours," Hermione retorted.

"Good morning class!" Our biology teacher greeted us. I heaved a sigh of relief. Thank God, she came in at the right time. Natalie gave Hermione one last glance and walked back to her seat.

"Today's lecture will be on reproduction on flowering plants. But before I proceed, can someone stand up and explain to me the meaning of reproduction"

Suddenly, the door flew open at once and two men obviously body guards came in with a guy following behind. I looked closely and we all gasped. My eyes almost popped out from its socket. He looks so cute, so cuter than the pictures. He has this calm innocent look. He wore white all over, brown hair which he parked in a ponytail but the hair reached his neck, not that long. He has these striking blue eyes...... No, this can't be, but anyone can possess blue eyes right, I averted my eyes away from him and faced Hermione who was lost staring at him. I looked at him back and saw him staring at me. We locked eyes for a few minutes even though my face was hidden. He averted his gaze from mine and proceeded inside our class.

Our biology teacher - a lady couldn't stop staring at him. She was drooling, obviously. He walked past me and sat at my back. I became nervous instantly, but, Melissa, control yourself, okay. The aura around him is different, even though calm. His bodyguards left our class and stood by the door outside our class. Mrs. Marta, our biology teacher, couldn't concentrate on her teaching anymore but she tried to. She cleared her throat and proceeded.

"From where u stopped earlier, who knows the meaning of reproduction" she asked again.

Ryan stood up to give an answer to the question. Ryan is one brilliant guy and Hermione's crush. To be Candid... He is cute too but not an inch beside Mason.

The class continued but trust me when I say all girls aren't concentrating


Noel's POV

I opened my eyes and my gaze met a white ceiling. I groaned and tried standing up. "Where am I..... Oh in the hospital, now I remember. Plastic surgery!. I grinned widely and looked beside me and my gaze met Maddy, my best friend and right hand.

She woke up and sat up on the bed and I did too.

"Noel, the plastic surgery, I think it's done," she said.

"Yeah... The plastic surgery" we both stood up and moved closer to the mirror. Oh my God....

"plastic surgery, young forever" I said, smirking. The doctor came in.

"Oh Mrs. McKenna and Miss Maddy, you are awake. Well, as you can see, you are young....." I cut in.

"Yeah, we know, we ain't blind. With this, we can never get old. I will send the Money to you. I think we are good to go now". I said

"Yes, thank you so much," he said, smiling happily. Hmm.... Humans with money.

"Maddy, let's get going". I took hold of my purse and walked out elegantly. All eyes on me.

Am Noel McKenna, a wealthy businesswoman who all fears and admires. You can call me proud, bitchy, whatsoever, I don't care. Me and my best friend, my right hand, my P.A, Maddy Sinclair went for a plastic surgery. We didn't change our face, just to look younger.

"Oh my God, look who we got here, Gina, Regina McKenna" I said smiling. She looked at me with a deadly look, if looks could kill, I would have been dead by now.

"Noel, I see, What you doing here, fucking the doctors" she said raising an eyebrow. I smirked.

"No, can't you see, I am looking younger, prettier. Plastic surgery, young forever" I said grinning.

" Noel, I know you killed my brother even if I have no evidence to remember there is God" she said angrily.

"Whatever..... Why will I kill my own husband? Can't....." She cut in angrily.

"For money, for his money, his fame, his business. But remember this, the world is round and one day you will wake up to find yourself at the bottom. U are at the top now, enjoy it wisely. You and your stupid best friend will regret what you did and if I have the power to bring u two to justice, I will by any means do justice to Kevin" she said storming off angrily.

"Bla, bla, bla.... What's she doing in the hospital anyway" Maddy said. Am really upset right now, how dare she talk to me in that way. If we had been in a quiet area, I would have taken her life and added it to mine. I walked to the garage with Maddy following suit and I entered my car which drove off instantly while Maddy entered hers and followed suit.

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