My Alpha's Betrayal: Burning in the Flames of his Vengeance

My Alpha's Betrayal: Burning in the Flames of his Vengeance

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They say there is a fine line between love and hate, but where does one end and the other begin? When does something so pure become something so toxic that even you yourself cannot fathom when things changed? This story starts on the day that my parents were killed. That was the day that I felt like my entire life had ended. If only I knew then that it was only the beginning of the storm I would be made to endure. Struggling to grasp onto the threads of my unravelling life, I found comfort in the arms of someone I didn’t truly know. His dangerously handsome looks and his lethal allure consumed me, and, despite my every instinct, I fell. He became my world, the very air I needed to breathe, the only one that I thought I could rely on... but then, in the blink of an eye, everything changed. When the truth of my very existence and reality was revealed, he cast me aside and lit my world ablaze, leaving me to burn in the flames of his hatred. Even then, we were still intertwined together by one fate. My name is Yileyna De’Lacor, and this is my story. For updates, character aesthetics and more follow me on author.muse on IG and author muse on

  • Werewolf
  • Alpha
  • Dominant
  • From Enemies to Lovers
  • Betrayal
  • Revenge
  • BxG
  • Fated Love
  • Dark
  • Erotic
  • Paranormal
Chapter 1 The White Dove


There was no love nor emotions in the eyes of the man before me… only the flames of hatred burning brightly, consuming them.

"Tell me… what are we?" I asked softly. The pain in my body was suffocating and no matter how strong I tried to remain, I couldn’t keep the pain from my voice.

"Nothing more than Heaven and Hell." His voice was equally cold, destroying the last of my resolve.

"Then kill me." I whispered hoarsely, trying to ignore the pain of betrayal that was tearing me up from within.

A ruthless smirk graced his handsome face, his fingers curling under my chin and making the sparks from his touch rush through me; pleasurable, yet equally painful.

He was so close… yet so far away…

"That would be far too easy… but I assure you, when I'm done with you, you’ll wish you were never born."

"You don’t mean that…"

"Watch me." He turned away, pushing me to the ground roughly, "Burn her."

My heart sank, my head hanging as the pain of his rejection tore through me. Even when I was doused in gasoline, I didn’t move, trying not to gag on the strong pungent smell that now cloaked me entirely, keeping my eyes clamped shut.

Didn’t he realise I was already burning in agony from the pain he had inflicted within me?

My eyes stung as I forced them open, watching him retreat, hoping… praying… that he’d turn back and change his mind. That perhaps deep inside of him, that man that I loved still existed.

He once said that I was his kryptonite…

Was it all lies?

He paused, my heart leapt with a glimmer of hope, but then I saw it, the blazing match in his hand as his eyes met mine…






The smell of beer and mead laced through the air, mixing pleasantly with the sound of men and women chatting and flirting in the White Dove. Despite it looking like the local pub, everyone knew that The White Dove was a brothel. One that was busy every day, no matter the season.

Night had fallen in the streets of Westerfell. The heat of the sun still lingered in the air despite its absence. The soft breeze dancing along my skin was warm as I wrapped my hand around the delicate wrist of my best friend, Charlene.

Her green eyes widened, the lights from the lanterns that hung from every wall cast shadows over her delicate features, highlighting the peppered freckles that adorned her cheeks and nose.

"Yileyna, really?" She whispered, her heart thumping as I looked down at her from the low wall that I was crouching upon.

"There’s no show to see from down there, my queen." I replied, my eyes sparkling with excitement.

Yes, we were not meant to be here, and I'm sure if either of our parents found out, they would surely disapprove, but what’s life without a little risk? Being the daughter of the Alpha and Beta couples, we were both of high class and everyone knew who we were, so we'd better not get caught.

"Ok." She huffed, blushing, as she allowed me to hoist her onto the wall.

We both jumped down over to the other side silently. I was glad there were no guards around this side, but I knew that, I had timed this so well. The last time I came here I had seen a lot, and I won’t lie that I was curious to see what was going on down there. Or better yet, ruin Charlene’s innocence. I loved the girl, but she was far too prim and clueless.

We squeezed through the bushes, and I placed a hand on my blonde hair as it snagged on the branches behind us. Making it out the other side, I gathered up the skirt of Charlene’s dress, unlike me who was dressed in pants and a backless top, she wore a pretty summer dress that was now all caught up in the branches.

"Ouch." She winced.

"You are the future Alpha Queen, are you really wincing from this pain?" I whispered as I helped her free.

"It still hurts, there were thorns." She pouted, making me feel sorry for her.

I was about to reply when the sounds of grunts and moans reached my ears, and I placed a finger to my lips. Her eyes were now as wide as saucers making my lips curl in a smirk.

This was exciting.

I pulled her along, until I reached my spot, a hand span wide gap behind the ivy curtain that covered the wooden planked fence, one that seemed to have been broken and no one seemed to have realised. Slowly, I reached forward and moved the ivy aside, motioning Charlene to move too. It was just a few feet above one of the windows in the brothel, in this warm weather the window was open, giving us the perfect view of what was happening inside.

Charlene gasped, and even my eyes flew open at the scene before us: Two well-muscled men, who I could tell were warriors from the thick muscles in their legs and arms, were standing facing one another, both pounding into the same woman. Her arms and legs were around one of the men, whilst the other man held her hips from behind as he thrust into her.

The erotic sounds of their skin meeting and their lust-filled moans and grunts filled the air, making my cheeks heat up. The woman’s pale cream skin was coated in a sheen of sweat, her breasts slapping against the chest of the man she was facing, her lips meeting his hungrily.

"Goddess, Yileyna! No wonder you are so sinful! How often do you come to taint your eyes?" Charlene hissed.

I pouted as I dragged my eyes away from the male’s shaft, wondering how the hell that could fit up her ass. She was rather small…

"No, this is the first time I’ve seen anything that’s caught my attention." I suppressed a giggle when she gasped.

"You’re into that…?" She asked, blushing as she dared not look again.

"Hmm it looks fun." I shrugged.

What was I into?

My heart skipped a beat when a certain face came to my mind, my cheeks burned as his gorgeous amber eyes filled my mind. The one man who could make my stomach knot and my core throb with desire.

The first and only man I ever craved in an intimate way.

"Oh my goddess, you are!" Charlene exclaimed, completely misinterpreting my blush.

"Who’s there!" Someone shouted, snapping me from my thoughts of having a certain sexy werewolf make love to me.

"Shit!" I hissed, despite having used a small scent disguising enchantment we had purchased from a vendor a few days ago, it seemed they had realised we were here. "Run!"

In a flash, I was on my feet, grabbing Charlene by the wrist and rushing down the narrow path. It wasn’t physically possible for any of the grown male wolves to fit down here, so I knew we were safe, for now.

"Oh goddess, protect us! If Father finds out we were here!" Charlene whispered, her heart thundering as I continued down the narrow path, trying not to hiss in pain as I squeezed through the gap between the fence and the large bushes behind us. My breasts snagging against the rough wood of the fence in front of me.

"I think I saw some runts down back! I'm sure it’s those lads from earlier!" I heard a man growl.

We continued on, praying that we weren’t caught.

"Yileyna, you are not going to fit." Charlene whimpered in panic as the gap became narrower.

"We’re almost there."

I paused trying to hear if we were still followed, but it seemed whoever it was had given up. I exhaled in relief, giving Charlene a reassuring smile before I glanced up at the dark clear sky, noticing despite the fact there were no clouds, the stars were hidden.


"Just a little further then we climb up, no one will see us by the marshes."

She nodded and I glanced at the starless sky before taking a deep breath, feeling a little claustrophobic in this tight place. Charlene was a lot slimmer with smaller breasts but I knew I was not going to be able to go any farther, we had to climb up.

"I’ll go first." I motioned upwards and reached up. I grabbed hold of the fence and squeezed myself out, I knew my back was going to be covered in scratches and it was going to be messy to make sure none of the splinters or anything was left inside of me.

I took a deep breath of fresh air, happy to be out of there when I froze, a distinct rotten smell seeped into my nose, replacing the smell of the warm night and the bushes.

My heart thundered as I looked over the marshes, my stomach sinking when I saw the pack of wolves that were inching closer. There were far too many to count, their heads low, their dark fur matted and dirty. Their red eyes glowing with a hunger as they stared ahead towards the outer wall of Westerwell.


We were under attack.

"Stay down." I whispered to Charlene as quietly as possible.

"What is it?"

"Nothing, don’t move and stay out of sight." I replied calmly. "Promise me."

She hesitated before nodding in defeat.

There was no way they could get to her in that narrow alley, she would be safe as long as she stayed there but the city wasn’t. I needed to alert everyone.

Staying low, I stuck to the shadows and began edging towards the city wall. How did they even get out here in the marshes? This place was empty, with the forest to the left and the patrol, not to mention that it was a danger to even cross this place.

I kept my eyes on the growing glow of the city lights, all I needed was to get close enough to alert one guard who was able to sound the alarm and pass on the message.

I had just reached the wall to the outer city when a low menacing growl made me spin around, just as one of the wolves leapt towards me. I jumped back, my heart hammering.

My cover was blown.

I turned, grabbing the blazing torch from the bracket above me and swung it at the wolf.

"ATTACK! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!" I screamed at the top of my lungs knowing that someone would hear me.

My heart was a storm of emotions as I hit the wolf over the head with the torch.

"All of Westerwell knows you’re here." I hissed.

I was my parent’s daughter, the future beta of this pack and I will not…

My mind went blank when I suddenly saw the huge influx of dark wolves that were now running towards me.

How many were there?

Something flew past my head and I gasped in horror as the entire section of the wall blew up, rubble and debris went flying in all directions and I was thrown off my feet due to the impact. Flames erupted and began spreading high and fast, faster than was naturally possible.

What was this?


My heart leapt at the voice that called me just as the same wolf lunged at me once again.

"Dad!" I shouted.

“Beta William! Don’t go out there!”

“My daughter is out there!” I heard dad growl.

“Beta! It’s dangerous!”

I saw Dad running towards me, shifting mid-jump and biting into the neck of the rogue, stopping it from attacking me.

"Get inside, Yileyna!" Mom shouted.

I turned, spotting her just before she shifted. My hair was blowing in my face as I gave her a nod, brushing it back and running towards the broken wall. As much as I wanted to help, I would only be a distraction, I needed to get inside and make sure the area was clear at the very least.

More men and women were coming to join Dad and Mom, some in human form, others in wolf form.

"Goddess help us!" I whispered, observing the destroyed outer wall of the city, wondering what kind of enchantment had been able to break through our defences.

I climbed over the rubble, but if I had thought the inner walls were going to be better, I was wrong…

Fear and panic pierced my heart as I took in the scene before me. The anguished screams of my pack members filled my ears. The stench of coppery blood and burnt flesh filled my nose, making my stomach churn.

The rogues were mauling whoever they could reach, ripping them to pieces with their bloody mouths. The carcases of our people were scattered on the ground, and the pain in my chest was suffocating. It was as if I was drowning underwater, but there was no surface to break through to find any reprieve. There seemed to be no end to the horror that was ravaging my pack.

I saw Gamma Henry’s seven-year-old son, Rhys, crying as a huge wolf covered with blood and dirt launched itself at him. His eyes were burning with hate.

"No!" I screamed in panic, running towards them. I swung the torch in my hand at him, only for him to swipe it from my hold. "Rhys! Run!"

He remained frozen in his spot. I looked around, but every side was in chaos, and it was then I realised they had ambushed us from all sides.

The wolf before me growled menacingly, his claws ripping through me as he brutally slammed me to the ground.

I jumped up, shouting at Rhys to move. The rogue growled, his blazing red eyes burning into me.

I grabbed the torch from the ground and rammed it into his eyes, taking my chance and dragging Rhys away from the chaos.

"The Beta’s down!" Someone shouted, making me freeze.

I spun around, my heart in my throat. The blood was pumping through my body loudly, and a cold chill enveloped me.

Goddess no….

I forced my body to move, trying to rush back outside.

I had to get to Dad!

Someone blocked my path and I slammed straight into a hard, muscular chest. I jerked away, trying to get past them, but a strong pair of hands grabbed my waist.


"Let me go! Dad’s out there! Mom too!"

"YILEYNA!" His deep growl made me freeze. "Listen to me."

I stared up into the amber eyes of my crush, his hands cupped my face, a frown creasing his brow. But this time, it wasn’t his beauty or touch that hit me, but the words that left those plump lips.

"It’s too late. They’re dead."

And just like that, my world crashed down around me. Tearing me apart with pain and guilt. Even I didn’t realise the scream that ripped through the air belonged to me…

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