Exiled From The Heavens, ARYJIA

Exiled From The Heavens, ARYJIA

  • M.G Bobby KE

  • 13K words
  • ongoing
  • 12+
  • Eye3
  • Star7.5

In her 21st year, she turned into a vampire, her boyfriend made a deal with a devil and an angel fell from heaven. Mac is burdened with the duty to bring together all watchers across the world. With only his Vampire girlfriend and angelic Crushie, the task is believed to fail. But Mac makes a deal with Lilith, a greater evil born after the creation of the earth and with her power he manages to play his cards and summon gods exiled from heaven together to fight off ARYJIA, a supreme being creating chaos in heaven. With the incoming war, Armageddon, both earth and heaven are at risk of extermination.

  • Vampire
  • Devil
  • Demon
  • Survival
  • Revenge
  • Immortal
  • Apocalypse
  • Non-human
  • Superpowers
  • Sexual
  • Magic
  • Mystery
  • Fantasy
Chapter 1

Exiled From The Heavens; ARYJIA.

This is after I recovered from my illness. I discovered I did been living in a dream. But this dream was damn true! Every single sentence after each paragraph here brings out the story I saw in my dream.

At this point, in my dream, I only get to survive if my story gets accepted in the world.- Author.

(The queen of lust possessed me, now she wants me to help her gain power and acquire a unique body, one that is pure and holy. I fear she won't leave my body cause I'm authentic. - Jamie Mac.)


2000's AD.

The world can be said to be at the apex of civilisation. With the invention of hover cars to translocators (Machines now developed to ease travelling between States to states.) Not to mention, the robots with a whole functional system! Now even capable of running affairs without the need for programmes!

This was not all achievable by man alone!

Somewhere in the middle of Kana. Jamie Mac sat in a room with his grandmother, listening to her lores.

"In the third century BC, or let's say during Enochs' time. Iblis and his Angels fell in love with mortal beings. This led to the rise of the Watchers, supreme beings born of man and Angels. This was against The Immortal Law set by The Highest God who overlooked everything."

"Earth was doomed to fall but Iblis, Leader of now the Fallen Angels from heaven, decided to bring his dead wife, Lilith back to life on earth."

"Wait. I don't understand why Iblis would revive his wife on earth when it is doomed." Jamie Mac interrupted his grandmother.

Outside their cabin, the weather turned cloudy and windy. Huge dark clouds swept over the sky across the ranges in the East. It was almost around 3:45 pm, yet the neighbourhood was all tight-lipped, hiding from the huge storm predicted.

"Listen carefully my dear, Lilith was not like any other Angel or demon from the heavens, she was once a human and the wife to Adam, the first man believed to exist." Mac's grandmother talked calmly, her voice was low yet audible over the arising storm.

"The highest God destroyed Lilith referring to her as his first mistake. But Iblis saved her soul from hell and instead stored it in a wooden box that went missing ages before Iblis brought his followers to earth."

"Grandma? Can you just go to the point of why Lilith would be referred to as the first mistake of God?"

"Well, Lilith despite being created for man, fell in love with Iblis in the garden of Mesopotamia. She was offered two fruits as a gift of which she ate one fruit and ate half of the other. Iblis tricked Lilith into sin, and by offering her the fruit of lust and second of knowledge, Lilith became as evil as Her seducer, Iblis."

This was Mac's 2nd time listening to this story. Grandma talked about the watchers every day, she even insisted that they never got exterminated by the heavenly army, but instead soared around the world as souls, helping mankind behind the curtain to gain power.

"Our family runs back to the era of giants, the blood of the fallen angels flows in us too." Grandma went ahead, "After the great massacre, the souls of the watchers evolved and Iblis made bodies for them, they are the demons lurking in the dark, tormenting the followers of the highest God on earth."

"Haha, grandma! Wow! You can compose a story well!" Mac congratulated his grandma after an hour of listening.

"I didn't compose it, don't you know the Last dying poem?" Grandma didn't look pleased with Mac now.

"Hmm, the one that says..." Mac scratched his head with his middle finger. He sure had heard of the last dying poem, they always recited it when they were young in the field over the ranges in the East.

"In a wooden box hidden in the heart of a knight"

"Lays the queen of lust"

"May the knight be strong forever"

"To Protect the box from hell master"

"Ouch ouch please don't talk bout it"

"Least the demon misses his bride."

" ... "

Mac didn't get to the end of the poem but he sure knew the first 6 lines.

"Yeah. You have to learn the last six lines to understand the story of Lilith." Grandma would always end her session with an assignment.

"Don't you just tell me?" Mac begged. Like where would he learn of the last lines if not from her? She was the same person who taught them the poem.

"Fine. I will go ask Rachel if she does remember." Mac gave in to his silent grandmother who just grinned at him.

"Say hi to Rachel, tell her she too should come to listen to my stories." Grandma smiled as she gave Mac the task.

"Fine. But I don't think that she would enjoy it." Mac was sure of that. Rachel was his girlfriend since childhood, and up to now, he knew of her likes and dislikes, and one of his girlfriend's dislikes was sitting and listening to Grandma's folklore.

"I advice you to marry that girl Mac." Grandma got up from her seat to rest in her room.

"Yea I will marry her." Jamie Mac never denied that he loved Rachel with all his heart and even had promised to marry her. Today was the day they had planned to execute their first step in love.

But the greatest problem Mac suffered from was his inactive state in 'bed.' Five years before confessing his love to Rachel, he had tried it on ten more girls in the neighbourhood. But all those relationships had missed the mark after his failure in 'bed.'

"Do I still have to take the pills I bought from the pharmacy?" Mac lamented in his head. At the moment he was out of the cabin, where he lived with his grandmother just away from the outskirts.

"What if Rachel abandons me just like the rest after learning of my condition?" Mac knew he had a considerable problem. Rachel was a virgin so he had not had to worry about her demanding it, but lately, she did confess she would like to take the additional pleasure of love.

"When am alone, am all fit and erective, but when I'm supposed to use my manhood I become flabby!" Mac pitied himself. The doctor had never found a problem with his thing despite all the drugs he did been administered to take.

His condition was a secret he hid from everyone, even his best friend Sammy.

It was not his wish to lie to Sam that he had finally reaped a fruit from one of the beauties around, but he just won't like any man know of it.

The storm had begun and now the wind began tugging him along the deserted walkway towards the city.

He had his phone with him, one he did buy after saving for 2 months, something he did achieve after giving a black eye to relationships. 'Rachel should be here.' Mac wondered as he looked ahead at their meeting zone.

Tonight would be a rough hour.

After five attempts to get in connection with Rachel, Mac gave up on the idea of meeting with her and instead decided to stroll in the storm.

Something bout the weather made him feel lonely, just after listening to grandma's lore now he was down. The heavy drops accompanied by the gushes hit him hard on the face, but he just didn't mind as he looked ahead, at the ranges in the east, beyond the city where no man dwelled but a huge site was being constructed.

Why were the clouds condensing above the range? What exactly was the Ambro Force doing in the ranges?

As he decided to walk aimlessly and slowly to the ranges, Rachel gave him a sudden callback.

"Hey, baby!" Mac's voice was loud in the storm but only quite hearable to Rachel on the other end.

"Where are you? It's so noisy... Are you outside!" Rachel worried voice came through.

"I'm heading back home from the city! I hoped I could meet you on my way back." Mac lied straightly.

"At this time! Where are you? come over to our place." Rachel insisted.

"I'm coming over right now," Mac informed her as he tucked his phone back into his pocket. He had to meet her no matter what.

Time ebbed and by the time Mac knocked on the black ebony door to Rachel's place, darkness as thick as soot had covered the whole place.

"Please come in." The man who welcome Mac was Rachel's father, Mr MKenzie, a worker at Ambro Forces in the city.

"Thank you, Mr MKenzie." Mac politely stepped into the well-furnished home.

"What brings you over at this hour?" Mkenzie asked once Mac got in.

"I was late from The city, the storm caught up with me."

"Hmm.." Mkenzie sighed as his wife came in with a towel for him to wipe himself clean.

"Rachel is upstairs, she will come down soon." Mrs Mkenzie informed Mac who at this moment felt his body warming up.

A sudden urge nagged him to leave the house and head for the ranges but he fought against the feeling. 'I feel odd.' Mac knew something was off with him as the Mkenzie stared at him in bewilderment.

"Your head is steaming!" He heard Mrs Mkenzie yell before his body grew hot and light, drying off the wetness on him.

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